Dual Purpose Hauler: 1959 Volvo PV445 Duett

UPDATE – This interesting Volvo Wagon has been relisted, this time with better photos! We aren’t sure if it’s the same seller or a different one, but it’s been moved indoors and there are now photos of the interior…. more»

Sporty Swede: 1969 Saab Sonett V4

1970-74 Saab Sonett IIIs come up quite frequently here on Barn Finds; I’ve written about three of them myself. Its predecessor, the 1967-69 Sonett V4, is not quite as common, with only 1610 produced over that three-year period. After… more»

Time Capsule Condition: 1977 Toyota Celica GT

The Toyota Celica first appeared on the North American market in 1971, inspired by the 1964 ½ Ford Mustang at a time when the pony car market was beginning to decline. In 1974, a hatchback AKA “Liftback” variant appeared… more»

Solid Driver: 1970 Citroen D Special

By 1970, the Citroen DS had been in production for 15 years but was still one of the most unique, if complicated, cars on the market. The main feature that set it apart from anything else on the road… more»

Solid Barn Find? 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

Introduced in 1966, the Oldsmobile Toronado was based on the same E Body platform as the Buick Riviera, but with front wheel drive, a first for an American manufacturer in the nearly three decades since Cord folded in 1937…. more»

Rare Diesel: 1982 Chevrolet Chevette

If you were searching for a new small Chevrolet in 1982, your choices were either the all-new front-wheel-drive Cavalier or the more conventional rear-wheel-drive Chevette, a model that debuted six years earlier. Both cars were based on global platforms,… more»

UK-Market Souvenir Edition: 1977 Saab 96

Saab officially entered the British market in the early ‘60s with the 96, their first model to be offered in right-hand drive. Over the years, Great Britain became the Swedish manufacturer’s second largest export market, the United States being… more»

All-Aluminum Body: 1954 Panhard Dyna Z

Founded in 1887, Panhard was one of the earliest automobile manufacturers. Though not as well-known as other contemporary French car companies, they produced a variety of advanced passenger cars before being purchased, and then absorbed, by Citroen in 1967…. more»

Sitting 29 Years: 1974 Saab Sonett III

Considering their low production volume relative to other Saab models, it’s amazing how many Sonett IIIs have survived and can still be found for sale. Having only been writing for Barn Finds for a few months, this 1974 Saab… more»

V8-Equipped 3/4 Ton: 1963 Studebaker Champ

By the end of the 1950s, Studebaker’s E-Series pickups had not been updated in ten years. Being an independent manufacturer short on cash, Studebaker had to get creative in developing a refreshed pickup for 1960. Using the chassis and… more»

Early Import: 1971 De Tomaso Pantera

The mid-engined De Tomaso Pantera was the perfect combination of Italian style and road-holding with a dose of raw American muscle from its Ford small-block V8. The Pantera, Italian for “Panther,” debuted in Modena, Italy in March 1970 and… more»

Commemorative Edition: 1993 Saab 900 Turbo

When you think about a Saab, what model comes to mind? For many, a “Classic” 900 is the iconic Saab. The 900 debuted for the 1979 model year, and took Saab upmarket in the United States as an unconventional… more»

Parked 30 Years: 1959 Studebaker Silver Hawk

Just last week I finally visited the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana, which has long been on my list. This collection houses a good selection of Studebakers from more than 100 years of production, from the first… more»

Oil-Injected Two-Stroke: 1967 Saab 96

Two-stroke Saabs are a prime example of the adage that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast. Their three-cylinder engines like to rev high so you can drive them flat out while barely breaking the speed limit,… more»

Woodgrain Survivor: 1985 Ford Escort Squire

The Ford Escort arrived on the American market in late 1980, for the 1981 model year, as the front-wheel-drive replacement for the aging Pinto. It was initially developed alongside the Mk. 3 European Escort with the idea that it… more»

Mixed And Matched: 1969 Saab 96

One of the fun things about the Saab 96 is that it’s easy to customize one to your liking by mixing and matching parts from different years which are easily interchangeable. I’ve always had a thing for the 1969… more»