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A Falcon, A Bronco, And An Airstream

1960 Ford Falcon

The barn find is an unusual animal. Most creatures tend to be found either in large groups or as solitary individuals. Barn finds on the other hand seem to have no preference for sociability. They might be found as a single individual or in vast congregations, although they do seem to have a slight preference for smaller groups. This “family” (if you will) of barn finds were all pulled from the same old barn, but they come in markedly different forms. We have this 1960 Ford Falcon Futura, a 1974 Ford Bronco, and the most unusual of finds a 1966 Airstream Camper. They are each being offered in separate listing, but you can find the Falcon here on eBay in Winnetka, Illinois with bidding at $500. Be sure to read more to find the links to the other two!

Ford Falcon

This Falcon is rough around the edges, but the seller claims that it runs and that they were able to drive it on to a trailer. The barn they were found in was in Wisconsin, which explains the copious amounts of rust. I’m surprised that there isn’t more cancer, given the amount of surface rust. Someone apparently began the restoration process by patching the floors themselves. I’m sure someone manufactures replacement sheet metal for the Falcon and I think buying a set of floor pans would have been a worthwhile investment. I see a lot of rust underneath this car, but if bidding stays low it could be worth buying.

1974 Ford Bronco

If the Falcon is just too rusty for your tastes or you want something bigger and more versatile, this Bronco might be a better choice. It is in significantly better shape than the Falcon, the seller was even able to drive it from Wisconsin to Chicago with a trailer in tow. It does have some rust issues in the rockers, but being a truck means that as long as the frame is solid there shouldn’t be any structural concerns. I would want to eventually address the rust before it gets any worse, but this truck could be driven and enjoyed as it. It’s just too bad winter is nearly over. Find this Bronco here on eBay without a reserve and bidding still at $3,500.

1966 Airstream Caravel

When the Falcon and Bronco were discovered the Bronco had the most interesting of finds attached to it, this 1966 Airstream Caravel. I won’t pretend to know anything about Airstream Campers, they are out of my realm of knowledge, but I do know that they look awesome and that there is quite the dedicated community of Airstream collectors. I can tell that this one is going to need work, as much of the interior needs replacing or putting back together. Since I’m no Airstream expert I will leave it to any of you that might have more knowledge on the subject to enlighten all of us!

Bronco with Airstream

My lack of Airstream knowledge doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this camper! It really is awesome looking, especially behind this Bronco. I hope whoever ends up with it can also get the Bronco, so they can be kept together. They’ve made it this long together, why split them up? Hopefully the next owner will at least have something equally as cool to tow it with! Have a look at this Airstream here on eBay with bidding just over $1,500!


  1. Todd Zuercher

    Last year of the EB with the 6 cylinder – a rare horse indeed. And it won’t tow that trailer anywhere fast or stop very well either. It’s going to need rockers, floorboards, inner cowl pieces and probably more. But it’s a Bronco so it’s worth it!

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  2. RickyM

    That Airstream is so cool – looks brilliant with the Bronco. I would love to import them both over here to England as they would be very rare. Great combination and find.

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  3. gord

    airstream is cool but from what i understand about airstreams is that to fix the floor, you have to remove the body/walls and you REALLY have to look at the frame (hidden by the body pan) as they can rot while hidden
    there is a canadian version that you can repair the floors without removing the body.
    of course, typically, it did not survive against the larger US company.
    gord in ontario canada

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  4. guggie

    My Farther had the twin to this Bronco except it had 4 speed tranny on the floor , what a great plow truck , he kept it until the new bigger Broncos came out in 78 I believe

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  5. Keruth

    Anybody look at the Corvair, Ragtop and a 4spd, Hmmm, I’d want to look at the bottom first!
    101k 12cyl. Benz @$2500 w/4 days to go, well I want a German in the barn someday,,.
    The Falcon may be the only one that stays cheep, LoL.

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  6. Interested

    My wife and myself have been tossing around the idea of a camper on the back of the Tundra and just loading up the dog, essentials, and hitting the road. I know NOTHING about campers but I do know that Airstream is the upper echelon when it comes to campers! With all of that being said, does anybody know enough about them to offer an assessment based on the pictures? I only ask because if someone says yes, then I might be inclined to take the 12hr drive to inspect and bid. If somebody says no, lots of time, gas, and wear/tear saved!
    Thanks to the Barn Find crew, I am quite addicted to the site!

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