Big Bad Brown: 1969 AMC AMX

Yeah, brown wasn’t one of the big bad AMC colors, but this brown AMX sure looks bad to the bone. Two seats, big block, and a color to hide the potential, this is what a sleeper muscle car looks like. An actual barn find from my Parkers Praire, Minnesota, this independent pony car can be found here on craigslist for $15,000. Special thanks to Mike L for this tip!

Must have been a sad day when this AMX was put up blocks in 1973. Too many tickets? Insurance costs? Gas mileage? Running from the law? The reason why this hot rod was put out to pasture isn’t given. Even with the Torque Command automatic, this AMC probably won many red light races. Sporting mags and redlines, you can still see this one was cool dude back over forty years ago. 390 V8 is said to still turn over by hand and that plenty of documentation backs up the claims that this is a real original.

Power disc brakes and AC means this hot rod could be a comfortable and easy driver for today’s mean roads. Said to have the Go-Pack, which consisted of the aforementioned brakes and redline tires, dual exhausts, Handling Package, Twin-Grip posi-traction rear end, heavy duty cooling, and more. Deleting the roof top skunk stripes was an option that further enhanced the sleeper look. This must be one rare 1969 AMX!

Not much is shown for the interior, under hood, or the chassis, but the seller says they will provide further pictures upon request. The dashboard picture that is shown is one of AMC’s best dash designs ever. Clean, symmetrical, functional, sporty and handsome. Something you would never get tired of staring at. Some do not like fake wood, but in a muscle car that was optioned more for comfort than flash, it all just works. Seller states mice have not done damage to the vehicle and the clean dashboard cover and carpet attest to that. A thorough inspection is needed since brown paint tends to hide rust, but this could be one of those lifetime chances to get one of the rarest orphaned muscle cars to tear up the streets. Do you prefer to drive a rolling billboard or unassumingly start collecting pink slips?


WANTED 1970 or 1071 Ford Torino squire wagon Looking for nice car ready to drive. Might consider rust free car to build. Contact

WANTED 1966 Chevrolet nova “plan jane’ Factory 327/350hp Muncie 4 speed 12 bolt rear on the east coast any condition Contact

WANTED 1974-75 Toyota Corolla E5 Yellow, Black Interior, 5 speed. Rust free, any location in US Contact

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  1. Erich

    “Twin Grip posi-traction rear end”

    So… it had a Chevy limited slip differential with AMC branding?

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    • Gary

      Nothing Chevy in this one..

    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      No, it was an AMC rear end. You are thinking of PosiTraction, GM’s branding for their posi-rearend. Posi-traction or just posi is a commonly used term for most limited slip rearends.

      • Erich

        That was exactly my point. Positraction is the Chevrolet/GMC branded name for limited slip differential. AMC’s brand name is/was Twin Grip. So to say it has “Twin Grip posi-traction” would be a conflict in brand names. Why not say “Twin Grip rear end” or “Twin Grip limited-slip differential” to be more correct.

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    • Corey K. Member

      Let’s try it again. Twin-Grip limited slip differential, Twin-Grip Posi limited slip, Twin-Grip Locker. Which one fits best?

      • Mike Dettling

        Let’s just call it a rear end that just GOES! Makes me wish my 89 Towncar had posi.

        NO, I WANT THIS CAR! Would make a great car #47.

        Better go start panhandling.

  2. Gary

    AMC`s were small blocks…

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    • whippeteer

      And they all used the same block. It was just bored out to the appropriate displacement.

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      • Andrew

        And AMC also had a 327 before Chevy.

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  3. Patrick D.

    Sports Cars are usually young men toys. Remember that in the late sixties/early 70’s, a lot of young men went overseas, and sadly, not all of them came back.

    I’m sure that it accounts for a lot of those barn finds.

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    • Corey K. Member

      Very good point. Let’s hope that isn’t the case with this forgotten AMC. I’d rather a car be forgotten and not the soldier.

  4. Joe Yeti

    Sweet ride – but of course AMC did not have a “big block” the 290, 343, and 390 were all the same block

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  5. Jack Homen

    As a veteran 1972 1975 that’s what I was thinking. Too painful for the survivors to see a daily reminder of those lost. 2Rest my fellow veterans.

