Already Revived: 1956 Pontiac Chieftain

1956 Pontiac Chieftain 2 Door

The seller of this Pontiac doesn’t seem to know which model it is, well at least they don’t list the model. It looks like a Chieftain to me, but could be a Star Chief. They claim it was found in a barn and that they have already revived it well enough to drive it for the past 4 months. It still needs a lot of work, including a fair amount of body work. These are really great looking classics if you ask me, but I hate to say it, I might be a bit more interested in what’s parked behind it! If you’d like to give this Pontiac a good home, you can find it here on eBay in Tellico Plains, Tennessee with an opening bid of $5k. So would you rather have the Pontiac or one of the cars parked behind it?


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  1. Rock On Member

    Winged warrior please.

  2. Blindmarc

    It’s a chieftain. All of ours were century’s. My dad left 3 in Tulsa to pay the back rent in1964. We never had anything but buicks, olds, or pontiacs. Except for my moms gt6 triumph.

  3. Rick

    Neat ride, esp like the interior, would only change the wheels to either chrome reverse w/ baby moons or American mags (guess they’re called Torque Thrust these days) and leave the rest as is (except throw an air cleaner on it) and drive the heck out of it, maybe sand it, mask and reprime same color (or shoot it w/ stain finish) and re-chrome it as budget allows (man chrome is expensive). I rolled a ’55 Star Chief 4dr in the summer of ’75 endo going 100 mph the same day I bought it (was watching the nutty speedometer turn all orange and didn’t see the corner coming) anyhow the DUI I got meant I didn’t have to go in the air force, and since then, ’55 – ’56 Tin Indians have always made me smile . . .

  4. Rick

    Even neater is the Talledega Torino parked behind it, hardly ever see those in NW Washington State where I live, plus it looks like a really nice one. The Superbird is okay, too.

  5. wuzjeepnowsaab

    WTH?? What an amazing trio of cars in that dirt lot!

    Yes please on the Torino.

  6. DrinkinGasoline

    Looks like My Brother…hehe

    • David

      Shouldn’t the teeth on the Olds be yellow?

      • DrinkinGasoline

        My Brother got da braces…I had to settle for da whitener.
        Upside is, wit all dat lead in da gas I drink…no need for fillings, hehe.

  7. Frankie

    I’d rather have the Pontiac, you can drive it and enjoy it without worrying about scratches, dents or theft….plus to insure the others, you could take a vacation with. Don’t get me wrong, do love the others

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’d rather have the Poncho. The others are nice–for a short time. The novelty wears off quickly. The old beast is a new adventure every time you take it on the road. My wife and I have three drivers; each has its own personality, and we treat them accordingly. The ’57 Poncho is something you can almost get in and drive; you might have to lift the distributor cap and make sure the advance is free; it has a tendency to stick. The ’54 Ford might take a notion to vapor lock but just open the hood and take a break; let it cool down. The ’49 Chevy has an oily clutch. Sometimes it works just fine and other times it takes a notion to chatter. You just rev it up and ride it to burn some of the oil off and you’re underway again.

    • Leroy

      Geomechs,. I had a 46 Ford that would vapor lock. I was told to put the clip type clothespins on the gas line. Mine had a metal gas line. I put several pins on it and never vapor locked again.

      • Rando

        Clothesins work as a heat sink? Or similar, I guess? Interesting…

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Rando…..wood does dissipate heat. In quite a few 70’s and early 80’s vehicles, it is not uncommon to find wood carb to intake spacers made from wood. My ’84 Ford F150 302 uses a wood spacer.

  9. charlie Member

    The 40’s – 50’s Buick straight 8’s were notorious for vapor lock. Maybe that is why they pushed Dynaflow automatic, since if you stalled it trying to start from a stop with a hot engine, you were stuck. Putting aluminum foil between the fuel line and the engine helps a lot, but it was not available until the mid ’50’s. Neighbor had a “heat shied” made up of pieces of metal of some kind.

    • Dave Wright

      We used to install electric fuel pumps in vapor lock prone vehicles or even to pump up a diesel fuel system if you run it out.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        My ’49 DeSoto uses a 6v electric fuel pump….works like a charm even on the hottest days.

  10. Mike

    Josh – yup, I agree – I’m way more interested in both vehicles in the background. Both the Superbird and (I believe) the Torino/Talledega would make better projects than the Pontiac.

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