Behind The Barn Find: 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

Barn finds come in three forms: good, bad, and ugly. All three kinds are exciting to the person who unearths them. Barn finds are also generally found inside a barn, shop, or warehouse. In this case this 1959 Corvette was found behind the barn and in the ground! Because of the incorrect rear leaf springs, this car sits on a ridiculous rake and thus the nose was evidently stuck in the sand. This coupled with a rusty core support caused the fiberglass fenders to crack upon removal. Although its essentially a rolling shell, based on the value of these cars this car will likely bring what the seller wants. Find it here on eBay in Florida with bidding at just over $3,000 and a Buy It Now of $15,500. 

From the looks of it, this Corvette started life with turquoise interior. Though almost none of the interior is in place, it has a steering column! It is a little hard to tell, but I suspect that this car started out in Crown Sapphire, a similar blue color to the interior. If so, this would’ve been one beautiful car when new! This car can be repaired. However, just because many of the missing parts are available does not mean they are inexpensive.

Somewhere out there in the world is the original engine and transmission for this car. The engine was very likely a 283 Chevrolet V8, but the transmission is anyone’s guess. By 1959, the 2-speed Powerglide automatic, 3-speed and 4-speed manuals were available. Although the drivetrain for this car is long gone, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthwhile project. There have been several resto-mods made out of late ’50s Corvettes in this condition that really stop the show most places! Because so much of this car is missing, very few would fault the owner for making it something it never would have left the factory as.

With a long history as a valuable car, finding what was once such a majestic vehicle in this state really makes you wonder what path took it to how it is today! Lots of part sourcing will be in order, but the following these cars have with collectors is enough to drive a skilled technician to put this car back together. Because it is fully stripped down and missing almost everything, it will take a lot of work to put it back together. Whether the car gets restored to original condition or made into a resto-mod, the hard work will pay off and this Corvette will once again live the good life after lying dormant for a long time.


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  1. Pa Tina

    Boy, if it wasn’t for the luggage rack on its neighbor…

    • Rabbit

      Yeah. I’m more interested in the early C3 too.

      • Chet

        The c3 corvette to me is the hottest one ever made i have a white one every one looks when i drive any where

  2. Joe Cat

    Lots of VIN Plates were moved on and off stolen vetts…would double check before handing over any amount of cash.

  3. Rustytech Member

    Instead of rewarding this guy with $15k plus, he should be treated like he treated this car. Hauled out behind the barn, stripped naked and left there for over a decade.

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  4. Andre

    I’m not totally convinced this car was originally Crown Saphire – in my opinion the nicest colour, but also rare.

    if it was it was at least partially re shot in blue before it got chopped up and suffered this fate. Firewall should be all black, and shows blue.. floor should be bare, but shows blue, etc…

    To answer the trans question it was presumably a manual judging by the clutch tower.

    Regardless makes you wonder what this poor car did to deserve looking like this today :/

  5. flmikey

    Looking at the pictures in the ad on ebay, this guy is in the auto recycling business…so he should be given credit for saving this car…that being said, 15 large is way too much for this…hope he settles for the 2K the car is really worth…

    • tim spann


    • dan

      2K, LOL
      Current bid:US $7,100.59
      Reserve not met
      [ 22 bids

  6. Sal Monelli

    Run, don’t walk away from this project !
    If you’re bent on “saving” this car, a resto mod is the only semi sensible way to go… finding correct stock parts would be prohibitively expensive and time consuming! You may end up spending well north of $100,000K, but if done right, could recoupe that expense!

  7. Nrg8

    Just don’t see it. Bolts that rusted on door hinge are clues to what’s left of the frame. Musta been parked in the ocean…

  8. 68 custom

    I just cant believe that someone would pay 15k for a rusty missing lots of parts project like this but apparently people are. just not me, anyway hope it gets saved. I would love a 62 with big brakes and 327/340 horse power and a T-10!

  9. Maestro1 Member

    The Seller’s price is absurd. The car isn’t worth anywhere near what he/she asks.
    I agree with Sal Monelli, restoration, in this case resurrection, will be about $100,000. and that is over Market now. I have no idea what the future holds in terms of appreciation. We are living among a semi literate generation married to its smart phones and therefore a shrinking market. However supply is shrinking as well, so the next owner might be OK. I’ll pass.

    • carsofchaos

      Not so fast my friend, it’s over $11k now, as insane as that is!

  10. Tort Member

    To me it looks like a salvage yard bought it and were not the one that left it unprotected all those years. I’ve seen some complete frames with front and rear suspension?? on eBay and Craigslist occasionally at fair prices if it is in need of a frame or update it with newer and the one picture shows a hard top which is a plus.There are people that always wanted one and now have the kids grown up and gone and now have the money to buy what they always wanted so it will reach it’s reserve I would think.

  11. Cj

    Somebody was parting this car out and couldn’t get any more off of it, so time to sell the skeletal remains. As Eisenhower was fond of saying, “off hand I’d say ‘hands off.'”

  12. Karguy James

    For all of you naysayers doubting the $15k asking price, I sold this one EASILY for $21k recently with no driveline and 80’s fender flairs. There is a strong market for genuine GM restomod bodies that can be titled as the real deal because they are the real deal.

    • 68 custom

      maybe so but your car appears to be so much more intact than the car we are debating. but I don’t know much about the vette market.

    • Neil Nagle

      Would you have traded your car for a 6K difference? Really? No comparison.

  13. Jack Quantrill

    Tis pity, this was left to rot. The owner should be jailed for Car abuse!

  14. V. Clark

    I’d like to see that C3 sitting next to this one I wonder why he hasn’t pulled that out and at least use a leaf blower on it to let us see it

  15. Buck Neccid

    ANYTHING can be fixed. This one was cut apart to take the good birdcage out, all floors, firewall, roof, etc was cut apart, it had a 56 Olds rear into it, and no front suspension at all. I gave $1200 for it about 1995, and a few years later it was as it appeared in the 2nd pic.

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  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Some other early Corvette parts laying around and on the racks also. Interesting post.

  17. RicK

    I’m amazed with how many C1s (and C2s) continue to resurface. In fact I know of another C1 that my friend recently drug home, had been sitting outside on a farm in Colorado (not featured on BF) was in a little better shape than the ’59 on BF the other day

  18. Andre

    This one I found in a barn in rural eastern Ontario (Canada).. had been languishing for 25-30 years. Pics are as found, as removed, and how it sits today. My father ended up doing a frame off/numbers restoration.

    • Andre

      Removed from barn

      • Andre


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  19. Rocco

    Isn’t there a second ‘vette sitting next to it in one pic? The fenders are, well, not there.

  20. chad

    start again the cheep way? ( tube frame, “other parts’n drivetrain”, etc, etc)? Just use that incredible shell (what a sexy shape!) to make something you’d like?

    Too bad it’s so waisted & priced so hi (I’d go for $2 or $3K)…

  21. Tony S


  22. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Bidding has ended on this item.

    Current bid:US $13,750.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 27 bids ]
    Price:US $15,500.00

  23. poser

    I wouldn’t even give the man my 2 cents let alone 14k, that car is gonna eat whoever bought it alive trying to revive it.

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