Best Price Per Pound? 1963 Cadillac Limo

This 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 limousine is almost ready to go! It’s been road tested (although not on highways) and features gleaming black paint. Not only that, it’s being sold at no reserve here on eBay, where bidding is still a reasonable $5,000. As you might expect from the license plate, it’s located in sunny Orlando, Florida…wait a minute…Florida? That’s a California license plate? Perhaps it was driven across country? Who knows?

You can really appreciate the room contained in this car in this picture. Wow, this thing almost needs it’s own zip code! I’m not sure that I wouldn’t prefer narrow whitewalls rather than the brand new wide whites, but that’s nitpicky. The reflection in this side looks a little straighter than the other side, but neither look bad at all!

The height of the greenhouse area shows up here in this shot. The chrome and trim look nice as well. How would you like to show up somewhere with a driver and step out of this car–or you drive and take the whole family along! There is a third row of seats that apparently fold out somehow, so you’ve got a lot of room.

The front vinyl seat is for the driver, and is upholstered more for durability than for style and comfort. It does look in nice shape though, as does the shiny chrome on the steering wheel. I suppose it should look good after a claimed 46,000 miles, though, right?

On the other hand, the rear looks to have been re-upholstered in gray velour (or is this the original upholstery? Anyone know?) and also looks to be in very nice condition. It has power windows, power steering, and power brakes that all work. It also two air conditioning and heating units that are both “untested.” I would assume neither work at the moment. The other items said to need repair are the power vent windows and headlights.

This is the original 390 cubic inch V8, which after a new battery, fuel pump, distributor cap, rotor arm, Pertronix electronic ignition, spark plugs and ignition leads is running well. The fuel system has also been flushed, which leads to believe it had been sitting for a while. What do you think it will sell for? Would you be interested?


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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Wide stripe and velour are correct – however the front would have been leather

    • David Finch

      wide stripe is not correct for 1963. Velour didn’t come in to being until 1972 when Medici beige velour was an option on the Fleetwood Brougham.

  2. Rabbit

    The center seats fold & tumble against the partition, not unlike a modern minivan. Those things on the floor just ahead of the rearmost seats? Foldout footrests. Like for having your shoes shined on the run. This is (IMHO) a ‘real’ limo, having been built for that purpose, rather than a stretch job. Be interesting to see what it brings.

    • streamliner

      Answer is $10,600. SOLD on ebay Feb. 12, 2017. 20 bidders. 68 bids.

  3. Mark Lawson

    I want this. That is all…

    • Ck

      FAGETABOUTIT!!!I’m gonna make em an offa they can’t refuse.

  4. CJay

    As Jamie points out less than perfect body work visible on passenger side. Body side chrome is not in alignment on either side.
    If it starts and runs how hard is it to turn on the heater and a A/C? Rather than say “these are untested” admit it “we turned on the switch and nothing happened”.

    • Joe Nose

      Maybe the door is a jar.

      • Jason

        When is a door not a door?

    • Ed P

      It looks like the doors need adjustment at the hinges or, the hinges are worn out.

  5. boxdin

    One of the last real factory Fleetwood limousines.

    • K. C.

      Cadillac Fleetwood limousines were available from the factory through at least 1987. There’s no way this is “One of the last real factory Fleetwood limousines.” The photo above is from the 1984 Cadillac brochure, and you can find similar photos in Cadillac brochures through 1987.

      • Ron Member

        K.C., yes, they were available through Cadillac. However, to my knowledge, they were not built by Cadillac after 1976, but outsourced.

      • K. C.

        These limousines were built by Cadillac, not outsourced, after 1976. Walter McCall’s book, 80 Years of Cadillac LaSalle, clearly states for 1979 the following.

        “Even though Cadillac still offered the only assembly line-built long-wheelbase limousines in America, several conversion builders were doing a brisk business in limousine “stretches” of standard Cadillac sedans.”

        He provides no indication that the Fleetwood limousines were anything but factory built through 1982 (which is the final chapter of the book).

      • boxdin

        Hey KC what do you think “several conversion builders” is?
        Outsourcing. Now get over it. There were conversion vans, conversion limos, conversion electric cars, the list goes on. They took a vehicle from the manuf or dealer and modified it. Happens all the time.

  6. Woodie Man

    I had a ’60 division window 75.

