Almost Able To Drive 1954 Dodge Coronet Deluxe Coupe

Sitting pretty in a garage is this simple 1954 Dodge Coronet Deluxe Coupe. Having a clear title and 52,643 miles on the odometer, you can purchase it with a buy it now price of $7,200 or make an offer. Once you do, you can take it home from Midway, Kentucky. You can view more on eBay.

While the 241 cubic inch, Red Ram Hemi can fire to life, and the car can move back and forth by the automatic transmission, the seller states that it does have some issues that might need to be attended to. They have noted that the fuel pump does not seem to be working, the transmission has a fluid leak, the brakes need to be done, and a few other things need work.

Inside the seats look to be original and have some shredding happening. Also based on the sole interior photo, there does not appear to be any interior door panels. The floor is rusting through because you can see the garage concrete. The trunk space does have a photo and that appears to be in decent shape. They also note that the car was repainted back in the 70s.

The listing says that the car was moved around to different storage places over the last 50 years and that most of those were indoors to avoid the weather. It is difficult to say how much work needs to be done to get this car in a reliable condition. Even still, it is not the most common of automobile out there and is in pretty good condition for its age.

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  1. Bob

    I have a 1952 that has 8000 miles on it which is in near perfect condition, needing nothing. I paid little more than what this one is priced at. Perhaps for once, I got a good deal.

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  2. Bob C.

    Nice car. Like the Fords between 1949 and 51 it has the look of a 4 door with the rears sealed shut, however.

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    • Chuck

      The Fords were based on the Raymond Loewry design team of Studebaker. After the 47’s were approved, the Loewry team was dismissed. If you look closely, the belt line is lowered on the Fords and Mercs, giving it a leaner look. Story goes that the fords were designed on the kitchen table and baked in the oven while the wife was out, The designer got the job.

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      • Vince H

        Exner was gone but the Loewy team was still there. They created the beautiful 53.

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      • Bill W

        The ex-Loewy stylist responsible for the 1949 was Caleal. It had flat sides, unlike Studebaker’s separate rear quarters.

        The need for the Caleal design was due to Ford Styling coming up with new Ford (118″ wb), Mercury (122′), Lincoln (125″) and Lincoln Cosmopolitan (130″). Very similar to the Chrysler Corp lineup. The Cost Accountants advised them the cars were too big for their markets. Either cars would be too expensive to be popular or too cheap to cover the costs to sell enough to make money.

        Thus the Caleal model became the 1949 Ford, and every line moved down a notch with the 130″ model dropped.

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  3. bill

    Another crazy Richard Rawlings like price

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  4. TortMember

    The asking price is double and then some of where it should be. Have seen similar recently in good driveable condition for less.

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  5. Del

    Love that Red Ram Hemi !

    Asking too much for a car that is not mobile.

    Are those the door panels in the trunk ?

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  6. TortMember

    1953 Meadowbrook 4dr. 36k miles Runs good, good body and interior on Facebook market place $2995. I would say again this one is way over priced.

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  7. Rick

    I was growing up during the early sixties and was a Gearhead from day one and paid attention to everything on the road and Dodges like this were gone by about 1965 you just never saw them after that. I always like these early Dodges and wood like to have a 52 Dodge wagon like the one Jay Leno has

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  8. RicK

    I was in grade school during the most of the 60s and already a gearhead, anyhow Dodges of this vintage had pretty much disappeared by 1965, you just didn’t see any on the road, which is strange because similar vintage Plymouths did not suffer the same fate even though they both had nearly identical drive trains (although you couldn’t get a Hemi Plymouth back then). I always liked the 52-54 Dodge Suburban 2 dr wagon (4 dr wagons by Dodge & Plymouth didn’t reappear until 1955) anyhow Jay Leno has a really clean all original Dodge Suburban, think it was given to him by a viewer, thin it even has a Hemi

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  9. Jasper

    I don’t think this one was in the corner of Joe’s Garage, unless they fixed that mashed up door.

    Interesting about these having disappearing by ‘65 or so. In just about every old photo of a stack of scrap cars you’ll find a few of these.

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  10. Don

    I was about 14y/o & my Dad noticed I was a motorhead when I told him I wanted to go to a tech H.S. to learn auto mechanics..He spent $20.00 & brought me home one of these Dodge’s w/ The Red Ram engine..Dad nvr thought I’d get it running..But I did & when ever he went to work, I’d be taking rides past our hang out spot & was the envy of all my friends..weird tho, it had a fluid drive clutch.

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