Barn Task Force: 1957 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup


1957 was a good year for Chevrolet, especially the design department. Some of their most iconic designs were introduced for ’57, such as the Nomad and the Bel Air. Many of the vehicles in their line up borrowed some elements from the Bel Air, including their Task Force line of trucks. As you can see with this 1957 Chevy 3100 Pickup, the hood is very similar to the Bel Airs and there are other small resemblances. The owner of this truck parked it in their barn about 15 years ago after it developed some carburetor problems. They now realize it needs to go to someone who will fix it, so they are now offering it here on eBay.


It looks to have cleaned up well, but the seller admits it needs work. It has rust that will need to be repaired right away and it appears that there is some beginning to form at the bottom of the body, but hopefully it can be stopped without having to replace any metal. The motor will likely need to be rebuilt as well and we would be sure to check if it turns freely or not. The seller doesn’t offer much more information than that, but it looks like it has some potential. Would you drive it or should it go back into the barn?


  1. tomokc

    I am no pickup guy but I think this one needs to be back on the road in one form or another. Hopefully the buy won’t be too high and someone with skills can do it right and get it on the road soon.

  2. rancho bella

    Me luvs old pick ups. Ease of restoration, all parts availability, you can haul stuff and look like a cool guy while doing it. Although a ’55 would be my choice of these body styles, a ’57 will do in a pinch.

    • paul

      Besides you could fit a Loti or 2 in the back

      • rancho bella

        Or…….a Crosley Farm -O-Roadl, Or, a Crofton Bug……….either one on the wish list

    • paul

      Crofton bug? Crosley Farm thing? I had to look them up, they look like Mini Mokes.

      • Don Andreina

        With either of those, you’d still have room for an Abarth 595.

  3. Pat

    Looks a lot better in a picture after an Ice Storm… Still a worthy project but I’d keep it as original as possible its not that bad.

    • Will

      Why would you pull it out of the barn only to leave it out in an ice storm? I do think it will clean up well.

  4. Erich Gutermuth

    Just saw an ad on Chicago Craigslist posted today 1977 Monte Carlo with 478 original miles? no pictures unless you ask? wants best offer. I would love to see the pictures of it if you could post on Barn find page!!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I emailed them for photos, so we will see if they reply.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    A highly desireable pickup. Sure would be nice to see it go to someone who will fix it up and keep it as close to original as possible. I (and others) are growing increasingly weary of trucks showing up at the local Show N Shine with the frames on the ground. That might have been impressive 10 years ago but nowadays, that’s all you see. It’s interesting to watch people attend the shows these days and gravitate toward the bone stock vehicles, leaving the million dollar Boydsters sitting virtually unnoticed.

  6. Tim Moore

    The nomad started in 55 and the bel air name began in 50.. But the 57 was one of the nicer iterations of both. Very cool truck, I hope it finds a good home

  7. Lemble

    Just wondering about a short bed 3100.
    Well worth fixing the old truck .

  8. Don Andreina

    On the colour alone this should be saved. Agree wholeheartedly with Geomechs, these things are so much more appealing in bone stock appearance. Maybe a new motorvation, but that’s a matter of practicality and taste. The curves on this are some of GM’s best design for the decade.

  9. Kris_01

    Looks really good – love the color, especially if it is an original hue.

    Those ’60s rally wheels have to go, though – they may look good on a ’69 Camaro but they don’t belong here. A lot of people do this to these old trucks, too. IMHO these look best at stock ride height and with baby moon hubcaps and wide whitewall tires.

  10. paul

    I like the Vette or Chevelle wheels but they do look a little small.

  11. JP

    On the road, definitely! Love those Task Force trucks. There’s been a beautifully restored ’57 (very nice original look) sitting at a shop across the street from where I work for a couple of weeks now. If I could afford it I would go ask if it was for sale… ;-)

  12. Charles

    Those Rally wheels are either mounted on wheel adaptors, or someone has converted the truck from 6 lug hubs to 5 lug.

    Either way the truck looks like it has lots of potential.

  13. ConservativesDefeated

    Looks like original paint and interior and in that Chevy Turquoise..cant remember the color. Something about the block looks wrong. btw….besides the missing carb……..oh for the days when this was a $250.00 truck all day long!

    If I was buying it I would stop the rust, clean it up and drive it. Anybody can dump 40 grand into anything and make it lo0k “better” than new. But a truck that is as it came… least to folks like me

    • Jim-Bob

      The color I think you are looking for was called “Tropical Turquoise”. The white trim color was a two word name too, but all I can remember is one of the words is “Ivory”. As for the engine, the owner states it’s a 327, but I think they are wrong. The heads seem to have the three threaded holes on the ends which would indicate I believe a 1970 or 71 production date at the earliest (although the trucks continued to use the earlier accessories until 1973). The intake and thermostat housing are from the 70’s as are the valve covers. Since it has a Quadrajet flange, I tend to think it is either a 305 or a 350. The only things older than that are the “ram’s horn” exhaust manifolds and the front of the block engine mounts. Either way, sitting open like that for all those years it is unlikely that the engine can be brought back to life without pulling the heads first.

      • paul

        See, don’t mess with us, collectively we know ALL !

      • paul

        Oh & what he said.

      • Jim-Bob

        I just realized that I had missed a few details. For one, both valve covers are passenger’s side valve covers from a late 70’s through 1986 model. You can tell this by the brackets that the wiring loom usually attaches to which are welded to them, and by the fact that neither has an oil filler cap (usually at the back of the driver’s side cover). Also, someone has modified the truck to take a later cross flow radiator and fan shroud whereas the original would have been a top down design. Oh, and it has a points style distributor.

      • Don Andreina

        Yep, jim-bob, I thought you missed a few details.

      • Tim Moore

        The second colour was called “India Ivory”

  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    While on the topic of the engine, I’d guess a ’73 or ’74 350. It’s got an EGR valve and is still running the older distributor. It’s a popular transplant for that style of truck and, properly serviced, will last for years.

  15. Quinton Behrens

    I asked the seller on ebay if he still had it, because no one bought it. I hope I can get it but it will be a long drive from Nebraska:/ I’d probably just pay him the 500 to bring it down here, lol.

  16. John

    I searched for a 55-57 3100 pickup. Finally found one that was as you say, bone stock in every detail. Restored well. I do believe that originality will one day be the “thing” with these trucks. Hope I made a financially good choice overall. Old School..and want the look, handling, sounds, all of it..that was from “back then”…I’m very pleased with my choice of sticking to a stock truck. Mine’s a 265, frame off restored vehicle, only modification is American Classic Radials, wide whites. Each to his own. Many beautiful modifications. I just like what it was…in my day. Others have made the same comment about the truck. I think the trend…may be turning to stock..if it’s what you want, do it. Original or resto!… Life’s too short not to enjoy the ride, in what you enjoy driving.

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