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A Distinctive Daily Driver: 1969 Chevrolet C10

If you have shopped for a late model used truck lately, then you probably have come away disillusioned with the experience.  A good, low mileage truck is difficult to find, and the price of ones that are a few years old with thousands of miles on them are pretty close to that of new ones.  When you factor in new truck rebates and low interest rates, you are almost forced to buy a new truck.  What can an open minded truck buyer do?  I think the answer is sitting in scenic Tunnel Hill, Georgia.  Open your eyes and your mind to behold this 1969 Chevrolet C/10 being sold for a fairly reasonable $6,000 on craigslist.  While it isn’t perfect, and is a bit old school, this reliable long bed Chevy could get you through until the motor madness abates.

I know what you are thinking.  Why would anyone suggest a truck that is almost fifty years old?  The reasons are many fold.  The first is that these were some of the most beautiful trucks ever built.  Chevy trucks of this era are simply gorgeous from every angle.  Second, since they are so popular, parts are absolutely everywhere.  The aftermarket allows you to repair or replace every part on this truck.  There are also many options to modernize these beautiful haulers into anything your heart desires.  Finally, the drivetrain consists of a small block Chevy V-8, an automatic transmission, and a simple but effective solid rear axle.

This particular C/10 has benefitted from a new paint job and what looks to be a new set of wheels.  Those wheels appear to be shod with a very good set of BF Goodrich raised white letter tires.  While the paint job and bodywork underneath don’t look ready for Pebble Beach, the finish is more than acceptable for a daily driver.  In fact, the light blue with white trim combination looks perfect on this truck.  Two toning a truck just looks right on a truck of this era.

Inside, things need a little work.  The truck is advertised as having an automatic, but there is a clutch pedal still hanging there.  The column, shifter, and steering wheel seem to be from another truck.  Of course, the other truck’s green steering wheel kind of catches your eye.  Elsewhere, the need for a new dash cap and a seat cover to hide what looks to be velour seating material are all that stand in the way of this truck having a presentable interior.  Some detailing of the rusty looking trim and perhaps a new rubber floor cover would be great additions as well.

Looking at the other side is more of the same.  The discoloration of the snazzy velour and the water on the floor are a bit troubling.  The velour stain could be a byproduct of old door weather stripping, window gaskets, or a window that was left rolled down overnight.  As from the water on the floor, that could be a leak from the cowl, a leaky windshield gasket, or an overaggressive car wash.  Of course, all of this would merit a close look at the floor and where the roof meets the top of the windshield.  At least the purchaser will have a modern stereo to play while easing on down the road.

Under the hood sits the aforementioned Chevy V-8.  The ad states that it is a 350, and 350s were offered in 1969.  However, I wouldn’t hold my breath that this is the original engine.  We see that the rams horn exhaust manifolds are there, but the more modern ignition system is a little out of place on a truck of this vintage.  We can also see that it doesn’t have power brakes, power steering, or air conditioning.  The fresh black paint in the front may also allude to a previous altercation with a stationary object, so buyer beware there.

When looked at as a whole, this truck isn’t that bad.  If your travels were mainly close to home, this truck could be a faithful work horse.  Any further, and you should be looking for a used Civic or Corolla.  This blue beauty would look a lot better if someone spent a month of weekends fixing the aesthetic problems that detract from its otherwise nice appearance.  The seller also tells us that there is a little bit of unrepaired rust in the rocker area, so add that to your list.  The good news is that the ad has been up for almost a month without a sale.  If you let your cash talk, you could end up with a pretty good looking C/10 to putter around town in.


  1. John S

    wow, looks like a good base to drive and restore as you can. not bad on the price, these days. Yes the rust on the interior trim is something to be concerned about, but still, seems like a good start to a driving project.

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  2. Miguel

    That is a very pretty truck, but what is up with that tailgate?

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    • Beatnik Bedouin

      I was thinking the same. Something tells me that the fresh paint is hiding a lot of unpleasant surprises.

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      • Steve R

        Exactly. There are signs this truck was done on the cheap. It might be smart to keep looking until a better one shows up.

        Steve R

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    • Tyler

      Looks like someone welded a panel over it to “smooth” the gate. I’m not a big fan of the look. Although I do like the truck.

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  3. DrinkinGasoline

    Looking at the CL ad, it’s states $5,000. Very reasonable.

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  4. GV

    There are a lot of pedals for a column shift automatic. Price has also dropped to $5000 now.

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  5. Tyler

    Steering wheel is from a 67-68 model. 69 mandated a collapseable steering wheel & column, & the 69-72 wheel has a single bar across the middle.

    The autos & straight shift trucks used the same brake pedal & assembly. The clutch pedal is easily removable with the removal of one bolt & the pin holding the rod going to the Z bar which is also still in place.

