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Downsizing a collection can be a tough decision, but that is the one made by the owner of this 1950 Dodge Coronet (they are auctioning the rest of the vehicles in the background as well). It is a rust-free classic that wears its original paint, meaning the winning bidder could enjoy the Dodge as an eye-catching survivor. However, the owner provides an intriguing option allowing the right person to transform this beauty into a custom build or a fantastic rat rod. The Coronet is the first cab off the rank for this downsize, with the owner listing it exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions with No Reserve.

There’s much to like about this Coronet, as it looks like it has led a sheltered life. The Monarch Maroon paint is original, with this classic free from repairs or restoration. It looks tired, but a cosmetic restoration would be a straightforward undertaking. Alternatively, applying a satin clearcoat would protect the existing finish. That would allow it to continue to wear its survivor tag proudly. That approach is made viable by the fact the winning bidder doesn’t face any cutting or welding. The original steel in this classic is as solid as it was the day this gem rolled off the production line. The panels are straight, with no bumps or bruises requiring attention. Some trim pieces display bubbling that is common with age, but everything is restorable for a new owner aiming for a high-end build. The glass is excellent, with no evidence of cracks or cloudiness.

The originality of this Coronet continues when we dig below the surface and examine its mechanical specifications and condition. The engine bay houses the 230ci flathead six that sends 103hp and 190 ft/lbs of torque to the rear wheels via the four-speed Gyro-Matic transmission. Although not a high-performance model, this classic could cruise comfortably on the open road at 60mph with up to six people on board. The owner recently installed new brakes, a new fuel tank, and new fuel lines. The car runs and drives, opening the path to summer classic motoring fun for the winning bidder. However, this Coronet has other strings to its bow that increase the attraction. The owner includes a second 230ci six that was recently overhauled. Accumulating spares for older cars is always a wise strategy, and spares don’t get any better than that! If that hasn’t tempted you, another engine is included, which could open the path to a custom or ratrod build. The owner has a 318ci V8 that started life in a 1972 Challenger. It was in good health when pulled from its original home, with a mere 46,000 miles under its belt. Dropping that into this Coronet’s engine bay would undoubtedly transform the car, providing serious performance credentials. If you find the prospect irresistible, I can understand that.

The positive news continues when we open the doors and examine this Coronet’s interior. It is original, unmolested, and remains serviceable for those intent on short-term fun. The upholstered surfaces have aged, but this is acceptable for any car that has survived untouched for over seven decades. Nothing requires immediate attention, and a new owner intent on preservation could fit slipcovers on the seats to protect the original upholstery. A faithful restoration would entail a retrim, but with the right materials readily available, a person with reasonable sewing skills could use the existing seatcovers, door trims, and headliner as patterns to create replacement pieces. The dash looks good for its age, with the gauge lenses free from clouding and scratches. The highlight for me is the wheel, which is crack-free. The bright trim sparkles beautifully, making every journey a special occasion.

Regular readers know I favor originality with my classics, and this 1950 Dodge Coronet offers a couple of choices for those with a similar view. Preserving its survivor status is plausible thanks to the car’s rock-solid nature, although that also makes it a prime candidate for a faithful restoration. However, many will find the lure of slotting the included V8 under the hood irresistible. Whichever path you prefer, it could become a reality. This is a No Reserve auction, meaning this Dodge will find a new home when the hammer falls. Could that home be yours?

  • Location: East Point, Georgia
  • Mileage:  65,719 Shown
  • Engine: 230ci Six-Cylinder
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Gyro-Matic
  • VIN: 31428541
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $3,200
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Ended: May 22, 2023 10:14am MDT
Winner: Lollie
  • Lollie
    bid $3,200.00  2023-05-22 10:11:28
  • Bill J bid $3,000.00  2023-05-22 10:09:14
  • Lollie bid $2,800.00  2023-05-22 10:06:05
  • Bill J
    bid $2,700.00  2023-05-22 10:05:16
  • Lollie bid $2,550.00  2023-05-22 10:03:20
  • Bill J bid $2,400.00  2023-05-22 10:00:25
  • Lollie
    bid $2,300.00  2023-05-22 09:59:22
  • Bill J bid $2,200.00  2023-05-22 09:55:48
  • Lollie bid $1,800.00  2023-05-21 10:48:27
  • Michael K
    bid $1,600.00  2023-05-21 07:55:25
  • Lollie bid $1,500.00  2023-05-16 23:07:02
  • Jp_kleist bid $1,200.00  2023-05-15 19:17:03
  • Da_realblkninja
    bid $1,100.00  2023-05-15 11:46:00
  • Michael K bid $1,000.00  2023-05-15 10:39:45
  • Bernal Chamberlain bid $500.00  2023-05-15 10:02:40
  • Michael K
    bid $350.00  2023-05-14 18:17:16
  • jhamb75 bid $250.00  2023-05-14 09:41:54



  1. Maggy

    Leave it alone , get her running and replace all the usual stuff to make it safe and dependable along with a new set of radials mounted blackwall.Get some poverty caps.No v8 imo.Sell the 318 to help with expenses.Sos pad wash then an atf bath on the body with a rag.Put a glass pack on it and cruise all imo.I wish it was closer if it stayed cheap I’d buy it…and keep it. Take it with me when I move to a rural area where I can enjoy it.Cool car for sure.

    Like 7
  2. Paolo

    The engine bay on these is narrow and far from the easy swap that you are suggesting. Too much work to justify the result.

    Like 2
  3. Yblocker

    I wouldn’t make a hot rod out of it, but the 318 with a compatible transmission would be tempting, just to make it a more practical driver on today’s roads. Nice old car.

    Like 3
  4. Ernie Terrill

    rather see the 58 ford wagons in the background

    Like 7
  5. Gary from Georgia

    I live about 20 miles from there, would love to see what else is available. Article stated there was more to go.

    Like 4
  6. John Kleist

    Is the ’72 318 part of the package deal?
    Or is it an extra cost?

    Like 1
    • Yblocker

      The article says it’s included.

      Like 1
  7. David

    Are the rocker panels rust free? How about the trunk floor and area next to the rear valence between the bumper and trunk lid? Are the floors solid? Does it have all it’s wheel covers? Do all the lights work? Does it have a clear title? Thank you.

    Like 0
    • Yblocker

      Anything else you would like? How bout an egg in your beer? Or maybe a piece of cheese with your whine? Lol

      Like 1
      • jp_kleist

        Not sure about the egg in my beer but, I sure would like to have a 100% complete refund policy on the purchase if I’m not satisfied! 😆

        Like 0
  8. jp_kleist

    Not sure about the egg in my beer but, I sure would like to have a 100% complete refund policy on the purchase if I’m not satisfied! 😆

    Like 0
  9. David

    Oh, OK! Thanks ladies! Now I see how Barn Find Auctions works! You’re supposed to just buy the car from several states away, but not ask any questions. And if you do, the only answer you will get is from a couple of Karens trying to be oh so cute. I bet the seller really appreciates your help, not to mention Barn Finds! Have fun girls, there are plenty of other places to buy old cars.

    Like 0
    • Yblocker

      Well, here’s an idea, if ya wanna know more about the car, try asking the seller maybe?

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