Affordable Muscle: Low-Mile 1977 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Though a 1977 Camaro is not as collectible as a 1967 Camaro, these cars certainly have some merit. For one thing, this is a 40-year-old muscle car with the Camaro nameplate. Not only that, but this thing is equipped with a sweet ’70s color scheme and graphics. I would totally drive this car, if for no other reason than its direct ties to a time that has long since passed by. The seller claims this car is all original with one repaint and has only 50,000 original miles. Thanks to reader Rocco B. for sending this in! Find it here on Craigslist in Chicago for $9,999.

The seller claims this car is low-mileage, and I think I believe him. The interior is very nice, but certainly does not look to have been redone (at least, any time recently). You’ll notice that this car is a 4-speed manual, which is connected to a good old Chevrolet 350. Though it is low-mile, this would be a fun weekend car for someone looking to get in on the hobby without emptying their pockets. A good detailing would really make this Camaro look like the survivor it is!

Perhaps the largest selling point for this Camaro is the fact that it is not only rust-free, but the seller claims it has never been rusty and is all original GM sheet metal. It is tough to tell from the pictures, but the trunk looks original and in excellent condition. If the trunk floor speaks for the condition of the originality and condition of the rest of the metal on the car, then this could be a good investment!

Although this car isn’t for everyone, it is a cool old Camaro that retains its original look and metal. This car is in excellent driver condition and I wouldn’t be afraid to daily drive it. At $9,999 this car is sure to attract a buyer! With muscle car values still on the rise, and the comeuppance of underdog vehicles becoming more prominent, it is not unlikely that a Camaro of this vintage will continue to increase in value. Would you drive this car? Or make it the nicest surviving ’77 Camaro Z28 it can be?

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  1. Blindmarc

    I’d drive it like I stole it.

    • Jeffro

      Is there really any other way?

    • Pa Tina

      And it wouldn’t take too long to catch you. Probably better off making your break on a Segway.

  2. Oingo

    I like it, great body style, good color combo, great condition, reasonable, not cheap asking, plenty of aftermarket to upgrade it if you so choose.

  3. jw454

    Many of these were put to death during the eighties and early nineties under the heel of the teenagers of the day. It’s good to see a nice example is still around.

    • MFerrell

      Guilty as charged…

  4. Rock On Member

    The 1977 Z28 was a mid year introduction and is technically called a 77 1/2. Lots of unique parts on this model that separated them from regular Camaros. Nice find.

  5. 68 custom

    rarely seen 77-Z/28 with a four speed, I hate to admit that it will sell for 10k but it probably will and it is likely worth it as well. I would rock it hard! nice find.

  6. Dan

    Had a buddy years ago that had a red, four speed. It drove nice and with 3.73 gears ran decent. He was always sick of selling it, never see a good one anymore though.

  7. LAB3

    Not shabby at all, $10k seems like a fair price for something that solid and complete. I’d be inclined to drive it as is and perhaps get some go fast goodies lined up for something to do in winter.

  8. Pa Tina

    At least GM had enough sense to not bother casting Z-28 badges for this impostor. The Z-28 decals are perfect for that era. It takes some pretty big stones to refer to any post-1970 Camaro as a Z-28 until recently.

    • Adam Brandt

      How many 1977 cars could out perform this Z/28? It may have been a bad time for muscle cars but the Z/28 was still near the top at the time.

  9. DerekF


    While I certainly prefer the charisma of the earlier second-gen F-bodies, this still has loads of character that will continue to grow with time as the everyday cars we know creep further towards autonomous appliances.

    Keep the stock parts and upgrade late-70’s smog performance at will!

  10. fish56

    Overall, nice looking car. Did see rust showing in the photo of the bottom of the drivers’ door inside. Didn’t these cars have chrome bumpers, not paint?

    • MikeK

      Nope. The body colored bumpers were specific to the Z28 in 1977, as were the matching Z28 only wheels. I had one exactly like this, except it was an automatic. Handled great, but short on power.

  11. Woodie Man

    At the time it was new I would have turned my nose up at it preferring the first gen. But it’s grown on me. I would still feel like a Spicoli for driving it but the low key color combo and row your own gives me pause today

  12. OhU8one2

    I would have the nicest looking stock driver. A few engine mods. Being a 3 pedal ups the anti. They didn’t sell many 77’s,so rarity factor plays well. Price is reasonable providing no rust. I’m game.

