Side Impact: 1987 Nissan Stanza Wagon

B-pillars, we don’t need no stinkin’ b-pillars! If you like origami, then you’ll enjoy this 1987 Nissan Stanza wagon that has plenty of angles and sharp lines, and with one hard hit, could fold up to make a real interesting shape. Only… more»

Easy Being Green: 1969 Chevrolet Impala Custom

It’s amazing to think that gigantic, full-size cars from the Big 3 were once as common on the ground as today’s Camrys and Accords. Caprices and Impalas, LTDs, Furys, and more were the family sedans of the middle class…. more»

Big Bad Brown: 1969 AMC AMX

Yeah, brown wasn’t one of the big bad AMC colors, but this brown AMX sure looks bad to the bone. Two seats, big block, and a color to hide the potential, this is what a sleeper muscle car looks like. An actual… more»

Snake Truck: 1967 Ford Ranchero 428 Cobra Jet

If Carroll Shelby had decided to make a Cobra truck, a 1967 model would have been a good starting point.  Light weight, Mustang interchangeability, and plenty of room in the bed for tires and parts would have made it… more»

No Termites: 1981 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country

You aren’t going to get stuck by a splinter on this black beauty, but that asking price is definitely going to hurt! Try to think of it as getting two vehicles in one to lessen the blow: a luxury… more»

No Chicken Tax: 1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

It is both strange and kind of refreshing to see a Trans Am without a gigantic puking chicken on the hood. You can actually see the car instead of all the stuck on glitter. If you squint hard enough,… more»

Stranger Things: 1974 Ford Pinto

It’s not pea green and it’s not a 1976 model, but Joyce Byers could have just as easily driven this 1974 golden brown Pinto Runabout. In fact, this color might be a better match for her weary, working mother… more»

Choo Choo SS: 1984 Chevrolet El Camino

Business in the front, party in the back. Or in this case, redneck all over! This 1984 El Camino started out in Arlington, TX as a tame hauler until Choo Choo Customs derailed those plans. If you like fiberglass… more»

Extra Crispy: 1980 Stutz IV-Porte

Yep, it’s a real Stutz, and even though it is deep fried, this one wasn’t built for Elvis! These coach built cars, not built for the likes of us mere mortals, are proof money doesn’t necessarily buy taste. Find… more»

To The Moon: 1992 Toyota Previa AWD 5-spd

The front wheel drive GM minivans of the early ’90s were known as the dustbusters for their appliance-like styling. When the Previa debuted, it look like a space craft that was ready to hover into the skies, much like… more»

Big Horse: 1971 Mustang Grande

Bigger isn’t always necessarily better. For 1971, Ford decided to take make a Clydesdale out of their once athletic pony car. Grande in Spanish means big, though I’m sure Ford would prefer the Italian translation of great. Find this… more»

My Eyes! 1977 AMC Gremlin

Speechless! I mean, wow, where to begin? This vehicle started as a rather humble American Motors Corporation economy car. After what appears to be lots of money and modifications thrown at that basic mode of transportation, we have a… more»

Missed Mark: 1956 Continental Mk II

How does a car that was once very expensive and exclusive, end up in such a state? From jaw dropper to swept under the rug in a matter of 60 years. This was the Ford Motor Company’s 1956 piece… more»

Oddjob Ready: 1962 Ford Ranchero

The idea of a car based truck just never took hold like true pick-ups did. For thirty plus years off and on, manufacturer’s from the US and abroad took a stab at something different. From GMC Sprints to Subaru Brats,… more»

Name Game: 1959 Desoto + Parts Car

You’ll put an eye out with those fins! Virgil Exner, like all designers, had his hits and misses. Misses would definitely be his plucked chickens of the early ’60s and the downsized ’62s. Hits would be pretty much anything… more»

Sunday Driver: 1976 Chevrolet Camaro

In life, less is sometimes more. For those in 1976 wanting the look of speed without the entry fee or high insurance costs, GM still offered pony cars without the pizazz. This base model sport coupe looks pretty sporty… more»

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