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About a month ago we asked for your suggestions of how we can make this site better. Since that time we have implemented many of your ideas. The comment editing feature has been turned back on and there a few other commenting tools that will be launching soon. Errors have gone down and updates on older posts have gone up. Josh and I have also kept our promise of posting at least one article every single day! It hasn’t been easy though and in order to maintain a reasonable level of sanity we have realized that we need some help. Barn Finds has always been a collaborative effort. We have always relied on our readers to help us locate the best finds and the site wouldn’t be what it is today without all of your great comments. So, it only makes sense to turn more of the actual writing over to all of you too!

We have always accepted one-time reader submitted stories and will continue to do so, but what we are looking for here is people who can commit to writing on a specified interval. Perhaps you have time to write once a week or maybe you can only do it once a month. It doesn’t really matter how often, but managing a multiple writers is going to be tough, so we would like to coordinate everything the best we can. By sharing the workload we will also be able to share a higher percentage of all the great finds that are sent in everyday that we just haven’t had time to do in the past.

Becoming a contributor is simple:

  1. First, find a car. It can be on eBay, craigslist, or sitting in your own garage. Maybe you have some old photos of a car from your past or maybe you just spotted something interesting on the street. Just make sure there is something interesting about it – it might be a good deal, original, very rare, or maybe it just has a good story.
  2. Second, write about it. You could include memories, history, or whatever you think makes it an interesting find worthy of gracing these pages. We do not want to create too many restrictions because we want to see what you guys come up with.
  3. Finally, paste it into an email and send it to us at mail@barnfinds.com. Don’t forget to attach the images! If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to ask! Also, be sure to include your anticipated writing commitment. After publishing your first few submission, we will go ahead and set you up as a full fledged contributor.

This site isn’t just about finding a new home for an old car. It’s a place to share stories, knowledge, and memories in a positive environment. So please keep that in mind when you write a post. Try to use proper grammar and please avoid personal attacks. Longer posts tend to encourage more discussion, but we understand that sometimes a thousand word essay isn’t possible. Just do your best. We can’t guarantee that every work submitted will get published, but we will try to return the ones that don’t make the cut so you can have a chance to fix them and try again. We would love to get updates on your own projects too. Who doesn’t love to follow the whole process as a car goes from the barn to the road?

I am really excited to see what you guys come up with and just hope we can keep up with all the editing. Please be patient with us as we make the transition from two-man show to multi-author publication. It will be hard for me to relinquish some of the editorial control, but rest assured, Josh and I will work hard to maintain the quality. As always, it is you guys that have made this site so interesting and I’m glad that we can move in this direction! Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions of how we can make this all work in the comments section below.


  1. stanleystalvey

    When I first subscribed to your page I had no idea that I would enjoy reading your stories so much. Plus, I have learned a great deal about cars I’ve never seen before. You guys are doing a fantastic job of writing these stories and making it so very interesting. All day I leave my email open waiting for another story, photos and comments from you. One more thing I’d really like to be able to do is share pictures in the comments section. Hopefully, you’ll be able to add this feature soon. Making related finds one of your features is a big plus for me. Thanks a million for your great efforts and I truly enjoy your page..

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  2. rolymo

    I have commented a few times in the past but never been able to put images on my post , do you have a proceedure to use to summit photos etc with the entry ? when would you consider that a comment was too big. Some sites tell you that they have a limit on the number of words. ?

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  3. Rich

    I truly look forward to your emails every day guys! Keep up the great work!

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  4. guggie

    when I scan my emails I always target Barn finds , I really enjoy them !! Great Job !!

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  5. Dan Skopp

    What a great site this is!!! Now that I can, you can be sure that I am going to be adding my two cents worth!!!
    “Save the Wave”

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  6. Dan Skopp

    What a treat it is for me to see some of these older cars being “rescued”. We need to be able to preserve some or all of our automotive history for future Generations. Cars are ment, not just to drive, but to understand !!!

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  7. JL Schmidt

    Love the site guys. I retired in January after 28 months as the first director of a collection of 190 cars open to the public in Central Nebraska. The collection started with the donation of 131 beautifully restored classic cars from an 86-year-old man. Prior to that job, I spent 12 years doing historic preservation of buildings after 30 years in the news business. Hmmm, a writer and a car guy. I think I’ll contribute from time to time. Heading to Grant, NE., Saturday for the Bullock Auction. Hoping it’s better than the infamous one in Pierce that I also attended a year ago.

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  8. Gary C

    When I was a young scally-wag, a few years ago, we could find cars everywhere. Right in town there was the little old widow who thought that her husband may have left a car in the garage. The garage was a small frame building, starting to sag and sink. There were fairly large “saplings” growing in front of the doors and the doors were in the ground a couple of inches. When we opened it up, there sat a 34 Plymouth 4 door. We tugged her out of the mud pumped up two flats and towed her two blocks to the club house. A battery, some new gas and she started right up. Complete running car for $25. So what do teenagers do with a new acquisition? Well you race it against the 29 Chev we just picked up for $15. The Chev won initially, but because the steering was accomplished with a set of vise grips, the Plymouth made it back to the shop first.
    I wish that we thought to take pictures back then. But that was just an average day. No big deal.

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  9. Danger Dan

    Glad you like my ghia pic! Thanks for reminding me to go try and drag this home!

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  10. Darren

    Now dispensed with these new-innovative ideas, get to the write-up on this sweet two-toned coupé at the head of this article…can’t tell…is it a Karmann or no…I’m itchin’ here.

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  11. rjc

    Yeah guys I agree with all that’s been said above. I too click on barnfinds first every morning. Your doing great.

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