MG Barn Finds

A Smidgen For A Midget!

This little 1976 MG Midget has obviously been fading into the scenery for a number of years, especially considering the accumulation of dust and dirt on the car despite being under a lean to! The smidgen of a car… more»

Giant British Puzzle: 1965 MGB Roadster

While I enjoy a good puzzle and love the MGB, this project won’t be for the faint of heart. The seller claims the original owner decided to take the car apart, down to the bare shell, for a complete… more»

Chrome Bumper Coupes: ’67/’68 MGB GT Pair

You have the love the sellers that share with you the best offers they’ve received in hopes you’ll show up with more cash in hand. That seems to be the manner in which the owner of these two MGB… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1980 MGB Limited Edition With 2,550 Miles!

Update – Greg has decided to lower his asking price to $19,500 or best offer. He wants us to stress that is very open to hearing offers, so be sure to message him via the form below with your… more»

Parked in the ’80s: 1952 MG TD

This 1952 MG TD is a nicely preserved survivor that was purchased by the seller’s father-in-law and parked in the garage sometime in the 1980s. It has remained there ever since, and features a gorgeous combination of black over… more»

Unrestored And No Reserve: 1950 MG TD

Like any period sports or hobby car, MG TDs are often missing critical details that make them “complete” in the eyes of collectors. This 1950 example is unrestored, yet retains many details often lost simply due to the passage… more»

Parked For 40 Years: 1967 MGB Roadster

This car was purchased by the seller’s parents just before their marriage in 1969. They drove for a decade, then placed in storage where it has remained since. After a long slumber in storage in a barn in northern… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1972 MG Midget

The MG Midget is about as pure a sports car as you can get. It’s small, lightweight and fun to toss around. They are also fairly affordable to buy and own, but finding a rust free example isn’t as… more»

Pair Of 1960 MGA 1600 Roadsters

This not so dynamic duo for sale is a pair of 1960 MG MGA 1600s that, at time of writing, are going for a bid price of $2,025 with no indicated reserve. These two cars are currently located in… more»

Pocket Rocket: 1976 MG Midget

While it may not be the biggest, flashiest, or most powerful sports car to have worn the MG badge, the Midget is one fun little car, and its low power output encourages drivers to be more involved in the… more»

Rare Find In Alaska: 1968 MGC GT

One of my more pointless automotive fascinations is the existence of interesting cars living in far-away places. This 1968 MGC GT is located in the unincorporated community of Chugiak, Alaska, where it’s seemingly been for quite some time without succumbing… more»

A Bargain? 1968 MGC-GT With Overdrive

While the MGC wasn’t tremendously loved during it’s three year production life (1967-’69), it has proved to be a terrific vintage grand tourer. This one is for sale here on eBay and at the moment it’s at a very reasonable $5,980…. more»


For the past 29 years, this MG TD has been parked in a reader’s storage unit. Terry has owned it since 1963. It had been fully refurbished at the time of purchase, but after 26 years of use plus… more»

10 Cheap Projects For Sale In Ohio!

A collection of ten project cars and trucks has popped up in Ohio on craigslist, and it represents a nice variety of vehicles for reasonable prices. Among them is this classic 1959 Chevy Apache pickup for $3,000. The seller… more»

Top Never Down: 1975 MGB Roadster

While I don’t normally pay too close of attention to MGBs, this one struck me as potentially being a genuine low-mileage example with its preserved graphics and mint-condition original top. The seller is going by the numbers of the… more»

Significant MG: 1958 MG Magnette

When the original MG Magnette ZA was released for public sale in 1954, it marked a significant milestone in the history of the marque, as it was the first car wearing the MG badge that was of monocoque construction…. more»