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Deluxe Two-Tone: 1989 GMC Suburban V2500

It’s to be expected that family haulers will take some abuse. Especially those that can perform other heavy-duty tasks well. Sometimes, however, we come across examples that have escaped the grips of their presumed pre-determined fate, like this 1989 GMC Suburban V2500. I found it here on eBay in Spokane, Washington. With 20 bids tendered, this current high bid is $8,600 with the reserve appearing to have been met.

The square-body GMs lived longest in SUV form, from 1973 to 1991. The ½-ton pickups were updated for the 1988 model year but the Blazers and Suburbans didn’t align with the new body style until the 1992 model year. Presumably in an effort to not confuse buyers – but I’ll argue actually did the opposite – starting with the 1987 model year the fill-size trucks dropped their C/K designations in favor of R/V. C and R indicate 2-wheel drive; K and V indicate 4-wheel drive.

Two-tone paint can sometimes do a disservice to bodylines, but that’s not the case on square-body GMs, especially those with the Deluxe Two-Tone like this Suburban. The original Midnight Blue and Sunset Gold were resprayed a few years ago with the pinstripe and bodyside moldings being replaced at the same time. The seller says, “the body is very straight” and “100% rust free” with “absolutely no dents” and just “minimal dings.” The 12-hole wheels are era-appropriate, but GM had some excellent factory wheel offerings in 1989, including my favorite – the full wheel cover. According to the SPI tag, RPO code P01 indicates that this Suburban left the factory with the 10-hole wheel covers. This Suburban is so close to being great, it deserves a factory-correct appearance.

Saddle was your only interior color option with the Midnight Blue and Sunset Gold two-tone exterior. The seats are somewhat worn but I don’t see any excessive damage. The carpet would benefit from a deep cleaning. There are some cracks in the dash and the headliner appears to be sagging a bit around the aftermarket ceiling-mounted screen. The radio has been replaced and speakers have been updated.

Sending power to the rear wheels – or all four when engaged – is a 350 cubic-inch V8 backed by a column-shifted automatic transmission, all of which are said to be in good, operating condition. We’re told it “starts right up” with “no smoke, hesitation, or misfiring” and it “runs absolutely great.”

This is my kind of “project,” albeit not for much more than the current high bid. There are enough odds and ends to clean up and keep you tinkering on the weekends but there’s nothing stopping you from driving it too. I’d find great enjoyment in immediately being able to use it with, ultimately, the satisfaction of a self-restored classic.


  1. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    This has to be best looking GMC Suburban I seen in very long time. Love the the color combo. I remember these type of seats I use to call them corduroy covers!! With the correct cleaner and brush those stains will come out. I forgot if the 5.7 fuel injection work really good or not.. I would love to have this but my 2 Jeeps would have to move out. It’s a
    Monster today compared to regular SUV’S. I would not be surprised if this goes over $20,000 at the end. Good luck to the seller. 🐻🇺🇸

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    • DON

      I have a 88 GMC 1500 with the 5.7 TBI. They can be finicky if not cleaned or ran often. I replaced mine with Holley TBI and it idles and runs like a champ. World of difference.

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  2. Frank Drackman

    Think my 89′ C1500 shortbed/fleetside had the same engine (LO5??) rated at 210 HP which was pretty good then back then. Got the Scottsdale trim with “Bucket” seats (awful, a bench would have been better) console, the 5-speed (which the salesman told me “Wasn’t Available” when it was the standard transmission. Stupid 85mph speedometer, full gauge package, but they had to be cute and had a “bar” that moved with a red line on the end instead of just a needle. Strapped a Tach on the Steering Column, no Posi, got the 3.08 rear which was a mistake, but still burned rubber pretty well (no Posi) Black Clear Coat peeled like a Mo-Fo within a few years.

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  3. Stan

    Ticking the right ✅️ boxes for options gets you alot on some trucks. GM offered excellent upgrades on their h.d options like a tow pkg.
    Good start here w the heavy chasis.
    Beautiful truck, i’d love to have it, for a firewood, and outdoor rig. All back seats be removed.

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  4. Squarbodylover1983

    Looks nice but very concerned about the seller claiming miles are 79k original. When carfax has odometer reports 160k in 2003.
    I would feel more comfortable bidding if seller was honest good luck to the buyer

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    • Mark i

      Carfax wad “fat fingered” 160 when it was 60.

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  5. Ron Venticinque

    Looks extremely worn and used on the interior which makes me wonder why the truck was repainted. Paint can hide a lot of things.

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  6. HotWheelsCarol

    My family used to have a similar Suburban. Ours was a ’90 GMC in light metallic blue and white, and 2wd(R2500) but had the TBI 5.7 and Turbo 400 automatic transmission and 4.10 gears in the rear axle. Had this same interior but in dark blue velour. It was named “the fridge” because the dual AC would get nice and cold with the really dark tinted factory glass, and since it was a big white box! We hauled a lot of people and stuff in that truck in the 10 years we had it. I liked the TBI because you could run any brand of gas in it, and it would still run great.
    Only 2 things I didn’t like about it: with no overdrive, 60-65 was about all you got on the highway, and ours had old school aluminum running boards that caught wind, as tall as the truck was.
    But the height let us go through high water with no issues, and you could see a lot further on the road in it, vs. a car.
    Ours had the full wheelcovers you mentioned, I still have them.
    These trucks have appreciated in value over the years; we paid $2200 for ours in 2002. It wasn’t quite as nice bodywise, with a few dents, but a solid truck that served us well! Wish I still had it….

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  7. Jack Quantrill

    Had a ‘89 red/white one. 350 motor, 2 wheel drive. Trans, and rear end went out due to towing a 4,000 lb trailer frequently. Had small differential. Rebuilt those, and went another 50,000 miles. 18 feet long!

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  8. Charlie H

    It is listed as both a GMC and Chevy in the auction. Also I can’t get my VIN decoder to recognize the VIN. Love the color combo but too many red flags.

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    • Mark j

      It’s a gmc advertised as a Chevrolet for more views

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