Geneva Edition: 1994 GMC Yukon

The two-door GMC Yukon is a well-liked modern-day classic, seemingly capturing the hearts and minds of enthusiasts that can’t get enough of a short wheelbase truck in classic squarebody fashion. This particular Yukon is made rarer still by featuring… more»

Pullman Camper: 1971 GMC C-1500

In 1967, General Motors redesigned their C/K trucks, adding more features and creature comforts than earlier models. The 1967-72 editions were referred to as the “Action-Line” series and they were offered by both Chevrolet and GMC with few differences… more»

Stunning California Barn Find: 1963 GMC Pickup

Some classics have better stories to tell than others, and the one for this 1963 GMC Custom Pickup is a beauty. It started its life on a farm in Wyoming before making its way to California in the early… more»

33K Mile Driver: 1991 GMC Syclone

Have you ever noticed that some cars continue to pick up steam value-wise to the point that we start forgiving cosmetic flaws and otherwise throw big money at less-than-perfect examples? It used to be that a Syclone or Typhoon… more»

Hard Work Done: 1966 GMC Pickup

With classic pickups continuing to experience increasing popularity in today’s market, project vehicles can be highly sought. Whether potential buyers plan a faithful restoration or a custom build, locating the right candidate before someone beats you to the punch… more»

Hot Truck Project: 1991 GMC Syclone

In 1991, GMC dabbled in the performance pickup truck market, somewhat like Dodge had done earlier with its Lil Red Express. A one-year-only model, the Syclone’s speed capabilities were compared to that of the Chevy Corvette and the Ferrari… more»

Patina Project: 1947 GMC 100 Pickup

Here’s a neat old pickup that needs some love. The question is – which route would you take? Do you restore it, modify it, or just attempt to get it running? The patina isn’t the best we’ve seen but… more»

Weathered Driver! 1971 GMC Jimmy K5

General Motors’ entry into the short-wheelbase multi-purpose vehicle market aimed to draw buyers away from vehicles like the Scout, Jeep, and Bronco. One year after Chevy’s Blazer hit the market in 1969, GMC, “the truck people,” brought the Jimmy…. more»

Tall Project: 1950 GMC COE Septic Truck

Cab Over Engine trucks are some of the most unique and “cartoonish” vehicles ever made. They have the same general appearance as their light-duty cousins but feature exaggerated hoods and tall cabs which sit over the engine, hence the… more»

StarLighter Edition? 1973 GMC Motorhome

The GMC Motorhome is well known around these parts, appreciated as an emerging collectible that goes for very big money when completely restored and/or in survivor condition. Many of them have seemingly survived in decent shape, which is a… more»

Wildland Fire Truck: 1974 GMC K2500 4×4

Old fire trucks and other firefighting apparatuses continue to show up with ridiculously low mileage and in seemingly mint condition, a trend we hope never goes away. This 1974 GMC K2500 4×4 is a former fire department vehicle that… more»

Starcraft Edition: 1985 GMC Suburban

GMC Suburbans were already considered icons of the 1980s SUV world, but this 1985 Starcraft Edition pushes the “rad” meter all the way to overload. The fender flares, the paint job, the monochrome grille – it’s all over the… more»

Driver Quality Classic: 1992 GMC Typhoon

It’s rare to find a project-grade version of a collectible vehicle. As supply decreases of “affordable” cars and trucks that are moderately desirable, it can begin to feel like these vehicles have either all been restored or were never… more»

Gentleman Jim Special! 1975 GMC Sierra Classic

In the mid-1970s, General Motors dabbled in offering luxury pickup trucks to its customers. An existing market had already been established given the success of the Chevy El Camino, which was considered a “gentlemen’s” pick-up on a car chassis…. more»

Nice Driver: 1980 GMC Jimmy 4×4

This Cardinal Red and white 1980 GMC Jimmy is a great-looking 4×4! It has had some work done, but most of it is original. There are a few things that the new owner can address, but it is ready… more»

Sweet Survivor! 1963 GMC K1000 4×4

A little rough and completely ready, this 1963 GMC K1000 4×4 in Neillsville, Wisconsin runs well, featuring a host of mostly-stock replacement parts and some upgrades. Prior to a year of weekend drives by the seller, the GMC enjoyed… more»