Hot Rod Potential: 1930 Ford Model A Roadster

I am not going to get all wordy on this one, gang…just someone, get on eBay and buy this Model A Roadster. Like, right now! You can find the ad here on eBay in Lake Charles, Louisiana with a current… more»

Have Fun, Fun, Fun! In A ’55 Thunderbird!

Recently dragged from a mountainside barn, this petite survivor has been driven by only 2 owners over the last 6 decades, but for the last 20 years, it has seen no road time at all. Before that, though, this… more»

The Living End: 1975 Oldsmobile Omega

Part of the fun of looking at cars online is that you have to use your imagination to guess the story surrounding a vehicle in order to understand its condition and value. You’ll have clues to help, of course:… more»

No Funny Business! 1972 BMW 2002

The Seller instructs the Reader: “Price is Firm! No Funny Business.” Obviously, this is a serious matter for serious-minded buyers und should be approached as such. So German. Well, you’re going to have to be serious to get your… more»

Mid-Mod Classic! 1964 AMC Rambler Classic 770

In 1961, Richard Teague became principal designer at American Motors. He became a Vice-President in 1964 and, for a little while, things began to look up… After some time at General Motors, in the early ’50’s, Teague signed on… more»

Found Under The Barn: 1958 Corvette

Famously and not far from here, a cyclone dropped a house on an old lady. This ol’ gal had very nearly the same experience… One minute you’re resting in the barn and the next thing you know, a tree… more»

Say Hello To Victoria: 1955 Ford Fairlane Hardtop

You know how you have that informal list in the back of your mind? The one that includes the cars you want to own before motoring off this mortal coil? Full disclosure: I covet the mid-50’s Fords and, yea,… more»

Hey Baby! Wanna Ride? 1950s Giordani Passeggino

Okay, I’ll be right up front, here: I don’t know anything significant about baby buggies, baby carriages, strollers, prams or perambulators. True, I did ride around in a pretty fancy little German buggy in my day, but it’s a… more»