MG Barn Finds

Rare Find In Alaska: 1968 MGC GT

One of my more pointless automotive fascinations is the existence of interesting cars living in far-away places. This 1968 MGC GT is located in the unincorporated community… more»

A Bargain? 1968 MGC-GT With Overdrive

While the MGC wasn’t tremendously loved during it’s three year production life (1967-’69), it has proved to be a terrific vintage grand tourer. This one is for… more»


For the past 29 years, this MG TD has been parked in a reader’s storage unit. Terry has owned it since 1963. It had been fully refurbished… more»

10 Cheap Projects For Sale In Ohio!

A collection of ten project cars and trucks has popped up in Ohio on craigslist, and it represents a nice variety of vehicles for reasonable prices. Among… more»

Top Never Down: 1975 MGB Roadster

While I don’t normally pay too close of attention to MGBs, this one struck me as potentially being a genuine low-mileage example with its preserved graphics and… more»

Significant MG: 1958 MG Magnette

When the original MG Magnette ZA was released for public sale in 1954, it marked a significant milestone in the history of the marque, as it was… more»

Dusty & Crusty: British And German Group Find

There must be one heck of a story that allowed these cars to just sit in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for long enough that they look like… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1932 MG to 1965 Jaguar British Hoard

If you are a fan of British classics and have been on the hunt for something rare, you will definitely want to have a closer look at… more»

3rd Try Lucky? 1969 MGB GT

The seller of this 1969 MGB GT located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho tells us that they are the second “dreamer” owner that has unsuccessfully tried to put… more»

RHD Barn Find: 1950 MG TD

This seller has been reliably listing barn finds from Florida for the past year, and this latest find is a right-hand drive 1950 MG TD. Of course,… more»

10 Original Miles! 1980 MGB Ltd. Edition

One of my favorite MGs is the 1980 Limited Edition MGB, probably because my father’s last car was a beautiful example of one. This example has been… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Collection Part II

You may remember Part I of the Georgia collection we’re helping to market. I had the chance to make a second and third visit to further document… more»

No Small Project… 1977 MG Midget

I am by far a British car enthusiast. My heartstrings get pulled at the sight of a forlorn MG or Triumph, and my mind tries to grasp… more»

Post War Sports Car: 1949 MG TC

Barn Finds reader Bill C has been scouting around and found this wonderful MG TC for us to write about, so my thanks go to Bill C… more»

The First Are The Purest: 1962 MG Midget

When Austin-Healey redesigned the Sprite, MG got a new Midget out of the deal.  The Sprites were built at the MG plant in Abingdon, so adding the… more»

Solid Gold Estate Find: 1957 MG MGA

Recently pulled from long-term storage, this 1957 MGA is in desperate need of a new caretaker to give it the love and attention it deserves. This dusty… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1951 MG TD Project

The MG TD was the first model from the octagon marque that had the American market in mind. The preceding MG TC was an export success for… more»

Diamond In The Rough? 1974 MGB

We all hope for that deal of a lifetime, and every once in a while it actually comes along. Is this “gem of an MGB” found here… more»

Safety Not So Fast: 1952 MG TD

When American servicemen ventured overseas to fight in World War II, they discovered something unexpected: sports cars.  In America, there had been a few examples of vehicles… more»

Three Decades Parked: 1955 MG TF 1500

In case you find a Morgan too boring or a Caterham too wild, there exists a pleasant middle ground in the form of the MG TF roadster…. more»

TD or Not TD: 1953 MG TD

After the war, folks were still driving tall prewar cars. Imagine how it must have felt to see a low slung two-seat convertible that looked like a… more»

Estate Sale Find: 1955 MG TF 1500 Roadster

The “estate sale” has already happened, but it might be worth checking to see if this pile of parts sold. It was once a beautiful MG TF… more»

Twin-Cam Survivor: 1959 MGA Roadster

This very special sports car has supposedly stashed in a barn since the seventies! It’s not your typical MGA either. It’s a twin-cam equipped roadster and that… more»

Morgan Alternative: V8 Swapped 1953 MG TD

When we think of MG TDs, you’d be forgiven if your mind goes straight to the quintessential image of a gentleman wearing driving goggles and leather gloves,… more»