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    • Joe Daniel Farris Member

      I was in Nam in 68 and loved the AMX you could order one over there I thought about it but changed my mind.

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      • Terry

        Thank-you for your time in the Service

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    Not a bad price for this car if all the paper checks out.

  7. elrod

    “one of AMC’s best dash designs ever” Yikes! I. Can’t. Look. Away.

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  8. JW

    I like it very much, even the sleeper brown paint suits me and the price seems fair if all checks out on engine turning over and no mice infestation or rot.

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  9. Mike_B_SVT

    Big Bad Brown. You would have to name the car Leroy. Or maybe Charlie.

  10. Mike B

    How about Too Bad It’s-Brown

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    • Rabbit

      Original color was P-79, Bittersweet Orange Metallic. You can tell because they taped off the emblems on the C-pillars instead of removing them

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        I see what you mean.
        If that’s true, then you have to question why it was repainted after only a few years of use and then put away.

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  11. Tommy D

    This car is why we watch this site…what a great find!

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    • Corey K. Member

      Thanks, I try and seek out stuff that is different.

  12. Wayne

    Love it!
    Don’t change a thing except the red-lines.

  13. Andrew

    Technically this isn’t a big block per say. All 2nd generation AMC V8s all identical external dimensions. Bore and stroke were changed to effect displacement. The 2nd gen engines were 290, 343, and 390. The deck was then made higher to create the 3rd gen “high deck” engines 304, 360, and 401.

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  14. GP Member

    Nice car, nice find and I think it looks good in this color. A little high dollar when it doesn’t run( turns over by hand). Don’t know if anything else in the drive train works correct either.

  15. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Erick….take a break….go read some books. Go look for “twin traction” – and find the maker of that trim piece found on it’s cars of that make with a posi rear end….

  16. Hide Behind

    A M C had twin grip but it was a DANA if memory serves me right, as the smaller rear end a dana, could not accept the innards the twin grip used a larger pumpkin.
    Twin Grip was an option in almost all A M C Large rear pumpkins, Javelin, Rouge, etc. 355 GEARS TO A STUMP PULLING 456 WERE AVAILABLE BUT MOST RAN 355′ , the small 8 and 6 had only lower numerical, 270 -320¿¿¿¿? And small studs.
    Locker was a Ford posi and clunked on extreme corners.
    Still wonder on all these A M X two seaters I been reading about, why no mentions of Number plaque on passenger dash?
    This was the number of car built, and I do not remember other than two made from 4 donors that did not have them.
    Dash plaque or not there is a publication on A M C performance that tells how can tell what # build A M X is.
    Probably a reprint somewhere.
    Try at A M C National Car Show.
    Mine was given to eldest and not for sale.

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    • NOTBIG3 Racing

      AMC ran a DANA 20 12 Bolt with two piece 29 spline axles…..ratios were 2.71, 3.15, 3.54, 3.91, 4.10, 4.44, and 5.00. They never used a Ford locker as an OEM item although i have seen a few of the 52 SS AMX’s with Ford 9 inch rearends but they were aftermarket installs and those cars were made for drag racing. As far as the numbered dash plaques present in the ’68-’70 AMX’s they were randomly numbered and had nothing to do with the production amount….my AMX is an early ’69 AMX 390 4 speed and has a dash plaque number of 21204 there were only 19,143 total AMX’s produced in the 3 year period (’68-’70 Two-seater originals)

      • Schar

        Just needed to say had same one but auto transmission. .white with red interior. .nothing after market back in 86..paid 500$…had two baby’s and one one the way when head gasket blew!I listened to my daddy who said wasn’t worth fixing
        I’ve been remorse ever since.
        Ty enjoy your rides!

  17. Troy S

    The AMX to me is too sporty to be considered a sleeper. I know they all weren’t built for stop light battles or real street racing but they stick out like a sore thumb. A souped matador or even a gremlin would make a true sleeper, especially the gremlin! Yikes!

  18. Clinton

    This is awesome. I’d buy it or make an offer if I had anywhere near the amount of asking available to spend.

  19. Mike H. Mike H.

    It’s a fairly high-spec car with the Auto, A/C, 390, GO-Pak, P/S and PDB. Sad about the colour, but overall it’s probably a fairly good deal if it’s as rust free as the seller claims.

