36k Original Miles: 1980 AMC Pacer Wagon

Simultaneously being a contender for the pinnacle of practicality while also being nearly 180° from the mainstream is no easy feat. I’ll argue here we have one example that may lay claim to that title. This 1980 AMC Pacer… more»

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BF Classified: 1983 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Driver

I recently had a co-worker enlist my help in the search for a clean, original third-generation Chevrolet Camaro. It seemed like a simple enough task, but my research led me to find that many of the 1982-1992 Camaros had… more»

Classic Daily Driver? 1970 Volvo 1800E

If there is such a thing as “sensibly” entering the collector car market, doing so with a Volvo 1800 may be the way to do it. This 1970 1800E example was sent in by a Barn Finds reader who… more»

Basic Transportation? 1971 AMC Javelin

Am I looking in the wrong places or do you agree that nearly all Javelins for sale are of the SST or AMX variety or at least have a V8? I don’t know where all of the base 6-cylinder… more»

LS Swap: 1972 Pontiac Ventura II

If you like the Chevrolet Nova, but are into cars a little less mainstream, you’re in luck, because GM offered the X-Body from some of their other manufacturers, including Pontiac. This 1972 Pontiac Ventura II was sent in by… more»

1970 AMC AMX 390 X-Code Go Pack!

For those looking for a real barn – or in this case, lean-to – find, Barn Finds reader, Patrick S., may have found one for you. This 1970 AMC AMX 390 X-Code w/ Go-Pack can be found here on… more»

Period Style Banger: 1929 Ford Model A

As a person who owns a classic car they never expect to be able to afford to paint properly, I’m surprised we don’t see more hot rods that look like this one. I know the patina rod has grown… more»

Original Paint: 1964 Plymouth Fury Big Block

While many cars look best in their stock form, others look worse after modifying and upgrading, but some cars like this 1964 Plymouth Fury get a big boost in the looks department with some minor, tasteful updates. An anonymous… more»

Driver Quality: 1957 Imperial 2-Door Hardtop

If you’re looking to make a statement, bright red paint on a finned 1950s car is a good way to do it. Throw in the Imperial marque and I’d expect people to take notice. This 1957 Imperial was found… more»

Clean One-Ton: 1979 Ford F-350 SuperCab 4×4

As the owner of a (what I consider very) clean 12th generation F-150, I like to see earlier clean examples of the F-Series. This 1979 Ford F-350 SuperCab 4×4 fits that well. It was found by a Barn Finds… more»

No Reserve 1976 Chevrolet Custom Van

I don’t know if vanning ever really went away, but it seems to be gaining popularity as of late. Not as popular as it was when it originated in the 1970s, but there seems to be a fairly strong… more»

Twin Stick: 1963 Rambler American 440 Convertible

If that striking gold paint doesn’t grab your attention, perhaps that 100-inch wheelbase will. This 1963 Rambler American 440 convertible was sent in by a Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay in Mount Laurel, New Jersey…. more»

Final Year: 1987 Dodge Shelby Charger

When people hear “Dodge Charger” I’d be willing to bet they first picture 1 of 2 eras – either the first 3 generations (1966-1974) or the newest iteration (2006+). So, let’s not forget the L-Body Charger of the 1980s,… more»

65k Original Miles: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Some cars ooze cool from day one. In my opinion, the first-generation Camaro is such a car. This 1968 Z/28 example was sent to us by an anonymous Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay in Portland,… more»

California Barn Find: 1948 Crosley Pickup

Mini-truckin’ was big in the 80s and early 90s, but automotive hall of famer Powel Crosley Jr. was early to the scene with his iteration in the 1940s. Well, maybe it was more of a miniature truck than a… more»

455 Survivor: 1973 Buick Riviera GS Stage 1

Since the personal luxury car has been out of production for more than a decade, those looking for a brand-new example are out of luck. However, if you’d consider a survivor example, an anonymous Barn Finds reader may have… more»