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Nice No Reserve Driver: 1972 MGB Roadster

The original owner of this 1972 MG MGB recently passed away, and now the time has come for the car to be sold to settle his estate. The seller says that the car runs and drives really well, and… more»

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Parked In 1997: 1957 MG MGA

With Winter just around the corner, now would be a good time to secure a project car that could be driven and enjoyed when the weather turns warm once again. With that in mind, what could be better than… more»

A Pretty Facelift: 1978 MG Midget Arkley SS

Sometimes it seemed that MG just couldn’t catch a break.  While they built some great cars, many remember mistakes like jacking up the ride height on MGBs in combination with ugly rubber bumpers, a lack of investment in their… more»

Solid Restorer: 1950 MG TD

Ripe for restoration would be the best way to describe this 1950 MG TD. The paint is looking pretty tired, but it also appears to be a solid and complete car. If the owner’s description is accurate, then it… more»

Rust Free Restorer: 1966 MG 1100

The MG 1100 is a car that can seriously mess with your mind…but in a good way. If someone were to blindfold you and place you inside one of these little cars for the first time, you would have… more»

Parked for 25 Years: 1975 MG MGB

After sitting for the past 25-years, the time has come for this 1975 MGB to emerge from hiding, and to head to a new home. It is a complete car, and could either be the basis for a restoration… more»

Car Collection For Sale: British and American Classics

A seller on craigslist has posted a collection of cars and trucks that includes some very unusual finds, including this Lincoln Zephyr with a four-speed manual! The collection is located in Iowa just south of Mt. Pleasant and includes… more»

Rust Free Brit: 1953 MG TD

The MG TD could quite rightly be classed as a “middle child” of the MG T-Series range. It featured some pretty substantial upgrades over its predecessor, the TC. However, it has never retained the sorts of values of the… more»

Cheap Classic Project: 1968 MG MGB

Let’s be honest here. I doubt that you will find a complete MGB project car that looks as good as this one does for the asking price. There is some rust visible in a few spots around the car,… more»

Possibly Cheap Project: 1967 MGB-GT

While the MGB convertible is almost ubiquitous in British car circles, the arguably prettier MGB-GT is much rarer. If you want to get in on the ground floor, there’s a project 1967 MGB-GT being sold here on eBay. The opening… more»

40 Years Stored And No Reserve! 1958 MGA

Those folks that often complain about the prices of project cars need to check out this 1958 MGA for sale here on eBay. Bidding right now is all the way up to a massive $1,136! Plan on making your trip to Chicago… more»

Classic Brit: 1960 MG MGA 1600

This 1960 MG MGA is said to be original, and if it is, it could represent a really good project car to tackle during the upcoming Winter months. Barn Finder Jason F spotted the MGA for us, so thank… more»

1952 MG TD – Survivor Or Driver?

This chocolate-colored vintage MG has just the right amount of wear — pretty enough to take to a car show but just right for spring and fall tours! It’s located in Memphis, Tennessee and is being sold here on… more»

1960 MGA with Miata Power

Some hot rods are more subtle that others like this 1960 MGA. Appearing like an innocent British roadster, this MGA has a secret. The original drivetrain has been ditched for a Miata transplant, but there is no fuel injection… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1957 MGA Roadster Project

We’ve had more than a few run-ins with MGA projects, starting with a Coupe and eventually a Roadster. It seems that there are more than a few out there that have been taken apart to be restored but never… more»

Estate Sale Find: Multiple Race Car Projects

While most estate sales these days generally reveal few surprises as it relates to collector cars, there’s always one that makes you stop in your tracks. This is the case with an upcoming public auction in Illinois, where several… more»