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Alex’s Garage Find: C1 Corvette


The recent experience of Reader Alex A. is an example of not hesitating to let your friends and associates know about you passion for classic cars. You just never know who might know about a great find. One day at work, a co-worker and friend of Alex found out that he loved old cars. His friend then asked him if he wanted to see the classic car that was parked in his Uncle’s garage. Alex jumped on the opportunity and what he found, besides a mountain of junk, was this C1 Corvette. There was so much stuff piled in the garage that it made it difficult to even get a photo of the car. He doesn’t know what year it is, but it looks like a ’61 to us. When we found out about it we had to ask him if it was for sale…


Before being parked in the Uncle’s garage in the late ’70s, it belonged to the friend’s father. When hard times hit the family, his father sold it to his brother, who promised to hold onto it until they could afford to buy it back. After all these years, it is still parked in the garage, but sadly the Uncle doesn’t seem too interested in letting it go. Perhaps he is still holding onto it for his brother. Alex thinks that with a good cleaning it would look great again and with only 30k miles, it shouldn’t need much work to be driven again. Let’s just hope that the Uncle will change his mind soon and let this Corvette go to a new home. Thanks go to Alex for sharing his find! And remember, you never know who might know about a hidden classic.


  1. Lemble

    If the guy found out how much it was worth he might change his mind.

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  2. Justin in indy

    It just boggles my mind. How cool. I dont know how you stack stuff around a car like this for 40 years and never once, I dontk now, Air up the tires…wash it….something? I guess if people didn’t, we wouldnt have this site though.

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  3. Barzini

    This is another example of why the best deals rarely end up on Craigslist or eBay. It’s often who you know.

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  4. paul

    Just another garage find holy crap, while not a huge fan of the C1 I know I am quite the minority & this is quite the find & worth plenty as it sits.

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  5. Todd Sloan

    This Barn Finds site is killing me. I am even thinking of stopping it. I have been a chaser of old cars since I was 14, and I tell everyone this, my first great barn find was a very low mileage ’35 Chrysler coupe, with factory radio and seat covers and lots of good stuff. The problem I was only 14. I kept it for two years, got it running, drove on the local country roads without a license. Today I see this Vette in a garage, and how sadly few I have seen in my life since that Chrysler, and I am on the lookout still at 62. But I wont give up, I do have a nice collection of 7 cars, but I want to find that last one, like this Vette, that will make my life. But I wont quit this site. It is the most exciting thing I get over the internet on such a regular basis,

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  6. Jorge

    It provides a clear representation of what the value of keeping your word..the car plus time equals one hell of a commitment….great story!

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  7. jim s

    great story and great find. i do not see it moving until the family promise is resloved. there may be more to this story.

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  8. Will

    It occurs to me that if reader Aex’s friend’s uncle kept if for the friends father then the friend should have dibs on it and should maybe not be showing it off.

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  9. Dolphin Member

    Just when I think there can’t be any more low mile, vintage, special collectible cars left, covered in light dust and safe in someone’s locked garage, not being rained or snowed on or molested by some boy racer who yanks the engine/suspension out, turns it around, and sticks it in the other end—-just when I think that….Jesse & friends come up with something like this and my faith in the Barn Find gods is restored.

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  10. 88R107

    White/silver coves and if thats a red interior I am in love. Hopefully someday arrangements will be made and the car will see the lght of day again.

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  11. braktrcr

    My next door neighbor has a 61 all apart in his garage… I offered him my “Low mileage daily driver C4” in exchange… He didn’t fall for it

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  12. davew833

    I love the idea of displaying unrestored barn finds, but I think displaying them with the original dust is going a little too far… What happens if someone disturbs the dust with a finger? Is there some kind of dust restoration service available?

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    • TuckerTorpedo

      “dust restoration service”- LOL!

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  13. Steve Darden

    I vote for this one

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