Auction Results: 1991 GMC Syclone With 45k Miles!

UPDATE – This GMC sold for an impressive $22,000 to Lschef! Both parties are happy with the results and it sounds like this one will be joining a nice collection of cars. It might even spend the winter on the showroom floor of a GMC dealership in its new home town. If that happens, we will be sure to let you know the dealership it will be on display at so that you can go see it in person! If you have a cool find sitting in your garage collecting dust, consider auctioning it here on Barn Finds!

This 1991 GMC Syclone belongs to the nephew of the longtime original owner. The truck was purchased as a reward of sorts for a sterling military career, and after his uncle passed away, the seller took it on as his own and has enjoyed his time driving the high-performance pickup truck. Medical issues are forcing the sale, and the seller acknowledges that these same ailments have prevented him from overly-preparing it for sale; fortunately, the Syclone still appears to be in largely solid condition despite accumulating some dust from being parked these last few months. Mileage is low at 45,436, and the truck doesn’t appear to have any modifications. You can find it in Culpeper, Virginia and you can bid below!

The photo above shows the Syclone at the funeral of the original owner. That tells you a little about how important this truck was to the deceased and his family that it would have a role in his funeral procession. The seller acquired the Syclone from his uncle’s estate with 35,000 miles on it in 2002 and made improvements to bring it back to showroom condition. He then used the truck for the next few years, adding approximately 10,000 trouble-free miles. The Syclone retains the bed cap seen here in the photos but is otherwise in stock condition aside from some cosmetic tweaks like the “Syclone” windshield banner.

The interior retains standard Syclone cloth buckets featuring black upholstery with red piping. The door panels follow the theme, and both passenger and driver’s seats don’t show any signs of excessive wear-and-tear. Syclones all came with standard automatic transmissions, and the bulk of the interior looked like any other GMC pickup of the era. The listing photos show clean carpets with no excessive soiling or discoloration. The seller reports that the previous owner took religious notes about the truck, right down to the notebook about recorded fuel fill-ups, and that those records and the clean title can accompany the truck if desired.

The seller is a disabled Veteran and has some difficulty moving around, which is why the photos are somewhat limited in their content. The good news is the tell-tale signs of a modified or otherwise abused Syclone are non-existent here, as the stock wheels remain attached and in good condition; the factory fender flares show no signs of cracks or other superficial damage, and the body looks largely straight and ding-free going down the sides. The Syclone was a running, driving truck when it went into the barn three months ago, but the seller notes his health issues prevent him from cleaning or driving the car. Given the attention it’s claimed to have received prior to the seller’s health issues flaring up, it seems likely there’s a solid truck underneath that dust. Please leave any questions for the seller in the comments below.

  • Location: Culpeper, Virginia
  • Mileage: 45,436
  • Title: Clean
  • VIN: 1GDCT1424M8801455

Bid On This Vehicle

Sold for: $22,000
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Ended: Aug 4, 2020 12:00pm MDT
Winner: Lschef
  • Lschef bid $22,000.00  2020-08-03 17:40:45
  • Olds442w30 bid $20,800.00  2020-08-03 17:39:17
  • seeker78
    bid $20,700.00  2020-08-03 14:27:25
  • Olds442w30 bid $20,600.00  2020-08-03 13:30:24
  • seeker78 bid $20,000.00  2020-08-01 06:22:07
  • Lschef
    bid $19,200.00  2020-07-31 20:35:36
  • seeker78 bid $19,000.00  2020-07-31 20:22:57
  • Lschef bid $18,700.00  2020-07-31 17:04:20
  • seeker78
    bid $18,500.00  2020-07-31 08:35:58
  • Mickey25 bid $18,300.00  2020-07-30 16:33:53
  • seeker78 bid $18,200.00  2020-07-30 14:09:51
  • Mickey25
    bid $18,100.00  2020-07-30 09:42:08
  • seeker78 bid $18,000.00  2020-07-30 06:46:59
  • Mickey25 bid $16,800.00  2020-07-29 20:28:34
  • GMPIV1973
    bid $16,700.00  2020-07-29 18:45:45
  • Mickey25 bid $16,600.00  2020-07-29 15:07:17
  • seeker78 bid $16,500.00  2020-07-29 15:00:18
  • Mickey25
    bid $16,100.00  2020-07-29 14:41:04
  • seeker78 bid $16,000.00  2020-07-29 11:52:45
  • Olds442w30 bid $15,000.00  2020-07-29 11:23:09
  • seeker78
    bid $14,000.00  2020-07-29 10:30:50
  • Olds442w30 bid $13,000.00  2020-07-29 10:16:09
  • seeker78 bid $12,500.00  2020-07-29 09:19:34
  • Doccollins
    bid $12,100.00  2020-07-29 06:27:02
  • Gibby72 bid $11,900.00  2020-07-29 05:03:34
  • oldstylesucks bid $7,300.00  2020-07-28 22:16:58
  • Doccollins
    bid $7,200.00  2020-07-28 21:53:01
  • oldstylesucks bid $6,200.00  2020-07-28 20:11:58
  • mdw925 bid $5,000.00  2020-07-28 19:47:35
  • Reeceje
    bid $2,500.00  2020-07-28 19:43:03
  • oldstylesucks bid $2,000.00  2020-07-28 18:55:17
  • Commdive1 bid $500.00  2020-07-28 18:17:07


  1. J Woj

    Given the current owner’s health issues it sounds like it isn’t known if it is currently in running condition or not? Is the original tonneau bed cover included with the truck given the camper shell?

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      The original cover is with the truck and in perfect condition.

      Like 1
  2. Wally

    Thank you for your service!

    Like 4
  3. Stangalang

    Thank you for your service and good luck with the sale..this is actually the first syclone I’ve seen with a bed cap and IMO it looks pretty good.

    Like 5
  4. Doccollins

    Hope you feel better. I am interested in knowing does it still run? How long has it been sitting? Thx and be safe !

    Like 1
    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      The seller drove it about 3 months ago.

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  5. DonS

    I wish I were nearby (14 hour drive). I always wanted one of these, but no money right now. I’d love to pop over and wash that beauty. Maybe a little wax. Detail under the hood. Listen to her run. That to me is a good day. And, help a vet makes it that much better. Thanks!!

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  6. harry lowry

    this is a beautiful truck, wish I had the money I have a 4runner j would give for it but nothing worth this asking price unfortunately hope all goes well with medical issues and thank you for your service best of luck although it appears it going pretty well so far as far as the auction goes

    Like 3
  7. seeker78

    Do you think it could be driven out of its current storage spot and then taken on a 10+ hour road trip or would you advise getting it transported out of there and will it run to make it on to a trailer?

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      It hasn’t been parked that long, so getting it started and driving shouldn’t be difficult. I’m not sure I would drive it long distance without giving it a full service first though.

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