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Abandoned Warehouse Full Of Cars Found In Italy!


I’m still trying to figure out what the story is of this warehouse full of European classics. It looks like there are hundreds of cars here, ranging from micro cars to German station wagons and even a classic Italian SUV! It’s all listed by one dealer, named Car Club Italy SRL, but they don’t offer any information about how this hoard of cars came to be. It looks like it may have been a dealership, but why are there such a variety of cars packed in this garage? And why have they all been parked here since 1991? You can find the dealer’s full list of cars here on, but be warned, it’s all in Italian. Special thanks to Olaf E for another great find!


So do any of you happen to know the story here? Is this an abandoned dealership, a scrap yard or just someone’s collection? There is a rather eclectic mix of cars and prices seem reasonable. If you happen to live in Morana Calabro, Italy and know more about this place, please share!


  1. Woodie Man

    I’ve see this or something similar before…..rattling around on the web for some time. I think it was in Spain. A hoax maybe

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Yes I thought the same even the photo struck a chord, but I suppose any small area packed with dusty cars looks like another LOL.

      Here’s a tip, using Google Chrome you can translate foreign websites to English. Works surprisingly well, and Chrome has many other advantages as well.

    • Wiley Robinson

      You are thinking of the “barn with the doors welded shut that was on a property someone in Portugal bought” story that went around the internet for 10 years and still to this day shows up every once in a while.

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    I’ll take the SD1!

    • Murray

      Careful Jamie, the SD1 isn’t a V8. Its either a 2.3 or 2.6 straight six. Most likely though it should be a manual transmission car.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

        I’ll still take it :-)

      • Roger

        The Rover SD1? Sure is. That used the 3.5L aluminum V8 engine that was originally the Buick 215.

  3. Kralik

    The descriptions aren’t very helpful. It’s not even entirely clear if the cars on the site are all in the same place. There are what looks like Italian plates on one of the cars, so I’ll assume it really is in Italy, not Spain.

    • Olaf E

      You’re right, those are Italian plates. Even the country sticker “I” is still on the back of many cars.

      Lots of memories of my childhood came back when I found this website.

  4. Bobsmyuncle

    Most of it is pretty rough and hasn’t benefitted much from being what essentially looks to be indoors.

    Among all the ‘exotic’, okay unfamiliar, vehicles I had to laugh at seeing a Chrysler Voyager!

    The Ford Transit pickup is neat to see (through North American eyes).

    • St. Ramone de V8

      The Voyager is a Deisel with a stick?

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Wow, didn’t notice that!

  5. Chad P

    I did a google search on the images and did not find matching images that often point out a hoax or fake. Doesn’t mean it isn’t, but at least it didn’t show up.

  6. brakeservo

    Gee, I wonder if “Car Club Italy SRL” is going to try to become another Beverly Hills Hair Club by selling hopelessly worn-out junk to unsuspecting “newbies?”

  7. rockribbedrushy

    This might be Barn Finds in Italy: Fienile Trova

    On the left hand side of the page is the link:

  8. erikj

    isn’t this the site thats been on the web for years and is for the most ,not the real story. It was set-up . The one I refer to starts as a guy and wife bought a bank foreclosure and the big building with the cars had welded closed doors. Its in Portugal.

    • Olaf E

      Nope, it’s Italy. Check the plates and country stickers.

      Here in the Netherlands I and so many other Italian car enthousiasts was given a fine for carrying that small front plate. Not in the Dutch or other European country’s system. Frustrating, yet understandable.

      • Dave Wright

        Olaf, I am looking for a pre-1990 Mercedes Diesel Galendawagon to import here to the states. Not a perfect one but in decent shape. I think some good ones come from Holland. I was in Europe most of last fall and looked at a few but didn’t see one we really liked. I would pay for some help if you have the time and energy.

  9. Zaphod

    This happens a lot in Italy because it seems if a car isn’t properly decommissioned and sits in a garage for 30 years, the new owner has to pay all the back road tax due, which often exceeds the value of the car. This looks like an impound garage, as none of the car has registration.

  10. john C

    WoW !! How the heck am I going to get that ‘beige’ Volkswagen out of there ?? And someone left it’s parking lights on….

  11. Kristof Van Langenhoven

    The prices are high for what is offered ; more than 1000€ for a Citroen CX ? Keep on dreaming.

  12. Pete

    Personally I believe this to be an insurance collection yard for vehicles caught up in a flood many years ago and just left there because nothing could be done with them. Buying or selling a car in Italy is very expensive according to my italian GF. If you bought a car for say 1000 Euro it would cost you another 1000 to get it registered. Many people buy cars and register them in Germany and Switzerland to avoid those high fees. I had thought about importing and exporting cars to and from italy. However when you buy a car your not just paying for the car but also all the tax and fees the current owner had to pay while they owned the car. Yeah that is how they roll over there.

  13. Jubjub

    In Spain as I write. In the parking garage under the apartment I’m staying there are a number of old cars in very good shape, covered in dust…a Seat 600, an early Ford Sierra 2.0 coupe and a W108 Merc. Haven’t been to the lowest level yet…supposed to be more.

    • Olaf E

      Pictures? You are there, go deeper…

  14. Bapid

    The gold coloured car looks to be a Rover from the 70’s which were very unusual cars as the back seat was higher than the front so the rear passengers can see over the heads of the people in the front. Nice cars that were very comfortable and I think they had the Rover 3500 engine in them.

    • Andrew

      Citroen 2CV was like that too. Higher backseat, lower front seats.

  15. Derik Lattig

    Derik Lattig says interesting find!

  16. Andrew

    I will take the Simca 1000. What a find!

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