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Already Running: 1968 Camaro SS/RS

1968 Camaro SS-RS

When this Camaro was new, I bet it was gorgeous! I love the white on blue color combo, but I don’t like the way it looks with all the rust. That’s right, we have another rusty Camaro for you! This one definitely isn’t the worst we’ve ever seen, but the salty roads of New York have taken their toll on it. The seller claims it is a one owner car, although I’m guessing they aren’t the original owner. Perhaps they are just listing it for them? You can find the listing here on eBay in Elmira, New York with bidding to $12k.

1968 Camaro SS-RS Engine

While it definitely has rust issues, this Camaro still has a lot going for it! Besides being an SS/RS car, this one was optioned with the 350 V8 and a 4 speed manual. The 350 isn’t the most powerful engine offered in the Camaro, as a matter of fact it is the weakest of the SS engine options. It was rated at 295 horsepower from the factory, which is still a decent amount of power. Personally, I’d be more than happy with 295 hp in a car like this! The seller claims they have even gotten the engine running and that this car is drivable, although I’m not sure I would want to drive it in its current condition.

1968 Camaro SS-RS Interior

For a car with lots of exterior rust issues, I’m actually surprised with how clean the interior looks. Yes, it has issues, but it looks complete and should clean up. There is one torn seam in the driver’s seat, but you might be able to get that fixed. The seller included photos of the underside, but I would like to see those floors in person.

1968 Camaro SS-RS Project

The body has lots of holes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the floors look like Swiss cheese up close. If the floors and structural points turn out to be solid, it could actually be a worthwhile project for the intrepid do-it-yourselfers out there! What do you think though?


  1. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I’d like to hear what the Camaro experts say….I am not one. The build looks pretty good, with the next to top engine + 4-speed, and second to the Z28 in desirability and scarcity.

    The SCM Guide has the median value at $32K plus 15% for the SS, plus 25% for the L48 engine. That should make it worth more than the $12K bid so far even though it needs a lot of metal work, but I think the repair panels are probably available. The last photo shows what looks like the original order sheet/invoice—a big plus.

    But the 2nd last photo shows some ugly looking frame rust perforation.

    So, the car being from salty Syracuse, NY and with frame perforation makes me think this would end up needing a new frame to handle the power, and that would kill some value—the old question whether it’s still the same car if the frame has been changed. With it changed it would have good value, maybe big value if sold at B-J auction, but it would also have stories.

    For a guy wanting a SS/RS for himself that wouldn’t matter, is the way I would look at it. Just enjoy it for the duration.

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    • Avatar photo ColeB

      it would cost $50K+ to do a proper restoration on it. I have a ’70 Barracuda in almost the exact same shape, same rust issues (except my frame rails are excellent) in the same areas and even one fender that is munched. all parts are reproduced, but they are still costly and the labor to install is not cheap

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  2. Avatar photo DRV

    You could make it a driver with 15k or more in metal and paint and another 7 or so in mechanics and another 5 in the interior if you do some of this yourself, so adjust the price accordingly. I would never take it on with this much rust and expect to break even. Can you get a driver for 45k?

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    The bid right now would be tops IMO, it looks worse than our Mach1 did when purchased for 12K but after stripping we ended up replacing as much metal as this car needs and on top of paint and labor I had another 25K in the metal and paint work. Luckily I finished the rest of drivetrain / suspension / interior myself but I’ll never recoup all my money but as a 25th anniversary present to my wife I don’t care.

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    • Avatar photo Metalted

      That a boy!! Jw.
      That’s why we are into this hobbie.
      I work for a living, but live for building cars.
      We all lose money an things.
      Going out to dinner , movies, camping, boat. What ever.
      A person will never get that money back, but enjoy doing them.

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  4. Avatar photo Gary I

    I live in Ohio and would be afraid of all of the lower cancer, but I have grown used to fixing such things. Everything is rotten around here if it was used during the winters. If the frame is bad then so is everything around it, but as long as the frame is ok all else can be replaced as needed from parts catalogs. I would say at twelve thousand its seeing its max value imo.

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  5. Avatar photo Another Bob

    That is almost rust fee for an Upstate New York car. Worth 12K if you ask me.

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  6. Avatar photo Rob

    That’s my hometown!! Yay!! Good ol’ Hellmira. Everyone I knew with a nice car would store it in the winter and drive a beater to avoid the salt. Too bad this car didn’t feel the love.

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