  13. sluggo

    I picked up a 77 LT in 1989 for cheap ($600) as it had issues. Fixed it up a bit but back then they were still common as dirt and most cops called them “Drug dealer cars” and I got tired of being pulled over in it. Amusing & interesting to see how they have risen in price.
    I have parted out a few for the front clips as great street rod material, Tie the subframes together and you have a full frame and great platform for racing or performance. But stock they were a bit of tank. The doors weigh an obscene amount. As they age they get rattly & clanky so they sound like the tank in saving private ryan or Fury.

  14. Rock On Member

    fish56 this year Camaro Z28 came stock with front and rear chrome bumpers. I guess that it is easier and cheaper to paint them instead of properly rechroming them.

    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      Rock On, I think they stainless steel , not chrome.

      ,,,,,Hmmm 10 grand and on the way up…. It’s best to buy a nice one ( like this) , especially if it has no undercoating. The fact that it is or may be a rust belt car, I question the ‘never any rust’ claim.

      Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    • Tim V

      Wrong, 77’s all came with painted bumpers, 74’s had chrome. I had.a white 77 with a four speed myself, back in the day.

      • sluggo

        “Wrong, 77’s all came with painted bumpers, 74’s had chrome. I had.a white 77 with a four speed myself, back in the day.”
        Sorry Tim, but you are the one who is wrong here. I cant speak for what you might have had but I parted out a number of these as well as have photos of my 1977 LT and it CLEARLY Has the stainless bumpers with chrome and they are NOT painted. I still have a few parts for it still sitting here. Barn Finds software will not allow pix or file uploads right now but I would be happy to post my pictures showing my car to prove it.
        Now.,Z28,,, Yes, you are correct, but not ALL 77s had painted bumpers. Heck, you can google it, Do a Image search and theres umpteen factory publicty photos that clearly show this as well. 78 on had the plastic noses.
        Here is a link to factory literature…….. (Mine was yellow, I added Rally stripes, side skirts, air dam and Sway bars and other upgrades. )

      • Timothy Vestrand

        Yes Sluggo, I meant all Z28’s, my bad for not making that clear.

  15. Sammy

    Nope, all 77 Z bumpers were body color matched

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  16. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    Andrew… ” Muscle ” did not exist in a Camaro in 1977 . I have a rare ’78 RS/LT with the same power plant, and it took several thousand to make it think it was a ’71

    Dave at OldSchool

  17. Gene Parmesan

    Ah man I need this. A few period speed parts and some slot mag wheels (keeping all the original stuff in the garage of course, including those sweet wheels) and I would absolutely daily drive this one. Had a hot wheels that looked exactly like it as a kid and was totally in love with that paint scheme and the bonkers hood stripe.

    • sluggo

      Yes, last of the real bumpers, and they were sturdy!

      Look for any old car craft or Hot rodding (Okay, super chevy Popular Hot rodding etc etc) and in the 70s-80s they were chock full of every imaginable article about how to affordably hot rod these things. Herb Adams and Global West also made their bones on suspension kits for these as well.
      People got so sick of seeing Camaros and these incessant articles its still mentioned today, then seemingly they all (mostly) disappeared and now getting rare and valuable.
      To be fair a large proportion became stock cars at small tracks all over the US and died a death that way, but they had all the makings of a great hot rod, but just like any hit song on the radio some people still cringe at the oversaturation.
      People with stubborn streaks and oppositional defiance build Fords and Mopars just to spite the masses and flip them the middle finger.

  18. Rock On Member

    Thanks Dave. I have owned four second generation Camaros, just no 74-77’s. I know that their bumpers are not painted though!

  19. Car Guy

    The 74 Z/28 had brushed stainless bumpers. In 77 Chevy color matched them to better hide the 5 mph crash bumpers and have a more current look.
    The Trans Am already had full urethane bumper covers since 76 that we better integrated to the body.

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  20. sluggo

    my 77 LT had the stainless bumpers with rubber strips on them,, But I think you are right about the Z28.

  21. KevinR

    ’77 Z28 had color matched painted bumpers from the factory.

    I’d love to own this car and drive it regularly. Probably not daily; that would be my nod to preserving the car.

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  22. Kenneth Neal-Rosario

    Sorry gents, the body colored bumpers were part of the Z28 package, re-introduced late in the 77 model year. I always thought it was a way to get people used to the new body colored soft bumpers coming for the 1978 model year.

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  23. gbvette62

    77 Z28’s had body colored painted bumpers, while 74-77 Camaros (including the 74 Z28), had bare aluminum bumpers. All of them had the black rubber rub strips.

