Abandoned Classics On Virginia Farm!

Reader Matt L just emailed us about a Facebook post in a local group that he follows. The group, Abandoned in Virginia, doesn’t necessarily specialize in classic cars rather in abandoned structures, but one of their group members posted photos of some of the “abandoned” cars currently sitting on their family’s property, which you can see here on Facebook. There’s no word if any of the cars are for sale, but by looking at the comments, it appears there are lots of people interested in buying some of them.

For obvious reasons, most of the interest is in the Mach 1 Mustang, but there are some comical comments asking if the “Cobra” or “Corvette” is for sale. I assume this is the car in question. I can understand not knowing what a Crosley Hotshot is, but how do you confuse this for a fiberglass-bodied Corvette or a Shelby Cobra? Hotshots have actually been going up in value, but I’m not sure there’s much hope for this one even if it was for sale.

I highly doubt the poster expected to get so much attention when she posted these photos, so let’s be respectful and not bombard her with messages. I’ll be keeping an eye on the post and if they decide to sell anything, I’ll let everyone know! Thanks to Matt for bringing this awesome sighting to our attention.


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  1. Little_Cars

    I’m from Virginia and part of that Facebook group. The photos were indeed not posted for the family to get inundated with messages about the cars. There is a much more complete Crosley (wagon) on the land, and this Hot Shot looks like it’s been hacked up to accommodate some goofy redneck vision of a fire-breathing blown motor. The Cobra they speak of is probably the Mustang as the Facebook group is devoted to photographers, not car people. A lot of vehicles show up in the photos posted by the photographers but there is an unwritten rule that the specific locations are not to be revealed. Something about trespassing and keeping the FB group alive. More often than not they have become one with the earth. If I hear anything about the Crosleys I will pass it on here. The Mustang appears to be the only car that was kept under cover.

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Thanks for the additional info Little_Cars! Agreed, we don’t want them to get bombarded with messages about buying the vehicles. It looks like a fun group, so be sure to check it out!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I belong to the same Facebook group, only in Wisconsin. Interesting photos come through and what Little_Cars says is true about the cars being one with the earth. Most are long gone. We have a rule that no locations are to be shared to protect the land owner.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Thanks for the info.
      Where are you in Virginia?
      I’m in Roanoke,& trying to get
      my ’74 cb Midget done.Maybe I’ll
      drive it to the Waynesboro show.

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      • Little_Cars

        I wrote that I’m >>from<< Virginia, that's why I joined the Abandoned in Virginia photo group. Spent my youth with a camera around my neck exploring old buildings, forests, farms and of course old vehicles. My current Midget is a 74…last of the chrome bumper ones. I have 3-4 in my shop at any given time.

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  2. Little_Cars

    I just did a little digging and what appears to be a small hole “in” the hood of the Hot Shot is actually the entire hood opening. What is more curious to me is the slot on the back trunk lid which would lead one to believe a spare tire would go vertically down through the opening. I have seen no such photo with a vertical spare in the trunk.

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  3. George Richardson

    Just found out about the site. I’m W of Martinsville. Lots of old properties and grave yards around here.

  4. TimM

    The mustang looks pretty good but need more pics!!

  5. Little_Cars

    @TimM. The photos were not designed to incite a mob of Mustang guys to start making offers. In fact, if I was a betting man I’d say the Facebook post-er simply included them as part of a bigger camera roll from the far reaches of her family’s property. There is a means to message through FB, but I doubt this photographer is one of us automotive cognoscenti.

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