Almost Done: 1964 Impala SS Convertible

It is hard to tell what is going on with this 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible. It was at one time a barn find but is in the process of being restored. The photos make it hard to determine where in the process it is. Currently, it sits at a buy it now price of $21,500, with the ability to make an offer. The car is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and you can view more on eBay.

The photos do have some indication of what the engine is. You might find the ones on eBay a bit more humorous. Having someone pose next to an engine while on their phone is one way to…”sell” it. Go check that out. Otherwise, it is said to have a 327 cubic inch V8 connected to a Powerglide automatic transmission. It states it has an extra 400 turbo transmission. Hopefully, not in the car as well.

There are pictures of the interior, but most of them are of it without anything in it. There is nothing of the completed project. In one photo, a blue seat is sitting on the floor. Only one photo looks to be the partially finished project, and that is the one above. Why partial? Well, the photo still doesn’t indicate an interior is in the car. However, the white top compliments the black paint very nicely.

Clearly, the listing has photos of the build process, rather than the actual finished project. While it is nice to see someone put in the effort to restore this wonderful ride, it doesn’t help in selling it. Seeing the build process is something you do after you hook a buyer. Show them the real, finished product. It seems silly to sell something you aren’t showing the finished product of

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  1. Rudy C

    Hmmmm, seller is the same guy that has the ’54 Vette featured a day or so ago.

  2. Jeffro

    “Riding down the street in my 64”-Easy E with NWA. Every time I see a 64 that song pops in my head.

    • Evan

      See… I’m on “I wish I was a little bit taller” by Skee Lo

    • Steve


      • JohnD

        Only that car is a 63!!! Kids today . . .

      • Barry L Klotz

        Steve, that’s a ’63 in the picture. My Word.

      • Steve

        I didnt make the meme, and due to the fact that im using a phone, not a pc, I didn’t notice that it is a 63. That’s pretty funny. My word.

  3. Rustytech

    It sure looks to me like most of the work ( and there’s been lots of it ) has been completed. I love the 64’s and had one just like this that I bought back in 1972. I sold it in 1978 when my second child was born. The young man that bought it totaled it within a week. I sure miss that car!

  4. Mountainwoodie

    “Hello Mo? I got that engine you want..out of the car………yup……come and get it”

  5. Steve

    Back in the early to mid 70’s growing up on the Texas Gulf Coat, our neighbors across the alley from us had a daughter with a dark blue 64 Impala SS with a 327 and a four speed about the same time. She had bought it new in 64. It was pretty beat paint and interior wise but was still rust and dent free at the time. At this time, it was their family’s daily driver. They weren’t mechanically inclined and to them it was just a car. (The had four kids not much money and drove all of their cars til the antenna was sticking out of the dirt. It was common to see them visit with all six in the SS, even with bucket seats. I am skeptical if they did even basic maintenance. It was typical for all of their cars to smoke, miss and have holes in the muffler and be missing hubcaps, but they just kept driving them…) When the 327 finally gave up a few years later, they bought a early 70’s Buick Le Sabre 4 door (which suffered the same fate and later a suburban, which also suffered a slow death.) They drug the SS into her father’s pasture, a few miles from where I grew up. The body was still solid at the time. I bugged them for years (30 or so) to sell it to me. She let her sons pull the 327 and “rebuild” it to put in a dune buggy (?). They honed it and put rings and bearing in it and promptly windowed the block. A couple of years ago, the FIL passed away and the family was going to sell the land and needed it cleaned up. They called my dad and told him we could have it for free. Dad called me and we went to look at it and the pasture was black gumbo with poor drainage.Unfortunately, the car was sunk into the ground past the rockers and was rusted beyond recognition. I figured it would still be worth taking for parts as all of the stainless, bucket seat, console, specific SS parts were still intact, and they had the title. We made a second trip with my dad’s 30hp Kubota 4×4 tractor with a loader but it was muddy and even with it, we couldn’t get it out and were afraid we would get the tractor stuck. It would have required a dozer or excavator to get it out. It was more than I could tackle getting it and I never asked, but it and several other cars are gone now, and I hope someone else with more resources was able to save it, as several other people were told about it, but I am not confident that it ended up anywhere but at a scrap yard.

    My oldest brother’s first car was a red/ red 63 Impala SS with a 327 and a slipping powerglide, around 1975. The car was still a creampuff. The only cosmetic flaw on the whole car was one split seam in the headliner. My dad bought it for him for $300 and we pulled the trans, had it built and reinstalled it. Shortly after getting his license, he wanted to trade it for a 54 chevy 3100 pickup that someone had swapped a 327 and TH350 into. My dad tried to talk him out of it, but ultimately let him. He soon discovered that the v8 power in a truck with the stock straight axle and drum brakes was a bad combo. Personally, I would have told him if he didn’t want the SS, he could walk and I would have put it in my garage!

  6. DN

    I’ll take the ‘63 on the poster, or better yet- any year besides ‘64. Looks like it fell flat on its front end.

    • Steve

      I prefer a 63 myself as well…

      • Barry L Klotz

        I like the ’58 Impala. Neat looking Chevy.

  7. Mic

    The first car I remember my parents having was a 1964 Impala convertible, dark blue with a white top, light blue interior, dog dish hubcaps. They replaced it with a 1966 Impala convertible, yellow with black top and interior. Both were great cars. Here’s a picture of my family on vacation in the ’64. I believe that is Lake Winnipesaukee, NH in the background.

  8. Chuck F 55chevy

    I bought a 64 SS ragtop from New Hampshire for $1000 back in early 90s, paid $800 to ship it to NE Indiana. Had pop riveted floor patches in floors and trunks, top was so so, and little rust holes about pencil sized all around the lower edges, but it sure got comments since the rest of the red paint was shiny. I got the 283 AT running, and put SS hupcaps on it, found a 68 Camaro convert for $2500 so sold the 64 for $3500 pretty quick. My son even drove it to his prom, the good old days.

    • Mark

      Those were the best looking hubcaps ever made.

  9. Del

    One of the most confusing adverts that I have ever seen.

    Not sure why anyone would even bid.

    Unless if of course they are pulling his leg. Just like he is pulling ours .😁

  10. Don

    The lines on that truck closing properly look funky..anyone else see it?..sign of a bent frame?


    My first car was a ’64 Impala convertible. I paid $60.00 for it and towed it home. This was 1972. It didn’t take much to get it running and I named it Herman. The interior was perfect and the body was rust free and very straight except for the left 1/4 that had been hit in the tail light from being parked on the street. I had a guy on the south side put a quarter panel on it and then turned it over to Earl Scheib. WOW was that a mistake. For $39.95 they painted everything…including the tires! I ended up with about $600.00 in that car. One day driving home from High School, I saw a perfect 1965 GTO on the side of the road with a for sale sign. It had a 421 dual quad and a 4-speed. I had to have it. I went home and my mother said if I could get $200.00 for Herman, we would finance the rest (boy have times changed). Try as I might I couldn’t get the $200. The GTO was eventually sold and My brother traded Herman for a 305 Honda motor cycle. The motorcycle broke and my brother sold the bike for the cost of the repairs and that was the end of Herman. I HATED that car.

    • TriPowerVette

      Those were dark times, HARDBALL, dark times. But they foreshadowed better things to come.


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