    I would venture a guess that the back seats have been redone, improperly. I think the inserts of the design would be brocade and the rest of the seat including the jump seats would be not velour but a wool blend. When you think velour think of paintings of Elvis playing cards with dogs.

    The inserts might be brocade cant tell. As the jump seats looks like wool maybe the back seat is too. But not velour-o.

    The front seat would have been leather.

    How did this car with current Cal registration end up in Florida? The serial number of the Cali plates makes them very recent. Here in Cali we’re up to 7 and some 8’s as the first digit.

    I wish this had stayed closer. I have a serious thing for early sixties division window Caddy limos. :)

    • Horse Radish

      How long ago did you have your ’60 limo ?
      I got one that I need to get around to, and get back on the road.

  7. gardener

    It’s up to $5600.00 still well in the cheep range a great car will last a long time with care and up keep these 60’s caddys are great.I would use it for family and for weekend rentals could make a couple hundred friday night easy plus tips and people trend to treay the older limos better so that’s a plus little elbow grease and my guess door pins or bushings can’t remember if these have both or not.But man could this be fun.

  8. Fred W.

    Good price (currently) for what you are getting. Power vent windows are easy to fix. Downside of the velour is it is not correct, upside is it will still be here long after you and I are gone.

  9. David Miraglia

    A good nostalgia limo for a limo company. Sign me up…

    • Brad C

      In this day and litigious age… I wouldn’t put anybody in a non-airbag non-shoulderbelt non-ABS car unless they signed an iron clad waiver first. But you’re right that it belongs in the livery business; I’d prefer chauffeuring cute brides to and fro on their wedding day.

  10. Rustytech Member

    Wish I owned a limousine service, or had a bigger family! Then again there’s that “I need a bigger garage thing!”

  11. daniel wright

    I always thought the foot rests were for women in high heels…so they could rest their feet comfortably.

  12. Luke Fitzgerald

    Woodie man I stand corrected – must of looked at a redo (on a 60) and thought it was OEM

  13. Dickie F

    Back in the ‘ hood the only time we saw one of these was at a funeral.
    Today, I often wonder why bother with a stretched limo, when a panel van always offered more passenger space and half the footprint.

    • CJay

      Before SUV’s were widely accepted (35 years ago). I asked a local under taker “Instead of spending the money on a Cadillac hearse, why they don’t you use a black 2wd Suburban for a hearse?” I was told “customers do not want to see their family members hauled in the back of a truck.”
      Probably similar thinking.

      • Brad C

        Interesting to see how 35 years has changed our perception of these lowly “trucks”. From luxury brands like Porsche and Bentley introducing big 4x4s – to rap stars in Escalades – to world leaders riding in armored Suburbans… they’ve been elevated (or debased, depending on your point of view) into a symbol of wealth and power.

      • boxdin

        In the mid 80s my conversion store converted 6 or so black Suburbans into casket haulers for a long haul casket moving service. Those guys get about 4-5 bucks a mile so its a pretty profitable business.
        Black vinyl roofs w chrome landau bars go where the rear side windows were blocked out. This link shows a new truck, but suburbans have been in funeral use for years.

    • boxdin

      In the 80s for a funeral home that served the Navajo reservation my company used a new Dodge maxivan and installed a divider with the deceased riding in the back and the bereaved riding in the middle w two bench seats. Music was provided with speakers in the swing out side doors. Black vinyl roof w landau bars in the rear but we did install windows for the bereaved on the left side as the cargo doors already had windows. He also stored all the stuff he needed at graveside w chrome stanchions, the lowering rig, all stored neatly in the rear with the casket. He was not the first to do this and we built a couple more of them for other funeral operators. They are a macabe bunch for sure, one of them took their body hauler van to the lake full of fun things to do, then slide the carpet floor back out exposing the rollers on the floor. Double Duty Van. I’ll stop here……

  14. Ron Member

    As previously stated, yes, the front seat was originally leather. Unfortunately, yes, the rear seat, jump seats, & door panels have been redone in a non-correct material. At least the pattern is close to correct. It could certainly live in my garage with the other girls.

  15. Evan Allen

    “Autronic Eye” oh lord, some one is going to have fun fixing that. If I remember correctly it is not a cadmium sulfide cell… it’s a photomultiplier tube.

  16. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Up to $7,000. Still a bargain?

  17. Ron Member

    Sold for $10,600…….that’s a bargain in my book.

  18. Bob

    Got one. My project. Anyone know a good old car mechanic in New Jersey?

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