Barn Find Hauler: 1972 Chevrolet C-10 Ramp Truck

Going into a new year, maybe it is time to take things to the next level, to maybe, ramp things up? Well, you can do just that with this 1972 Chevrolet C-10 ramp truck. It is currently at a bid price of $2,001 with the reserve not yet met and is located in Dallas, Texas. No true miles or VIN are listed, but the truck does have a title. You can view more on eBay.

This beast does run and drive. It was recently driven from Kentucky to Texas. Powering this mechanical mover is a 350 cubic inch, small block V8 with a 4 barrel carburetor. That is connected to a 4-speed manual transmission which does have a granny first gear. The truck would have air condition but the compressor is missing. According to the listing, the brakes are very good on this truck as well.

Inside is an aged cabin with those wonderful colorful seat covers covering the seats. Being that it is a work truck designed to haul cars, long trips can be entertained by a working CD player. It might not be cutting edge, but at least it is better than whatever it came with stock. Outside the truck are a few rust spots and dents. It is nothing out of hand.

Another plus to this truck is that it can be used for its intended purpose. The 12,000-pound winch does work allowing you to haul just about any project that will fit on the truck home. Tow trucks, rollbacks, and ramp trucks are some of my most favorite vehicles. To me, they facilitate a sense of security by being reliable, useful tools to do hard work right alongside all the hard work one is performing.

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  1. Howard A

    1st of all, it’s not a C10, it’s a C30 as described in the text. I believe C30’s were one ton. For hauling those classics home, this the way to go. Even tow a few cars, although, how many stalled cars do you see today? Not many, still, if it doesn’t go much higher, this quite a deal.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I agree Howard, you do not see many break downs today. Although I could have used this yesterday. Went to the Madcity to pick up some wheels. Had a drive train issue and had to call the hook. Lucky for me I limped her to The Club Tavern. I did score on the wheels though!

      • Wrong Way

        With all the orange paint showing, I wonder if the truck itself started its life in a uhaul fleet?

  2. Kenneth Carney

    Didn’t the ’72s have a different grille? This looks like a ’70 to me. Whatever it
    mighr be, you’d be able to add to your
    collection and save money by hauling
    your own barnfinds home!!

    • Andre

      70-72 had that grill

    • Deon

      Your right it’s a 1970

    • Charlie H

      Correct. That’s a 69-70 grill…

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    I have to agree with Howard and call this a C-30 1-ton. And I have to side with Kenneth and say that the grill says ‘69 or ‘70. Regardless, it looks like a good unit. I would like to see the A-C compressor but a replacement A-6 unit isn’t that difficult to come by. These systems worked very well and lasted a long time; the hoses could spring a leak and I’ve seen the pulley bearing go out. Otherwise I wouldn’t expect much to go wrong. I discourage converting it to R-134 and use the R12 substitute to keep the same efficiency…

    • WaynerNation

      It a ‘70 for sure. I own one. Like geomechs commented those grills were only on ‘69-‘70.

  4. local_sheriff

    Seems like a good truck to tow your classic vehicle in style.Bought a 78 c30 some years ago to build into a similar hauler but sold the project as building a body like this costs $ if you want it properly!

    This one’s bed seems to be on the short side for towing a fullsize car… otherwise it sports all necessaties I’d look for in a hauler ; cubes and stick.

    Unless seller has set the reserve high,anyone would be hard pressed to find a working hauler with such a nice body in this price range…

  5. Shane

    I owned a ’72 with a ’70 hood that didn’t fit the body lines quite right. This is a ’70. It was my first vehicle, I still remember cutting out a 3:73 posi-trac rear out of a ’67 with a blow torch…and robbing the metal door panels. I built a 355 with vortex heads and manifold and thought I really had something. Glad to see ppl still build/appreciate these gas guzzling beasts!

  6. Rusty Glen

    I purchased a ramp hauler this past summer, built on an 83 GMC 3500 Crew Cab with 18 ft bed, complete with deck winch.
    It’s a beast, makes hauling the restos and classic cars around a dream task plus I can carry extra bodies to do any manual labour or for company on long trips. Hauling some classics I purchased, this coming spring from ND to south west Az.
    I payed a chunk of money for my rig, this would truck be a Boone for any petrol head to have in his livery, I love my ramp truck.

  7. Miguel

    That wrong grille would bug the F out of me every time I saw the truck.

    Since the turn signals are missing from the bumper, maybe he put in the grille to use the signals in the ’69 grille.

    It would have been easier to buy the ’72 turn signals.

  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Not pretty but looks like an honest truck. I’m guessing it was a former county truck due to the orange paint under the white.

  9. Ramon

    Nice starter truck. Just need to toss that cab and mount up a nice 58 COE cab. Never liked the dash in these trucks.

  10. Eric_10cars Eric_10cars Member

    Price climbing…up to $5250, reserve not met and 4 days to go.

  11. Azplumber

    That’s the wrong grill for a 72, 71 and 72 Chevys had the egg crate grill, I’ve had plenty of them

  12. xrotaryguy

    I’m not buying but I’m gonna go ahead and watch this one. Living in CA, where the trailer speed limit is 55 mph, ramp trucks a sweet solution for hauling your classic, project, racer, etc. Then again, what’s the top speed on a 70s C30 with a 4-spd granny, haha.

  13. Kenneth Carney

    Now that I think about it, I could carry the
    Taylor-Dunn and the Comuta-car on the
    back of this truck with no trouble at all.
    Then, I’d take ’em both to Oldtown and
    cruise ’em! Haven’t seen anything like
    ’em up there, so that would be a first!
    Sorry to read about your car trouble
    Mike, and I’m glad you scored on those
    wheels. At least you were able to toss
    a few back while you waited to get your
    car fixed. Can’t wait to meet you, have a
    few beers, and meet the family. Take
    care pal, write to you soon!

  14. 433jeff

    5 grand seems like a lot of cabbage to me. This is the 4 speed with no overdrive? My first ramptruck was a f 600 with a 330 and 2 speed rear and it went 49 mph, of im driving a ramptruck time is money. For 6 grand you can get a F 450 and put it in 5 th gear and keep up with traffic and not have the dot clip your wings for only having a 10k gvw. I do like the old chevy

  15. angryjonny

    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Seat Cover.


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