Micro Cars

Rare and Restored: 1969 Velorex 16/350

Microcars have a strong following in the classic community, with some makes and models more common than others. Vehicles like the Isetta and Messerschmitt enjoy strong recognition, although the field also features some rarer and more quirky offerings. One… more»

Low-Mile Daily: 1991 Mini Cooper

One of the best parts of car culture is the practice of customization and modification. Endless variations and types of modifications can be made to cars. And one car which gets a lot of modifications, other than the classic… more»

An Early Mini Project? 1962 Morris Mini

Coming from the UK, it was common for young drivers to either learn to drive in a classic Mini, or to purchase one as their first car. They were remarkably common on the streets of the UK and could… more»

Rare Drop-Top: 1957 BMW Isetta 300 Cabriolet

The average home garage is not the ideal location for a restoration project. This is especially true when the object of your desire is of a larger size. While a ’59 Cadillac is desirable, restoring one in that environment… more»

America’s First Sports Car? 1951 Crosley Super Sport

Crosley — America’s First Successful Sports Car! “What?” say all Corvette, Stutz, Mercer, et. al. enthusiasts! Yeah, they are correct, but guess what sports car won the Index of Performance at the first Sebring 12-hour race? That’s right, it… more»

1 Of 4,356! 1954 Hudson Metropolitan

Did you even know that there was a badge-engineered version of the Nash Metropolitan marketed by Hudson? Not many people do, there were only 4,356 sold from August 1954 through September 1957. This particular Metropolitan is listed for sale… more»

Needs Only Minor Cosmetics! 1971 Honda Z600

In the early 1960s, Honda, by then masterful with motorcycles, decided to turn its hand to making vehicles. The first was a tiny truck that it sold only in Japan. From there, it vaulted to passenger cars, and by… more»

Shocking Find: B&Z Electra King Project Cars

Incredibly, Barn Finds has featured this next oddity a number of times over the years. Here on craigslist are two Electra King three-wheelers for sale, $1,500 for the pair, or sold separately! These are project cars. The seller indicates… more»

Dean Weller Special: 1948 Crosley Micro Car

Dean Weller’s retirement avocation was running Grandpa’s Garage in De Soto, Kansas. Weller was a car customizer extraordinaire. His primary interest was Model A’s, but over the years he tackled an Edsel, a Lincoln, and a DeSoto, among others…. more»

Jack of All Trades: Alsport Tracker

Sometimes a vehicle just makes me wonder, “why?” But everything has its fanbase, and so it is with the Alsport Tracker, made from 1970 through 1972. The Tracker was billed as an amphibious vehicle that would ferry two passengers… more»

Me ‘N Mini Me: 1965 King Midget with 1958 Cushman Scooter

In 1945, two pilots – Claud Dry and Dale Orcutt – started a spare parts business in Athens, Ohio, selling government surplus bearings, engines, wheels, and so forth. It was a mail-order outfit but the pair rapidly began building… more»

Horseless Carriage Replica! 1959 Bliss Surrey

Those who are into the history of the automobile might mistake this car for a 1903 Oldsmobile Curved Dash, thought to the very first horseless carriage. But it’s not, it’s a replica called the Surrey which was built by… more»

Microcar Gem: 1959 NSU Prinz

Sometimes a car is so unusual that even the owner isn’t sure what it is. That seems to be the case with this 1959 series 1 NSU Prinz here on eBay, with an asking price of $13,500. This tiny… more»

Bubble Car: 1957 BMW Isetta 300

The Isetta was an Italian-designed microcar built under license in several countries, including by BMW in Germany. Its egg-shaped appearance and bubble-like windows earned it the nickname “bubble car.” It would become the first mass-produced automobile to achieve 78… more»

Simple Project: 1960 Nash Metropolitan

Small cars never caught on in the US the way they did in Europe, but many automakers tried. Nash thought they could produce a car for American buyers to switch over, so out came the Metropolitan in 1954. Manufactured… more»

3 Wheeled Fun Truck: 1994 Cushman 461A Truckster

When working on projects it can be a nuisance to move crates and parts across your yard. Sometimes we all think it would be useful to have another pair of hands or additional machines to help us fix our… more»