    This Camaro must have new springs under it, or it has 4 wheel drive, because it sure looks like it’s sitting higher than stock?

    • LAB3

      The black paint around the wheel wells and along the rockers would throw your eye off a bit.

  24. Troy S.

    A muscle car in 1977? Sporty looking car it was, but the real factory muscle was long gone.

  25. Kimbo

    Not to sure why your all concerned about a painted bumper or chrome !
    Who’s right or wrong !!! Bottom line is this car can exit from your garage on any given day ,,,, and the second the neighbours here you fire that baby up
    They know your not heading to the Dairy Queen for a dilly bar/// They know
    If your powered with a 350 c.i. 4 gear !! Your on a short mission to rip up ashphault //in real car talk place rubber to the pavement ,,,and these cars can do it !! So I think this is a nice car fora respectable asking price!

  26. jaymes

    wow my 78 is worth more than this one

  27. irocrob

    I sold my black 1979 Z28 two years ago. Mine had a 4 speed also and turned 3000 rpm cruising at 60 mph. Awful on fuel but a great riding car. I think this is a real deal as 1977 Z28 are very uncommon.

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  28. Steve

    At my first job in high school (Wal Mart 1987) I worked with a girl who had a black/ black 77 Z28. IIRC, it had a three speed on the floor. I remember it being pretty stripped down, no ac for instance. I rode in it once with her and I can’t remember if it had power steering or brakes. It would be a cool car to have no, but she wasn’t especially fond of no ac in south Texas.

  29. neweport pagnell

    I bought one new in ’77 for $5k from Jerry’s Chevrolet in MD. It was a 4 speed Black/Black-no options. Great running car, never had a problem with it. Came with body colored wheels and bumpers. They only made about 10k of these and the 4spds even less.

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  30. Reid Hall

    H’mm a very well taken care of car,looks to be very clean also.My best guess is when this car was new a woman, and or maybe a man was very good about keeping this car up, and keeping it clean.Who know’s did M.r.Clean ever own this car.But remember folks options varied alot those days. I remember seeing these more back in the seems to me the bumpers on this car are special order ,and or dealer install, but no matter what, they look good white, as do the matching Z28 wheels,you do the math.l do know the darker colored 78-79 Z28 car came with a more plastic type bumper ,that was matching car colors and Z28 wheels were dark smoke grey,gold, and or body color.Sometimes the good one’s are still out there. My Dad had fair and very good cars in these years. H’mmm,10k no way,maybe 1500.00-2500.00 on a good day.Remember guys factory Saginaw 4speed ,kinda rare, but not ultra rare, but pre.,smog motor,a good thing.

    • Tyler

      No, not Saginaw 4 speeds, these cars came with Borg Warner Super T10 transmissions. And as stated by others, these painted bumpers are correct for a Z/28. Nor is it a pre smog engine, as cats became standard in 75 & exaust recirc pumps were standard by 68.

      Saying it’s a $1500-2500 car is a joke. The transmission & wheels by themselves will bring close to $2500.

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    • Adam Brandt

      The days of 1500-2500 muscle cars are long gone. You can hardly get any running car for under 2000 anymore. I would love to see where you guys can get a car like this for 2500, I will bring a trailer.
      Is it worth 10K, maybe not, but it is worth a lot more than 2500.

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  31. Karl

    I had a 78 Rally Sport very clean car. It had the round cam just like most of the GM small blocks had at 100k miles, I rebuilt it with a mid-range cam it went to a 355 co good ignition intake and carb of course headers and a limited slip in the rear. Welded in sub-frame connectors and it was a good 12 second car. Of course wanting to go faster I then built a 377 with a 640 lift full roller setup Keith black pistons running 11.5 compression, bigger diameter Hooker super comp headers good we’ll smoothed out heads the engine dynoed at 526 HP loved that motor! Got the car to the strip and made two passes and it ran an 11.20 on the second pass but there was still so much body flex it was picking the passenger site front tire 3″ off the ground for the first 40 ft at launch then after the second pass I had a visit from the local NHRA inspection fellow and he found a whole list of things NOT in order for running under a 12 second quarter. The only way to make this style car stuff enough for this HP was to connect the sub-frames with a roll cage otherwise it’s just not going to work.

  32. Tony

    As the current owner of this car there are a couple things I can clarify, the car is indeed all originsl sheet metal and was owned by a local guy who keep it inside and never drove it in smow or rain. It has had some touch up painy appl.ed still laquer .. It also has a goodwrenck crate motor . zTuns and fri plave yo me

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