All Original: 1953 Ford F250 Pickup

This 1953 Ford F250 is very original, and it looks like a solid basis for a project. It is listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Sweet Grass, Montana, it is listed with a clear title. Bidding on this F250 is sitting at $1,631 at the time of writing.

For a vehicle of this age that has obviously seen its fair share of use, this F250 appears to be in quite solid condition. The worst of the rust appears to be in the bottom of the passenger door, and also in the passenger side cab corner. The seller says that there is also a split in the bed that will need welding, but it isn’t apparent in the photos. The floors look solid, with no real rust problems to address. The windshield is cracked and will need replacing, while the passenger side quarter vent is broken along with the rear window.

The interior appears to be complete, and for the most part it is quite usable. The seat will definitely require new padding along with a cover because I really doubt that a blanket alone is going to cut it in there.

The original engine is still in place under the hood. This was the last full year that Ford offered the flat-head engine in the F-Series trucks, as in 1954 they moved over to the Y-Block engine. This one is the 239ci engine which is backed by a manual transmission. The F250 is only missing the radiator, but is otherwise complete. The owner gives no information on the state of the engine or transmission, but he does state that the vehicle rolls and steers okay.

This is one of those vehicles that frustrates me because you can almost believe that getting it mobile again is going to be quite easy. However, the state of the engine and the rest of the drive-train has a question mark over it. If the engine and transmission are okay, then getting the vehicle up and running might be quite straightforward. If this is the case, then the new owner will only need to address the seat and glass issues, and they could drive the vehicle while they choose the pathway they want to pursue with it. Of course, if you happen to have a spare engine and transmission sitting around your shed, the whole thing just got easier.

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  1. Dean

    How they gonna haul anything in Sweetgrass? They’re selling both trucks?!

  2. Brian

    Sweetgrass is certainly a small town. Population hovering at 60 (2/1 female-male ratio) so maybe they share?

    Trucks, I mean.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Small town, you think? Back in its heyday it might have had a population of 200. There used to be 5 active bars. I-15 begins there so Customs, customs brokers, 1 bar, a bar/convenience store, a tax free liquor store and 3 shipping-receiving warehouses are what keeps it alive today. It was quite a party town on the Canadian long weekends because the Canucks couldn’t drink on Sundays, so they would come down in droves. A major clamp-down on DUI’s caused a downturn in the celebrating. Also the Canadian law changing to allow watering holes to be open on Sundays contributed. Sweetgrass isn’t what it used to be. Lots of space to build a clearing house for getting old vehicles cleared back and forth through the border. Of course you might run into Danny’s surplus military vehicles which are oozing out of nearly every corner in town.

  3. Jimmy

    I like that F1 better than this one.

  4. Chad Rickle

    It’s missing the all important 50th anniversary horn button…

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    Looks like another truck that made it down from Canada. Like the others, this one looks to be in good shape. A lot of open winters in the Chinook Belt (which runs from Great Falls, MT, to Calgary, Canada) so there wasn’t a lot of salt used on the roads (if any at all) back then. Of course the weather in southern Saskatchewan is like North Dakota and eastern Montana so the winters can get rather harsh. Still, very little salt; you just learned to drive slower in the winter. If I was to latch onto this truck, I’d fix it and use it as I went. This was quite an improvement over the series prior to it. One thing you could count on was the transmission wasn’t quite as noisy, and it had synchros…

  6. art carlson

    there are 65,000 farms in saskatchewan, which is where i reside, our clan of norweigans, came from minnesota way back, anyway there was these trucks and the chevys on every farm in the province. now mainly with surface rust from sitting outside. there are still many around in the same or better shape.

  7. Wrong Way

    I am going to watch this one very closely! I live pretty much next door, and if I can slip in and get a good deal it’s mine? I have a complete 5.0 ready to drop into something! It’s got exactly 18000 miles on it, I know for a fact because I am the one that totaled the car! Also have the 5 speed auto to go with it! I have been patiently waiting to get a old ford at the right price, and this one looks solid enough for me to bid on online!

  8. Dave

    Would love to have his one. My first driving lesson was in a truck like this with a flat head V8. Good times!

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