MG Barn Finds

Unfinished Project: 1974 MGB GT

The MGB GT was a fixed-roof version of the MGB sports car. The hatchback-style of the little machine utilized a greenhouse designed by none other than Pininfarina. By merging the sloping rear window with the rear deck lid, the… more»

Pair Of Barn Finds: MGB GT and Volvo PV544

We’ve had more than a few finds lately of vehicles in unusual locations, or large collections housed in leaky barns. It makes me realize (and glad) that we’re not anywhere near done finding old cars and trucks hidden away… more»

British Bonanza: Collection of MGs and Triumphs

This is one of those cases where a picture certainly is worth a thousand words, as there’s a lot to say about this stash of British classics in what looks like a gigantic Quonset hut somewhere in Louisville, Kentucky…. more»

Parked in 1970: 1962 MGA Mk II

Finding a project car where the work has stalled is not that unusual. Finding one where it has stalled twice is much rarer. That makes me wonder how many cars we’ve seen come across the desks here at Barn… more»

Unrestored Survivor: 1952 MG TD

We’ve seen a few examples of the MG TD in recent times here at Barn Finds, and their condition has ranged from the immaculate through to the pretty ropey. This 1952 example is a long way from perfect, but… more»

Dream Come True? 1953 MG TD

Looking at pictures of this somewhat forlorn 1953 MG TD from Midlothian, Texas, one could be forgiven for wondering how such a car was indicative of the British sports car “invasion” that took place in the US after World… more»

Two MGAs Plus A Gigantic Lot Of Parts!

If you are an MGA fan you will be salivating shortly! With parts from at least 12 different cars (do the math with the doors) and two relatively complete cars, you could create your own pair of MGAs and… more»

Barn Find Trio: MG TA And Two TCs!

Over its near 100 year existence, MG has built some pretty special vehicles. While the MGA and MGB are probably the most recognizable of their products here in the States, it’s the T-type cars that really kicked things off… more»

Original Two-Tone Seats! 1972 MGB GT

I took an initial glance at this ’72 MGB GT and kept on cruising but then I backed up and looked her over again. What caught my attention is this car’s cleanliness and sharp presentation. We encounter MGs of… more»

Cheap Toyota-Powered 1964 MG Midget

A friend of mine used to own an MG Midget. He called it his “roller skate” because they were about the same size. Great Britain’s MG built the little Midget sports car between 1961-79 across four generations of essentially… more»

500-Mile Tested! 1975 MGB Find

After returning this 1975 MGB to the road through some extensive work, the seller has tested the car for over 500 miles before offering it for sale! It’s listed here in our Barn Finds Classifieds and is priced at… more»

Original Paint: 1952 MG TD Roadster

There’s nothing that beats the feeling that you get when you locate a classic car that has spent years hidden away in a barn or a shed. That is the story behind this 1952 MG TD. The current owner… more»

BF Classifieds: 1918 Oldsmobile Model 45 And More

This 1918 Oldsmobile Model 45 7-passenger Touring Car is one of approximately 8,100 produced. It appears to be in really nice shape but that’s about all we know. However, the seller has listed not just the Oldsmobile but 26… more»

Supercharged! 1952 MG TD

This cute 1952 MG is said to be a one-family California car! It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $11,100. Still located in the California town of Burlingame, I bet this car is a… more»

Garage Find: Supercharged 1951 MG TD

This bashful 1951 MG TD has been owned by the same gentleman since 1983 and has been hiding out, covered, in garages the entire 37 years of its ownership.  Lucky for us tipster Chuck Foster spotted this Virginia Beach… more»

3-For-1: MGB Collection For $1,200!

Barn Finds reader Dave F. was kind enough to send us this triplet set of MGBs for sale in Martinsville, Virginia. The asking price is only $1,200 and they are available here on Facebook Marketplace. The MGB-GT is a… more»