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Almost a TVR: 1967 Trident Clipper

1967 Trident Clipper Front Corner

The Trident Clipper was a car that just until a little bit ago we didn’t know even existed, more less knew how fantastic it was. We’ve now fallen in love with this ultra-rare beauty and its fabulous performance. There were less than 200 Clippers built and very few made it State side. This handsome specimen was imported to Austin Texas and now resides in St. Louis Missouri where it is currently for sale. Find it at Hyman Ltd. with an asking price of $75,000.

1967 Trident Clipper Nose

This Clipper sits on an Austin-Healey 3000 chassis with a fiberglass body and a Ford V8 under the bonnet. The Clipper had originally been intended to sit on a TVR Grantura chassis as a TVR, but by the time it went to production TVR was experiencing severe financial issues so the design fell into the hands of W.J. Last. Last formed Trident Cars and began producing the Clipper under the Trident name.

1967 Trident Clipper Engine

The early Clippers used a 4.7 liter Ford V8 that produced 390 hp at the wheels. The combination of the Clipper’s fiberglass body and Healey chassis made for a very lightweight car. This Clipper is said to be able to accelerate to 60 mph in under 6 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph. These numbers are extremely impressive for a car built in the ’60s or even for a car today.

1967 Trident Clipper Interior

The inside of the Clipper is almost as impressive as the outside. The interior is as well executed as any of the high end British manufactures of the era, even rivaling Aston Martin’s level of fit and finish. The entire car went through a complete restoration in the early ’90s, but considerable attention was given to keeping this car original.

1967 Trident Clipper Rear Corner

After the car was restored it was invited to Pebble Beach for the Concours d’Elegance in 1996. This Clipper is an amazing car and would make a great choice for a show car. While $75,000 is a lot of money it’s pretty reasonable for a car that is eligible to be taken to Pebble Beach. We would love to get to see if it can really accelerate as fast as they claim it can.


  1. Wheezer

    I'm a big fan of TVR, but I have to say there's not an awkward enough line to be found on this sweetheart for it to carry Trevor's initials. Wonderful execution for a low-production "bitsa".

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  2. Mark Hershore

    Just Lovely! I love the rear 3/4 view. The front wants a set of headlamp covers to match the body contours. Curious that having recently installed a Lockheed remote booster (in a Jensen built Volvo P1800) where the generic installation instructions call for positioning the unit at a +- 30 degree angle, the unit here is mounted quite horizontally. I went to a lot of trouble to honor Lockheed's suggestions. Perhaps it was all for naught?

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  3. Mark Hershoren

    Thanks Ron Soutan. I've loved numerous cars that many would be reluctant to call beautiful. I prefer to call the car's face "homely" as opposed to Ugly. The TVR family of cars have fantastic/exotic lines that for the most part can't loose. This cousin comes close on aesthetics and goes far enough on equipment. Here we've got the skeleton of a wonderful A-H 3000, the heart of the tried and true Ford 289 family of engines which hark back the 260 seen in among other things, the Sunbeam Tiger and Falcon Sprint. What's not to fall in love with?

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  4. Ron Soutan

    The original TVRs had their own tube frame, far superior to a Healey rail I think. But I'll go with "Homely" as opposed to ugly and grant that a 289 is better than a stright 6 Austin engine, and you got to love those wheels!

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  5. Mark Hershoren

    If they're not Borannis, they certainly put me in mind of the brand of wheel. I agree with all you say here, Ron, but also profess an abiding love for the 3000 as it sits. And as it sits, I'd be totally content with that Big Austin truck lump under the bonnet. Not much seems more "right" in considering the Clipper, than finding that Ford 8 under the bonnet. Have a great weekend, get on out there, and "run whatcha brung"! cheers.

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  6. Chris H.

    I've seen this very car in the flesh, and can say it's just as amazing in person. Definitely drool-worthy.

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  7. Scott

    The British magazine Classic & Sportscar featured one of these, same color, that had had the front and rear modded. The front was done with an eyebrow very close to a TR4, and the rear had mid-80s Audi 100 taillamps grafted on. Looked fantastic!

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  8. tugdoc

    Front 3/4 view not bad, full front “but she has a great personalty.” Otherwise an attractive car.

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