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Barn Finds Garage Update: 1967 MG Midget

It’s been a little while since we’ve done a garage update, but we’ve also been incredibly busy with Barn Finds Auctions, so we haven’t had much time to work on our projects. I decided to take a break from the computer a couple of days ago and do a little wrenching on one of our projects. This one has actually been sitting under a car cover on a trailer for the past few months, we’ve just been so swamped that we haven’t even had time to unload it from the trailer. Given how limited my time was, I decided to forgo unloading it and just work on it on the trailer. These MG Midgets are so small and low to the ground, that it actually proved to be rather convenient having it up higher! So, let’s dive into the story behind this MG.

If this car looks familiar, that’s because we featured it back in late 2020. The seller’s asking price was rather high at $15,000, but it’s a California car that came with lots of spare parts. We didn’t pull the trigger at that point, but a few months later it popped back up with a much lower asking price. The spare parts were no longer included but given that we would need to have it shipped, it actually made getting it moved a lot simpler and cheaper! When it arrived, it was a little worse than described, so we were glad we got it for a much more reasonable price. Thankfully, there wasn’t any rust to be found and the engine turned over freely. Mice had chewed through all of the coolant hoses and had made nests in the cooling system. I started the process of cleaning it out but with so many projects already on our hands, we decided to sell it to a local enthusiast who lives just a few blocks from our shop. He was super excited to have it since this was one of the best years for the MG Midget and finding solid examples is getting harder and harder to do.

Now you might be wondering, how did it end up back at our shop. Well, a few months ago the new owner texted Jesse to see if we’d like to buy the car back. He took a new job and was going to be moving his family across the country, and since he also had a Dodger Charger project that was nearly done, he decided it didn’t make sense to move two projects to his new home. We were delightfully surprised to see that he had accomplished a huge amount of the needed work to get it running again. Add in how cool it looked sitting in his garage, and we just couldn’t resist buying it back. So, we paid him and came back with our trailer. It’s been driving me crazy knowing that it’s just sitting on the trailer, so I finally got around to working on it!

Rather than writing the whole thing out, I thought showing you the car and what needs to be done in a video would be the easiest. Be sure to watch the entire video above to find out if I was able to get it running. And make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all of our projects as soon as the videos drop!


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Nice car Joshua. We bought a ’67 in really good shape and got started on the little things that needed attention until a rust free Bugeye showed up and overloaded our enthusiasm. It’s now on our short list of cars we’d like to have back. Looking forward to seeing your finished product.

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  2. Avatar photo Cadmanls Member

    Had a red 67 right after highschool, drive that car all over and loved it. Was quick and learned to drive quite dangerously during my ownership. Was young and invincible, but was a fun ride. Also met the British car crowd with it, sure just a midget but it was an MG, so it opened the door. Simple cars and positive grounded electrical system.

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    • Avatar photo Cadmanls Member

      That’s drove that little car all over!

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  3. Avatar photo JOHN CLARK

    I bought a 1967 as my second used car in BRG and paid $500. I owned it for 5 years and beat the crap out of it but it just kept running! I even drove off road on the fire trail near Bangor Pa with four people in the car. Loved that car, sold it for $450 after all that. JC

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  4. Avatar photo Mike F.

    Years ago, returning to college, drove one in January from near Seattle to Rolla Missouri, where it broke down enroute to St Louis. Horrible trip. Left it beside the road and finished the trip on a bus. Definitely not a long distance crusing car.

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  5. Avatar photo Richard

    I had one of the last Midgets built, a 1979 model.
    IMHO the ’67 was the best year, with the 1275 engine, before it began to be strangled by emissions regulations starting in 1968.
    This one looks like it doesn’t need that much.

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