Manual Time Capsule: 1977 GMC Vandura G15

The third-generation of General Motors’ van is a very popular model among van enthusiasts, due to its uncomplicated styling and reliable powertrains. This well-kept short wheelbase 1977 GMC Vandura G15 is available here on eBay, and it’s ready for… more»

High-Performance SUV: 1993 GMC Typhoon

If you’re on the roads these days, SUV models are just about everywhere, but few of them are exciting or noteworthy in any way. That alone makes GMC’s Typhoon such a special model – this SUV was powerful enough… more»

Well Optioned Workhorse: 1948 GMC Truck

While we’re all sick of hearing about patina, there’s no denying the appeal of a truck that wears its honest-to-God workhorse graphics, such as this 1948 GMC pickup. There’s no fake mumbo-jumbo here, just the honest appearance of a… more»

Vintage R/V Conversion: 1948 GMC Silverside Bus

When old buses come up for grabs, most of them are candidates for an RV conversion – meaning the next owner not only has the challenge of storing it somewhere, but also undertaking the massive retrofit that needs to… more»

Express Bed Survivor: 1950 GMC 3800

UPDATE 7/18/2019 – This sweet GMC must have not reached the seller’s reserve, so they’ve relisted it with a BIN of $4,995. You can take another look at it here on eBay. FROM 7/05/2019 – Usually, the shorter the… more»

Rough Super Truck: 1991 GMC Syclone

Even in rough condition, the GMC Syclone pickup commands good money. As one of the fastest road-going vehicles when new, the Syclone and its SUV-twin the Typhoon quickly cemented itself into sports car lore and gave GM some momentary… more»

Invader 400: 1971 GMC Sprint LS3

I guess that in every famous family there is going to be a lesser-known sibling, and in the GM family, the Sprint is the lesser known brother of the El Camino. Like so many of these lesser-known siblings, this… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1992 GMC Safari Van Touring Edition

What Makes It Special? I purchased this Safari when my 2nd daughter was born. I still have my 1985 GMC S-15 Jimmy (which is also perfect and has not been driven in over 20 years) that I purchased when… more»

Endless Potential: 1947 GMC 3100

Think of all the things you could do with this GMC truck! You could fix it up enough to make it a driver, it could be fully restored back to pristine condition or it could be built into a… more»

Three-Door Pickup: 1960 GMC Custom Crew Cab

Despite missing its head and intake, bidders are still clamoring for a shot at winning this 1960 GMC Custom Crew Cab pickup. It’s wearing nicely patinaed paint and still shows good chrome and glass all the way around, so… more»

Amazing Survivor: 1985 GMC Vandura

One thing is for certain, and that is that classic vehicles come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Never has this fact been better exemplified than by this 1985 GMC Vandura. With the SUV and the people-carrier both becoming… more»

Luxury Truck: 1975 GMC Gentleman Jim

In today’s automobile market, upscale pickup trucks are popular among customers, and also an easy cash grab for manufacturers. Both Ram and Ford offer range-topping Limited trims for their full-size pickup trucks, while General Motors offers a High Country… more»

Canadian Gold: 1953 GMC 9430 Shortbed

Most of us love old trucks, especially when they look like they were used but not beat, maintained but not babied. This 5-window 1953 GMC 9430 shortbed pickup can be found here on eBay in Sweet Grass, Montana which… more»

Modern Barn Find: 1993 GMC Typhoon

A usual topic of conversation among my car-hoarding friends is to lament the lack of pole barns in our group. You see, if we had a big pole barn, we could just sock away all the broken cars and… more»

Ferrari Alternative: 1991 GMC Syclone

While the concept of hot rodded SUVs is a trend that continues, single-cab, light-duty pickup trucks with lofty performance aspirations are a dying breed. Yes, I know, they stuffed a Viper drivetrain into a Ram, but that was a… more»

Field of Dreams? Chevy and GMC Truck Projects

If you have a hobby like car or truck collecting, it’s helpful to have lots of land and some steel buildings on your property. Of course, it can get quite dangerous, too, as your collecting can get out of… more»