Coca-Cola Carrier: 1954 Chevrolet COE

Ever since Coca-Cola went mainstream in the late 19th Century, they’ve had some form of a distribution network. The more products they sold, the more complicated that network would become. Coke has been using delivery trucks from practically every… more»

Pedal Car Project: 1960 Austin J40 Roadster

In the 1940s, England’s coal miners were suffering from lung diseases that at best left them disabled. The government appealed to companies for ideas to retrain and employ these miners, and Leonard Lord of Austin Motors responded by proposing… more»

Original 1966-1968 Shelby Cobra GT 350/500 Parts Book

Got a Cobra or Shelby Mustang in the garage? You might want to think about adding this rare bit of automobilia to that fire breather on wheels. Here on eBay is an original Shelby Cobra GT 350/500 parts book… more»

BF Auction: Kaiser-Frazer Literature

If you are a Kaiser-Frazer fanatic or just a collector of interesting automobilia, this is the lot for you! Included in it are brochures for various Kaiser-Frazer models ranging from the ’40s through the ’50s, a dealership service bulletin… more»

BF Auction: Kaiser Manhattan Model Car

There are some really interesting items in the Kaiser-Frazer Collection, but this might be one of the more unique pieces present! It’s a scale model of a 1952 Kaiser Manhattan and while the level of detail is impressive, it’s… more»

BF Auction: Kaiser-Frazer Signage

Who doesn’t love a classic automotive sign? This package includes several signs to hang on your wall, including a lovely 48-inch-long Kaiser Frazer sign. All seven items appear to be in excellent condition and would look great in your… more»

BF Auction: Lot of Kaiser-Frazer Banners

They might not be signs, but these banners would still look great hanging on your wall! And as an added bonus, these will be easy to ship. Included in the lot are two cloth banners and two dealer posters…. more»

Continuing A Legacy? 1975 Oldsmobile 442

Oh, what a year was 1975! If you were a domestic auto enthusiast, it was a lousy one! No more Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Challenger, Camaro Z28, Pontiac GTO or SD-455 anything, AMC Javelin, or Buick GS – what a… more»

One-Of-A-Kind: 1971 Matra Laser

The Marta Laser was a one-off, French-built concept car that didn’t result in a production automobile. It was built by Matra, a company whose reputation came from its work in the aeronautics and weaponry industries. Thought to be lost… more»

Runs on Jet Fuel! Turbine-Powered Batmobile

What warm-blooded American boy didn’t want to be Batman in the 1960s and drive the Batmobile like on the 1966-68 television show? I know I did. Then fast-forward 20 years and Batman and the Batmobile reappeared in what would… more»

Everything Goes! Mark Smith Estate Auction

Come October 19-21, 2022 the Hill City of Lynchburg, Virginia hosts the Mark Smith Estate Auction, where myriad belongings of the late auto enthusiast go to the highest bidder. With all lots at No Reserve, you know someone will… more»

Unique Classic: 1960 Cadillac Eureka Hearse

There are a lot of unusual cars for sale on the internet, from completely bizarre custom creations to mash-ups between different types of vehicles. However, all cars have a club or niche fanbase that keeps these cars running and… more»

Instant Collection: 55 Radiator Emblems

When automobiles began displacing the horse in the early 1900s – and if you think that was only Ford’s domain, better hit the books as there were dozens of car makers by then – radiators were the first thing… more»

Dukes of Hazzard: 1975 Dodge Monaco

The all-new 1974 Dodge Monaco (and Plymouth Fury) had the misfortune of being introduced just days before the OPEC oil embargo of 1973 that sent gasoline prices spiraling. As a result, not too many folks bought these new cars… more»

California Original: 1972 Chevrolet Nova

The dream of Presidential hopeful Herbert Hoover for Americans in 1928 was “a chicken in every pot”. With slight modification, that’s GM’s mantra from the 1960s and 1970s: “a 350 cubic-inch engine in every driveway”. The engine, in various… more»

Beautifully Restored 1967 Mustang Fastback

I respect owners who choose to restore their cars to the original factory specs. In this case, here’s a glimpse of how one particular ’67 Mustang Fastback would’ve looked 55 years ago when it was brand new, and the… more»