Oil-Injected Two-Stroke: 1967 Saab 96

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Two-stroke Saabs are a prime example of the adage that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast. Their three-cylinder engines like to rev high so you can drive them flat out while barely breaking the speed limit, and they stick like glue to the road. This 1967 Saab 96 available here on eBay in Marion, Kentucky is being sold by a vintage Saab collector and has a few useful upgrades to make it better able to hustle its way through modern traffic in comfort.

Being a 1967, this Saab 96 is an example of the “longnose” body style that arrived in 1965. The nose was lengthened eight inches and the radiator placed at the front, in anticipation of the V4 engine which was available alongside the two-stroke engine in 1967 and 1968. This one has what appears to be a solid body though the seller states that there are two small rust spots at the bottom of each door that have been treated. Originally white, this car has been given an attractive looking grey/blue two tone paint job. The trim and lenses appear to be in nice shape and there are new rear mud flaps that feature the classic Saab airplane logo.

The interior has improved front seats from a ‘69 or later with head rests, and both front and rear seats have been reupholstered in genuine leather which was never available in a 96. The original door panels are in good condition and match the seats nicely. The rally-style dashboard has been painted to match the body and is fitted with a new smooth-style pad that is less prone to cracking than the original ribbed type. It also includes a Monte Carlo-style gauge cluster with a tachometer, and a chunky Saab Sport & Rally style Moto-Lita steering wheel which replaces the original skinny large diameter one.

This 96 has been given a power boost over a standard model with a rebuilt three-cylinder 841 cc Monte Carlo engine, which has triple Solex carburetors and separate oil injection that renders premixing the oil with the fuel unnecessary. This little factory hot-rodded engine makes around 52 horsepower compared to 38 horsepower of the standard unit and should help this 96 keep up with modern traffic a bit better. New brakes have been fitted all around that include the addition of five-lug front disc brakes which are a bolt-on from the V4 models. Power is delivered through a rebuilt column-shifted four-speed transmission with a freewheeling mechanism, which was an important feature to ensure standard two-stroke engines were not deprived of oil during engine braking.

With two days of bidding to go, the price of this classic Saab is up to $5200 with no reserve, so there is potential for a great deal, especially considering that the prices of vintage Saabs have been rising in recent years. This one is not a show car, but rather a very presentable driver with some key modifications to make it go faster and stop quicker than a regular 96. Could you see yourself playing rally driver behind the wheel of this smoky two-stroke Swede?

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  1. alphasudMember

    Somebody is going to get a good deal on a nice stroker if bidding has topped out. I know the strokers can be more temperamental than the V4 but they loads more character. The Monte Carlo bits make it even more of a good buy.

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  2. Terrry

    If ever a car begged for an LS swap, this is it.

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  3. CJinSD

    When did Saabs pick up oil injection? I could swear I remember seeing a neighbor bouncing his 96 up and down at the gas station to mix the contents of the gas tank, but maybe he was just performing for onlookers.

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    • Wolfgang Gullich

      SAAB introduced automatic oil injection on the 96 in ‘65

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      • Eric_13cars Eric_13carsMember

        Must have been optional because my 1966 Saab 96 didn’t have it. I bought Saab oil from the dealer (cans were smaller than a quart if I recall) and poured (or had the attendant pour it since there were no self-serves in 1969) it into the tank.

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      • Joel Collins

        In WV in late 60’s I’d love to pull up to the gas pump in my ’63, roll down the window, hand over one of those little oil cans and ask for 8 gallons of regular. Priceless.

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  4. sir_mike

    Love the mods owner made.All she needs is a set of Minilite style wheels.Really like the two tone paint.

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    • Geoff

      Yes! If anyone is looking for a fun vintage car that you can enjoy driving this would be a great choice. It has some period modifications that make it a little better for modern-day use but it’s still a cool old car that most anyone would think is nearly 100% OEM.

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    • Dave Peterson

      We ended up with one that was a throw in with many other “damaged in transit” vehicles that used to be auctioned to dealers. When we went to the dealer there were many engines sitting complete on the floor from not having the oil mixed when filling up. Fabulous little car. My first FWD. Went from Kenosha to Coeur d’Alene on $14 gas.

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  5. DRV

    I don’t remember having oil injection on mine. I loved driving it and miss the experience. Why don’t they do freewheeling now to save on gas. Brakes are cheaper than the gas used to slow down, right?

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  6. KurtMember

    I would love to own this car just so I could p@#$ off my boring neighbors. Ah the sound of a mighty two cycle!

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  7. Hot Rod Lincoln

    We had one when I was too young to drive. I remember my brother putting in a quart can of anti freeze instead of oil in the tank before filling it up. They were both on the rack under the seat. It ran until the carb filled with antifreeze. Drained the tank and cleaned out the carb and everything was OK. Also my dad replaced the battery and reversed the polarity. It started but ran backwards, unaware of it running backwards, he was extremely puzzled when he put it in reverse and almost drove into to the garage wall.
    Oh the joy of owning a 2 cycle car. Wished I could have drove it but I was too young.

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  8. chrlsful

    I C they have the more modern in the drive too (would that it be a viggen?).

    I’d keep the oe dash & steer wheel. Love to play with the bent4 if in this rig. I’d hafta own a (few?) yr B4 making a choice to keep. Really want the bent4 & waggy instead… or the SK37 viggen aahahahaa

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  9. ADM

    I remember pumping gas, as a kid in high school, and this old lady would come in with her ’67 stroker. She’d never use our oil, but would always hand me a can of 30W Havoline to dump in the gas tank, before a fill up. Then, off she’d go, in a cloud of smoke, with the engine singing that two stroke tune.

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  10. Gerard Frederick

    Back in the day, 1959 to be exact, I owned a 1939 DKW Reichsklasse 2-cylinder 2-stroke convertible while stationed in Würzburg Germany in the Hindenburg Kaserne. Had a great time in that car, slow as all get-out, what with the Reicksklasse having a steel body and convertible top alone weighing a ton, but great fun. I can stll hear that sweet 2-stroke sound.

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  11. Guggie 13

    I had a two stroke oil injected Saab special , I think a 1967 or 8 , it also came with a lifetime warrenty on the motor , the life time ended in 6 months when my younger brother came home on leave from the navy and rolled it and it burnt up , end of story !

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  12. David Falter

    I remember driving my ’65 3-stroker to Salt Lake City from Olympia, WA years ago. I pulled into a gas station in Le Grands OR and getting gas. Being a smart aleck, I asked the kid to be sure to check the oil while I went into the store to get something. When I came out he was standing there scratching his head and said there’s no dipstick. I pointed to the reservoir and said the oil level is right there in the glass level. He stood back and looked at the car and asked, “what kind of a car is this?” I said it’s a Saab made in Sweden. He looked at me and asked ” how do you spell that, SOB?
    This high school kid got the last laugh on me!!

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  13. Donald Levesque

    Just a wonderful classic automobile I have a 1960 restored 2 stroke, very fun drive, I also have the bed kit for it, going to attend the jamboree in Penn in June, might use the bed kit.

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