Jeeps, Cadillacs and More: 41 Cars and Trucks

Most car collectors tend to focus on a particular brand, period, or body type. But in the case of the Moizard couple out of Strathcona Country, Alberta, Canada, they have a little bit of everything here. This is a… more»

Cowboy Cadillac: 1986 GMC C3500 Crew Cab

The seller rightfully refers to this clean 1986 GMC C3500 Crew Cab as a “Cowboy Cadillac.” Clearly, one of the more expensive trucks you could have purchased in 1986, it’s remarkable for having survived in such exceptional condition. Most… more»

Hidden Auction Gems? Government Surplus Sale!

You never know what you’ll find at auctions featuring government-owned surplus or repossessions, as this latest assortment from auction company Bid Fast and Last goes to show you. The auctioneer specializes in all manners of sales, from estate clean-outs… more»

Ran When Parked: 1916 GMC Model 16 3/4-Ton Pickup

GMC was initially created in 1911 by William Durant, the same Durant who shares credit founding Chevrolet and General Motors, to cater to the trucking and industrial markets. During the first world war, GMC was tasked with building heavy… more»

Rare Pickup: 1955 GMC Suburban Deluxe

It seems that the original owner of this 1955 GMC Suburban Deluxe liked their workhorse to come with a splash of luxury. That would help to explain a few of the comfort features, as well as the drivetrain combination…. more»

From Barn Find To Beauty: 1962 GMC Stepside Update

Way back in 2016, we helped reader Paul N find a new home for his 1962 GMC Stepside. It sold quickly, with a deal begin made just 3 hours after we featured it (you can list your vehicle with… more»

Senior Owned Survivor: 1975 Chevrolet Suburban K20 4X4

It’s one thing for a vintage vehicle to be a true survivor; it’s quite another for it to be a survivor and incredibly well optioned. This 1975 Chevrolet Suburban has a lot going for it, from the robust equipment… more»

Untouched Survivor: 1997 GMC Yukon GT

Short wheelbase, two-door SUVs will always be cool, even if it’s not an iconic Jimmy or Blazer from the early 80s. This is one of the last two-door versions of a square body made, known as the GMC Yukon… more»

Midas Touch 4×4! 1977 GMC Vandura

For a single giant weathertight cabin, the full-sized van is hard to beat. Objects like 4×8 foot construction materials and even longer boards go right inside, and you can close and lock the doors to secure your cargo from… more»

23k Mile: 1976 GMC Royale Motorhome

This 26′ motorhome is none other than a 1976 GMC Royale that benefits from a recently rebuilt engine and transmission, along with the chassis having under 25,000 original miles. These classic front-wheel-drive creations are hot commodities these days, especially… more»

383 Stroker Powered: 1968 GMC C-15 Sleeper

Both Chevrolet and GMC offered comparable versions of the same trucks from the C/K line which ran from 1960-2002. The “C” designation stood for 2-wheel-drive while “K” models were for 4-wheel-engagement. Commonly associated with pickups, the C/K series also… more»

No Reserve Short Bed: 1980 GMC Sierra

Even with short bed C10 and Sierra pickups commanding increasingly stronger money, you can still find driver-quality examples for a fair price – but you’ll have competition. The smart way to buy one of these is outside of the… more»

Orange Overlander: 1974 GMC Motorhome

First of all, it’s easy to love the GMC Motorhome. From the excellent proportions to the ease of maneuverability compared to a full-size motorhome, the front-wheel-drive endeavor by the General is one of those moonshot projects you wish remained… more»

1972 GMC Sierra Survivor With Factory AC!

Over the last few years, the Chevy/GMC C/K series of trucks has become more and more popular. In fact, some aftermarket parts distributors say they’re selling as many products for these trucks as they are for cars like the… more»

Update: Long Hauler 1964 GMC Suburban 2500

UPDATE – We featured this 1964 GMC Suburban last spring and since then it’s been somewhat updated and has had a lot of maintenance and bodywork done on it. It’s for sale again here on craigslist in Kelso, Oregon… more»

No Reserve Super Truck: 1991 GMC Syclone

Who says that you can’t have it all? If you are the sort of person who longs for a vehicle that provides muscle car performance with a touch of luxury and the practicality of a pickup, then GMC’s Syclone… more»