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Back to the Barn: 1981 DeLorean DMC 12

DeLorean DMC 12

What can be said about the DeLorean that hasn’t already been said? It is a pop culture icon and is memorable not because of its stainless steel body or gullwing doors, but because of its appearance in a certain time traveling movie. I’m not sure if its time in the spotlight helped or hurt the car, but either way these cars have quite the following today. This 1981 DMC12 has been parked for the past 17 years, but in the past few months the seller has gone through things and has it running and driving again. It’s still going to need some work before it is looking and driving its best. If you’ve always wanted to own one of these futuristic ’80s cars, this one can be found here on eBay in Manchester Center, Vermont.

DeLorean Interior

While the DMC12’s stainless steel body won’t rust, its regular steel chassis will. These cars can look like new on the outside, but be rusted nightmares underneath. The seller claims this one was originally in Nevada, which hopefully means rust won’t be a major issue. It will obviously require a closer inspection, but from what’s visible it looks solid. The seller has already gone through the fuel system, the exhaust, the suspension, the brakes, and serviced and tuned the engine. They have even replaced the door handles and all of the struts required to open the doors and bonnet.

1981 DeLorean DMC 12

If this DeLorean checks out, it could make for a good buy, at least for a serious DeLorean fan. I just can’t believe the amount of interest this listing has already received, given the fact that the seller doesn’t include a single photo of the entire car. It would be nice to see the car as a whole, especially when the seller is asking $22k! I have no doubt that someone will buy it, even with these poor quality photos. The real question is, are they buying it because they truly love these cars or because of their ties to the big screen?


  1. Avatar photo akrillx

    I wouldn’t call this a Nevada car if it has been parked in Vermont for 17 years.

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  2. Avatar photo Dan Farrell

    I was dropping my Grandchildren off at their school when I noticed a showroom full of either Cobras or Cobra replicas in Bonita Springs Fl. On my way back I stopped and found that you needed an appointment and probably a lot of money to get in the showroom. The thing that was interesting was that there were seven Deloreans in their back lot. Gulfcoast Motorworks is the name of the business.

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  3. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    These are a candidate for re-balancing the car from 65 rear 35 front to something better. A fine looking design but that is where it all comes to a grinding halt………………..

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  4. Avatar photo Chris H.

    Gulf Coast bills themselves as an actual Delorean dealership, believe it or not.

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  5. Avatar photo mike

    a bunch of years ago in my area someone had one painted red.made it look a lot better.

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  6. Avatar photo Rob

    ~Somebody musta wanted it really bad.. only had one bid at full price..
    Ended:Oct 23, 2014 Today 3:29PM PDT @ $22,000.

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  7. Avatar photo jim s

    wow. i used to see 2 of these parked uncovered out in the weather. neither one ran. now they are gone and after watching this auction i know why. nice find.

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  8. Avatar photo Scott

    …and it’s gone. Quit sending me stuff I cannot adequately dream over.

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  9. Avatar photo Ranco Racing

    I agree with Scott – why post something that has already been sold?

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  10. Avatar photo Jesse Staff

    It sold just a few hours after posting it guys. Looks like someone thought it was worth the $22k BIN.

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  11. Avatar photo Tin box

    Found two parked outside just west of downtown Columbus last year, doors adjar, moss growing all over them…sad end to an interesting car…

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