Abandoned 1968 Mustang GT/CS In Canada

1968 Mustang GT-CS

Reader Perry O. recently sent me a photo of a Mustang GT/CS that he came across in Surrey, British Columbia. The California Special was only offered in 1968, with a total of just 4,118 examples built. This bright orange example made it’s way all the way up to Surrey, but somehow ended up abandoned behind a half way house. It’s too bad that this rare and desirable pony has been left outside in the elements. I’m sure it could be saved, but it’s hard to say how much longer it can last out there. So do any of you recognize this car and know what the story is behind it? Special thanks to Perry for sharing! If you spot an interesting classic parked somewhere, please send us some photos!


  1. Jeff Staff

    Wow – that is a shame and deserves to be saved. Perhaps Perry can do some detective work and see what can be done to rescue it.

  2. Bruce

    If it is on the west side of Canada I would be tempted to help save it.

  3. Richard

    Would like more info on how to get it

  4. Dean

    Bruce, Surrey British Columbia is a suburb of Vancouver. You can’t get much more “west side” in Canada…

    Like 1
  5. Bruce

    Thanks Dean. Hopefully I can get more info on this car. I have some friends at the Idaho Canada border that would help retrieve it.

  6. Mike S

    West side of Vancouver=long periods of rainy months. The car has sank in its current spot with the chassis touching the ground.

  7. Dolphin Member

    Yes it should be rescued, but a little information about that area:

    the Vancouver area gets lots of rain pretty much from Fall through to Spring, so with this poor Mustang’s wheels sunk into the ground and its chassis sitting on the soil it’s best to assume that the chassis is not in good shape. I hope it can come out in one piece but I would not be surprised if it doesn’t.


    I would bet the farm that Perry is not the first to spot this desirable stang and want to buy it or save it. And I would bet the answer is sorry its not for sale for some stupid reason or anther. Not trying to be negative but I myself and many of you have been down this road to many times. If it sat out in plain site like this and its still there I would bet I am right. But hopefully Perry can talk some reason to who ever and save this car. Does anybody know what that color is? I like it but i cant remember seeing it before.

  9. Mike R

    Hopefully someone can get some additional info on this one. Judging from the location, it’s bound to have serious rust issues no doubt…

  10. Charles H.

    Would it be “Grabber Orange”?, or did that color not come out until the 70’s?

  11. tamer

    Can someone put me in contact with perry o?

    • Josh Staff

      Hi Tamer,
      Perry is actually working on getting us more information about the car and its owner as we speak! If it turns out to be for sale, we will let everyone know right away!

  12. Gary Fogg

    Rear quarter missing reflector, probably a late production like mine with the external reflector and someone removed it during some body work. Perry needs to get the VIN to see if its real.

  13. sunbeamdon

    My car-nut family lives in the Surrey area and would love to do a PPI, if only for the knowledge. Get me a lic. plate # and I’d bet my nephew could find the owner’s info in five minutes.

    Depending on the tin worm response, I could be there in two hours and twenty two minutes from North Seattle!

  14. Joe
    • Jeff Staff

      That is impressive sleuthing. The red Dodge Caliber is even there!

      • Joe

        Thanks Jeff.

    • Joe

      Here is a front view of the auto repair with name. Also note other muscle cars and Mustang front popping out of the bay. The car in question is around back.

  15. John

    I just spoke with the cousin of the owner, the car is a clone done back in the day.
    The floorboards are completely rotted out. He will take offers…..

    • Jeff Staff

      People made clones of these? How hard was it to incorporate the tail section?

    • Gary Fogg

      I thought so !

  16. John

    I have the cousins # if someone wants to speak with him directly…

    • Dana

      Could you send me his number please. By fluke a family member just noticed the car the other day. I’d like to go check it out. Thanks

  17. Luke Fitzgerald

    Oh dear

  18. sunbeamdon

    Great work!

    I’ll have my brother-in-law look at it tomorrow and report back

    I’m bummed it’s not the real thing!

  19. Barzini

    Factory color or not, it really works on this car.

  20. John

    Most definitely a clone. VIN # 7R01C234974

  21. Cody D

    WOW that is amazing they found one! Man I would Love to Own One.

    • Cody D

      Too Bad Its Most Likely A Clone

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