MG Barn Finds

Barn Kept Roadster: 1973 MGB

The MGB was the MG Midget’s bigger brother, produced from 1962-80 by British Motor Corporation (BMC). It was a 2-seat, 4-cylinder roadster that was part of a series of small cars that saw production exceed a half million units…. more»

Cars, Parts, and Tools: Shop Liquidation Sale

Here’s one we don’t often see on Barn Finds. A situation where the seller is letting everything go, from cars and parts to tools and possibly even the building and property all this resides in/on. You may be able… more»

40 Years In Storage: 1952 MGTD

Though the MGTC was the first model MG exported to the US in any numbers, it was the follow-up MGTD that really ignited the American appetite for British roadsters. This example, located in Roseville, Michigan, is available here on… more»

Six-Cylinder! 1968 MGC GT

Well, I’ve heard of an MG MGC, but this is the first GT example that I have encountered. Pretty short-lived, the MGC sold in both roadster and coupe (GT) versions, like this example, and I’m thrilled to have this… more»

One-Owner 1960 MGA 1600 Roadster

The MGA was MG’s replacement for the MG TF, a high-riding, classically styled car with separated fenders and big wire wheels. The MGA was a departure from the past and featured a long, low body with enclosed fenders and… more»

Father & Son Survivors: 1949 MG TD and MG TC

What an interesting find this is: a pair of gorgeous MGs, one TC and another TD, that were both restored and then driven to their (or near to their) current resting spots where they’ve been parked for 20 years…. more»

1979 MGB With 18,800 Genuine Miles!

By 1979, the sun was beginning to set on the venerable MGB. It enjoyed a long and successful production run, and good examples are still sought by enthusiasts today. This one-owner 1979 model has a mere 18,800 genuine miles… more»

One Owner Survivor: 1967 MG MGB

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and a lovely stretch of winding country road opens out before you. Can there be many better ways of tackling it than behind the wheel of a classic British sports car?… more»

Unfinished Project: 1974 MGB GT

The MGB GT was a fixed-roof version of the MGB sports car. The hatchback-style of the little machine utilized a greenhouse designed by none other than Pininfarina. By merging the sloping rear window with the rear deck lid, the… more»

Pair Of Barn Finds: MGB GT and Volvo PV544

We’ve had more than a few finds lately of vehicles in unusual locations, or large collections housed in leaky barns. It makes me realize (and glad) that we’re not anywhere near done finding old cars and trucks hidden away… more»

British Bonanza: Collection of MGs and Triumphs

This is one of those cases where a picture certainly is worth a thousand words, as there’s a lot to say about this stash of British classics in what looks like a gigantic Quonset hut somewhere in Louisville, Kentucky…. more»

Parked in 1970: 1962 MGA Mk II

Finding a project car where the work has stalled is not that unusual. Finding one where it has stalled twice is much rarer. That makes me wonder how many cars we’ve seen come across the desks here at Barn… more»

Unrestored Survivor: 1952 MG TD

We’ve seen a few examples of the MG TD in recent times here at Barn Finds, and their condition has ranged from the immaculate through to the pretty ropey. This 1952 example is a long way from perfect, but… more»

Dream Come True? 1953 MG TD

Looking at pictures of this somewhat forlorn 1953 MG TD from Midlothian, Texas, one could be forgiven for wondering how such a car was indicative of the British sports car “invasion” that took place in the US after World… more»

Two MGAs Plus A Gigantic Lot Of Parts!

If you are an MGA fan you will be salivating shortly! With parts from at least 12 different cars (do the math with the doors) and two relatively complete cars, you could create your own pair of MGAs and… more»

Barn Find Trio: MG TA And Two TCs!

Over its near 100 year existence, MG has built some pretty special vehicles. While the MGA and MGB are probably the most recognizable of their products here in the States, it’s the T-type cars that really kicked things off… more»