    If this was a short bed truck, it wouldn’t have lasted a week at that price. Short bed trucks look nice, but a long bed truck rides better, & they are more useful doing stuff trucks were made for. I like it.

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  6. Loco Mikado

    The entire interior looks rusty. Would do a lot of rust inspection before I even thought of buying it at or near the current price. The area from the dash down to the floor looks kind of funny to me, almost like it was flooded to this level.

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  7. dan

    Note the clutch peddle, this baby is a “Three On The Tree”, fun to drive until the shift linkage gets hung up.

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    • Tyler

      WAS a 3 on the tree. Note the PRNDL indicator on top of the column & the actual CL states it’s an auto.

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    • Mike R

      I’d consider picking up a Muncie and getting rid of the slushbox, since the setup is already in place.

      Neat truck for $6K.

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  8. JW

    Close inspection on the interior especially then if it appears solid offer $3500 and let him agree to $4,000. I do like the looks of these trucks since I owned a 68 long bed with a 327 and it was a workhorse.

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  9. RicK

    Farm truck!

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  10. Martin Sparkes

    lt looks like a five gallon restoration at best. Some vehicles look far better in photos than in the cold cruel light of day and I suspect this is one of them. Non power drum brakes and a 2 barrel means its slow and will not stop well, the dash has been cut for the aftermarket stereo and it is a rust bucket. New rockers have been tacked over top of rust that travels up the A pillar, and the floors look to be gone as well.

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  11. PatrickM

    I had a ’69 GMC Suburban, 3 dr, 307. Former Wyoming Highway Dept truck. they were black front clip with Caterpiller yellow body. Ambulance doors in back…big enough for a double mattress. Great for taking the kids camping for the weekend. But… the rings collapsed. So, I had to replace the engine. This time I put in a rebuilt 350. Had a 3 spd floor shift with a seriously low “granny” gear. That would technicall be a 4 sped. Ran like a scalled tail monkey. I wish I still had it.

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  12. ccrvtt

    We have a couple of customers who are driving/restoring these. Jeff is absolutely right – parts are readily available to keep them running as well as do a concours restoration.

    But it’s a freakin’ truck, for pete’s sake! Don’t worry if it’s got a bit of rust, or a few dents. If you’re a truck person this is a classy way to ride. Not nearly as testosterone-pumped as a new Silverado or Raptor. More of a vehicle for someone who’s a little more secure in themselves.

    And as JW says, $5k isn’t necessarily what it can be bought for. It never hurts to offer less.

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    • Al

      Fellers I bought this truck after a close look. Rust was minimal, rockers were replaced and truck is solid. Got it for $4k! After getting it home and beginning the restoration I found this was a numbers matching truck. It is not a 350 but a 307. Have since replaced entire interior with all new from LMC. Has turned out to be a very good running and solid truck, added vintage air, new 4bl carb and intake, new distributor, lowered 3 inches and tons more extras. Good truck!

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  13. Troy s

    Brings back memories of my old ’72 half ton long bed. Mine also had the forearm building steering and strong legged brakes, it was okay when it was rolling, but from a dead stop it was a bit of a pain to turn. Got used to it.
    The lawn mower sized air cleaner looks kinda stupid on this 350, I swapped the 2 barrel on mine for a performer/quadra jet 4 barrel set up and that really made it come alive! With the 2 barrel Rochester it was absolutely a pokey.
    These are really nice “real” trucks that seem to never go out of style, a world apart from what they make today.

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  14. Tyler

    Taking another look at the engine pics, I just noticed this was originally a 6 cylinder truck. The barely there fan shroud on top of the radiator support is the indicator of that.

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  15. Kevin Lee

    I see a nice drive – while – fixing it up project. Bumpers look good. I like the wheels, but even though the filled tailgate looks to be be done well, I’d prefer the stock one. This truck could still be a useful hauler, and get plenty of looks while doing it.

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  16. Kevin Lee

    I see a nice drive – while – fixing it up project. Bumpers look good. I like the wheels, but even though the filled tailgate looks to be be done well, I’d prefer the stock one. This truck could still be a useful hauler, and get plenty of looks while doing it. Oh yeah, I wonder if it would be possible to find a smaller air cleaner for it?

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  17. Rube Goldberg Member

    While we can ’round and ’round, who made the best truck in the late 60’s, really splitting hairs there, they all were good, but these were the nicest trucks, I feel. Tough, comfy, great heaters, dependable as a washing machine. We in the rust belt got ripped off, as these trucks weren’t around for long, very nice truck here.

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  18. David

    It can be argued this truck model is the best ever made.

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  19. Allan

    Looks like a cheap paint job over top of rust. Repair patches visible in some spots and not well done. I’d pass, even at that price. The same price on the left coast will get a solid version of the same truck. However, I like the mid-70’s Crew Cab Ford in the background of the first picture….

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