    Values on 1968-1970 are on the rise. I think back to ten years ago when I was finding really clean drivers for around $10k and well restored examples for barely $20k. There appears to be a lot of potential in this one.

    • Nrg8

      Dunno 5 pics. 2 driver side, one dash, one front grill, one as found. Some interesting tells on the bad paint job and no engine shots or undercarriage. That root beer brown always hides the rust so well. Yep desirable, but needs on sight for that money. If it is just a bad paint job with good bones, def worth it.

  20. irocrobb

    I like it but think it is maybe a $10,000 car on a good day. Seems like all cars were brown or green back then.

  21. Hide Behind

    Thanks for corrections on plaque but never meant to imply Fords Detroit locker was employed by AMC just the clunks and clicks it made.
    I no longer have ready access to all old manuals and some records go back upon old 4.5 floppy disc and dealer manuals.
    So use imprecise memory to pry info that sellers leave out from todays experts.
    A M C did use other manufacturers parts on their production vehicles with slight modifications.

    • whippeteer

      Did you mean 5 1/4 inch?

  22. whippeteer

    Plain color or not, an AMX is never a sleeper.

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  23. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    If everything the seller says is true, I would put this in the “tremendous deal” category.


    The best looking, and best performing AMC ever. I think the price is appropriate.
    My Brother bought one new in 69 when he came home from Vietnam. His was a 4 speed, but the 290 engine. Even with the smaller engine, he embarrassed a lot of folks.
    Great find, thanks for the post, and the memory

  25. Eddie Stakes

    This 1970 AMX in big bad green, only 74 produced that color, maybe 12-20 with Shadow Mask, sold in Houston Mecum auction for $18,500

    on the heels of that, a 68 AMX 390 (no, AMC never built a “big block”) but this nice solid 68 AMX 390 found new owner who drove it home to detail & clean up for only $7500

    If this is truly a brown 69 AMX it would be Cordoba Brown, a ‘seldom used’ color for 1969, this it one of AMC’s paint suppliers charts off my site

    The car obviously has had some sort of repaint in its distant past as you can see stuff painted over in the door area jambs. May/may not be good paint, but the car looks good to me. Seeing it has a hooded over (assuming that is original) the car was probably built after early December 1968 (production on the 69s started Aug 1st, 1968) here are some uber rare assembly line photos in Kenosha to drool over this is the “Merry Go Round”

    This is the Final Assembly Point called “The Pits” for good reason

    And the East Line with a AMX getting it’s new Twin Grip

    No, AMC never had “posi” that is really generic term sort of like I call any copy machine Xerox Machine.

    Big Bad Brown. At one time Dick Teague was pleading to have Big Bad Yellow added to the three big bad colors in late 1968 (for mid year intro)

    This is my 69 big bad orange Javelin I sold to guy in Sweden for $3500 in 2015, it was used in rock group 1980s Petra song, feel free to sing along!

    And many of you have never seen Dick Teague’s PERSONAL big bad AMX he customized, going thru the paces so enjoy this uber rare video on youtube also, really historic

    Hope the brown AMX up there in Prince-land finds a good home, looks like a great start for someone. And feel free to check VIN, door tag, valve cover tag, decode production figures on my site, 11,000 files of nothing but AMX & Javelin stuff free to help folks determine what right & wrong when looking for a AMX or other AMC. Happy Hunting, Eddie Stakes’ Planet Houston AMX

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Thanks for your input, Eddie.

      I’m a Javelin “dreamer” and always add to my education when you post.
      Love your website, too.

  26. Robert Lays

    The number plaque was originally present on all of the AMXs except the first ’68 models. Unfortunately after the first small run the numbers were just “grabbed out of a box” and weren’t in correct sequence.
    The majority of the Dana rear ends in the automatic trans cars was the 3.15 while the T-10 four speeds had the 3.54 unless a 3.73, 3.91, 4.11 or 4. 56 was ordered.


    LOVE AMC under appreciated company and cars. Ad far as I know group 19 rear gears went to 4:44. Not 4:56. Also 390/401 had thicker main web than smaller engines

  28. NOTBIG3 Racing

    You are correct….the 4.56 gear set was not available…..the Group 19 performance gear sets that were available were 3.73, 3.91, 4.10, 4.44, and 5.00.

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