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Barn Find Museum Exhibit!

Pantheon Basel

Since starting this site back in 2011, we’ve watched the Barn Find trend grow from something only whispered amongst car enthusiasts to being a term anyone that watches TV knows about. This kind of exposure definitely has its pros and cons, but Han K recently shared a link with me that could possibly the single greatest thing to come from this trend! A Swiss Automotive Museum recently opened an exhibit featuring 40 barn finds and it appears they have done a spectacular job capturing the excitement of finding an unrestored classic in a barn. The exhibit includes some incredible finds, including a Bugatti, a Maserati, and several amazing motorcycles. If you just happen to be in Basel, Switzerland I would highly recommend stopping by the Pantheon Museum to see this exhibit and all the other amazing classics in their collection before this exhibit closes! More pictures and a video tour of the exhibit below!

Whether you want to see a Bugatti barn find or an Indian 4 motorcycle, this exhibit has something that should pique your interest! I love the mixture of low and high end vehicles, as it truly captures the wide range of interest barn finds capture. Personally, I’d love to see the Bugatti, the Porsche 356 Carrera GS, and the early motorcycles! Which vehicles in this exhibit would you love to see in person? And which would you want to take home with you? Special thanks to Han for this tip!

1937 Bugatti Type 57 Ventoux


  1. Don Andreina

    That Maserati 2000 is gorgeous. What a great colour.

  2. redwagon

    the 2 dioramas that make the cars look like they are outside are just amazing. you get the sense that you are outside just looking at them. remarkable exhibit considering that i am across the pond looking through my ‘puter.

    as a side note i am amazed taht the tire hold air. or is it that they are filled with a solid to retain shape? or just new tires that have been aged to match the cars/bikes?

  3. Robert R. Member

    Brilliant! Nice to see and I think I can smell the rust, mold, and engine fluids right from the photos!

  4. dj

    Great post. Thanks

  5. jim s

    i would go for the sprite, mini and volvo. only ones that i could make into daily drivers without breaking the bank. wish i could visit in person. great finds.

  6. DENIS

    I’m sure lots of readers have been to the PIONEER AUTO MUSEUM in Murdo, South Dakota. It’s my favorite stop..lots of nicely restored old vehicle, motorcycles, etc..but my favorites are the cars parked au naturale in old 3-sided sheds, untouched, weeds growin’ around ’em, JUST PLAIN COOL. Make it a destination<

    • Mark E

      Agreed! What he said… ^_^

  7. jaygryph

    GREAT exhibit, but holy HDR batman.

    Really nice display. You can tell that it was a curators eye which set it up. There’s probably far more daydreams generated by a display like this than by a shiny restored car. Pure bench racing fuel.

    Neat post guys!

    Burning Man was great, will get back to ya soonish with the pics and story about the UltraVans trip there!

    • Josh Staff

      I can’t wait to hear how the trip went!

  8. David Frank David Member

    This is great. I’ve talked to the curator of our museum about an exhibit like this and she lkes the idea. I’ll also forward this post to her. (They do rotating temporary exhibits, Mustangs vs, Camero now, travel trailers next) I’ve asked around and are should be plenty of interesting cars to display.)

    • Olaf E

      Here in Europe some museums show barnfinds in the decor they were found on a permanent base, of course most of the decors are recreated sometimes rebuild. I can not find pictures (or a link to), but for instance Louwman Museum (started Dodge import in 1924 and is now one of the largest automotive companies here, from Abarth, Jeep to Maserati and more expensive makes, ) in Holland does this. It’s a great succes,

      With all respect, I don’t know your museum and the cars that you exhibit, but maybe it gives you something extra to think about?

  9. Olaf E

    Damn, next week I’m going on holiday. Will be back October 9th and the exhibition ends October 11th…

  10. shiro1303 Member

    This is an awesome display,
    I like the fact that the space itself is bare concrete and filled with natural light
    It really lends itself to the items on display, would love to see it in person.

  11. cory

    the cars are awesome, but the layout is incredible. who knew we were all fine art collectors? i really wonder what it smells like, if it has been sterilized for display, or if they got it right.

  12. Peter Porsche

    The Maserati shown, long lost until now, is one of the twenty Maserati A6G 2000 bodied by Allemano, of a total of 60. Some others bodied by Frua, and Zagato, for a grand total of ONLY 60 cars.
    Amazing to finally have it located. One of the Frua Spyders, in un-restored condition, but in running condition was just shown at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concourse in August for the first time. That one came from France, and recently discovered; how close is that to Switzerland?

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