MG Barn Finds

Solid Project! 1962 MGA MKII

MG was founded in the 1920s and has produced some really classy cars over the past hundred years. Probably best known for their small roadsters like this 1962 MGA, MGs are very collectible and have a fairly wide collector… more»

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BF AUCTION: No Reserve 1979 MG Midget

In an effort to offer a new fun affordable sports car, MG decided to introduce the Midget in 1961. Being based on the Austin-Healey Sprite, you get the same lightweight and fun to drive car, but with a few… more»

Supercharged 1952 MG TD Project

The MG TD is sometimes considered the flame that ignited the sports car craze here in America. With its small footprint, low weight, and agile steering, it was the polar opposite of what the big three were cranking out…. more»

Stalled Project: 1951 MG TD Roadster

Photos can be deceptive, and that is definitely the case with this 1951 MG TD. However, in this case the photos are deceptive in a good way. As it currently stands, this little British classic doesn’t look like it… more»

Rough But Ready: 1958 MG MGA

The owner of this 1958 MG MGA Roadster acknowledges that it looks pretty rough and ready. However, under the skin, it is a solid car that he drives on a regular basis. The next owner might decide to continue… more»

Early Wire Wheel Car: 1956 MGA Roadster

I have been drawn to MGAs since I first received a white MGA matchbox car as a gift many years ago. To me, it has always been the definitive British sports car. I have covered an MGB and an… more»

Massive Barn Find Stash Found in France!

One of my most frequent automotive fantasies involves going off on a hike in search of a forgotten garage full of classic automobiles. I did this a few years ago with a friend off of a tip about a… more»

Ready To Go: 1956 MG MGA Roadster

UPDATE 5/13/2020 – We just heard from the seller of this MGA and the winner of the auction backed out, so they have relisted this beautiful car here on eBay! Be sure to take another look at it and… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1976 MG Midget

A few days ago, my plumber stopped by to fix a few issues in our new house. In chatting, he reminded me he’s a fiend for vintage cars, and that he has a clean MG Midget taking up space… more»

Parts Or Project? MG MG TD

The owner of this MG TD Roadster is offering it for sale as a parts car. He has listed it as a 1954 model, but as the TD went out of production in 1953, this is not possible. However,… more»

Major Project: 1957 MG MGA Roadster

Britain was once the home of a thriving locally-owned automotive industry, and in the years following the end of World War II, these marques could sell their products into foreign markets faster than they could roll them off the… more»

One Family Owned: 1954 MG TF

The TF represented the end of the line for the MG T-Type. Introduced in 1936 as the TA, the T-type would last through five different generations before retiring in 1955 to make way for the MGA. This next-to-last year… more»

Nice Driver! 1949 MG TC

The seller of this 1949 MG TC came across it when someone saw them restoring a later MG TD and connected the seller with the widow of the TC owner. After some simple refurbishment due to storage, the car… more»

Stored Dry For 33 Years: 1969 MG Midget

As my first car was this car’s twin (’69 Sprite) when I saw this beauty come up in our finds I knew I wanted to be the one to write it up. The little MG has just been reawakened… more»

Cobra Killer? Swift 1972 MG Midget Racer

If you’ve been around the classic car hobby for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the names Holman and Moody. They are two of the more popular names in the performance industry and have had their hands in… more»

Hanger Find: 1960 MGA Coupe

When you look at manufacturing numbers, it’s amazing to see how many more MGs were built and sold in the US than in their own domestic market. Between how many more are here in the States and the drier… more»