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The 1962 model year was significant for the Chevrolet Corvette. Not only did it mark the final year of C1 production, but it heralded the introduction of an engine capacity increase that saw the iconic 327ci V8 find its way under the hood. This C1 is largely original but has sat for over thirty years. However, it is a strong candidate for restoration or preservation, and with values climbing steadily, purchasing it could be better than having money in the bank. If that sounds impossible to resist, this ‘Vette is listed exclusively at Barn Finds Auctions.

This Corvette’s exterior makes a positive first impression, with the seller stating there is evidence of a previous repaint in what he believes is its original shade of Roman Red. The paint has nicks and chips under the heavy dust layer, but it appears it might be presentable with a wash and polish for those considering the preservation option. The fiberglass exhibits no evidence of accident damage, the bonding strips are intact, and the only visible repair is a small one on the driver’s side inner hood jamb. The underside shots confirm the frame carries a coating of surface corrosion but no evidence of rust or soft spots. The exterior trim is intact, and its condition makes it suitable for restoration. There are no issues with the factory hardtop, although the successful bidder may need to factor the price of a replacement soft-top into their restoration costs. The glass isn’t perfect, but it has no significant flaws. For those focused on originality, it is date correct for this car.

When Chevrolet introduced the Corvette, it received significant criticism courtesy of its decision to slot a six under the hood. They addressed this perceived shortcoming by bolting the 265ci V8 into the engine bay in 1955. The capacity increased to 283ci in 1957 before jumping to 327ci in 1962. This ‘Vette features a 327, and there are indications it is the RPO 396 version that produced 340hp. That power found its way to the rear wheels via a four-speed T-10 manual transmission, blessing the car with the ability to scorch the ¼ mile in 14.4 seconds on its way to a top speed of 139mph. There is a bit to consider with this car, including the fact that it hasn’t fired a shot in anger for more than three decades. The engine block has a casting date of May 1964, meaning it isn’t original to this car. It has been decked, removing the suffix information that is vital in determining its specifications. The attached tag indicates the Carter AFB four-barrel carburetor started life on a 300hp engine in 1964-1965. However, the factory intake is correct for the 340 hp motor from this model year, with the same true of the exhaust manifolds and Delco generator. Further supporting the belief, the interior features the correct factory tach for a ’62 model churning out 340hp. This classic retains its original radiator and brake master cylinder, but some pieces are missing from the ignition shield. The Corvette doesn’t run or drive but has everything required to return it to its rightful place on our roads.

One of the dangers facing a classic in long-term storage is the chance that rodents might find their way into the car’s interior. This Corvette hasn’t escaped that fate, although it doesn’t appear they’ve made a meal of the trim and upholstery. It requires a thorough cleaning to determine what needs replacement, but the interior is complete and essentially unmolested. Someone added extra courtesy lights, but reversing the modification shouldn’t be challenging. The dash and gauges look great for their age, but the wheel and pad have minor cracks. There are also pad wrinkles that might motivate the buyer to source a replacement. The seat upholstery and carpet are correct for this car, and while they aren’t perfect, the condition looks acceptable for a survivor. The seller describes the headliner as usable, and while the door trims are marked, a professional detailer might return them to a respectable state without the new owner needing to spend valuable cash on replacements. The original owner splashed a not-inconsiderable $137.75 on a factory radio, with it and the clock remaining in situ.

Every segment of the automotive market has a leader, and it is no different in the classic world. Although values have stabilized recently, a meticulous restoration of this 1962 Corvette could see its value climb easily into six-figure territory. Even if the new owner elects to preserve this gem, $65,000 would be there for the taking any day of the week. Considering its history, I believe it would be worth going the extra yard with a thorough restoration. It possesses good bones, and whipping the panels and paint into shape would be straightforward. If you have a vision for this icon, the starting point would be to submit a bid. You never know, but today could be your lucky day.

  • Location: Fruitport, Michigan
  • Mileage: 51,028
  • Engine: 327 V8
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
  • VIN: 20867S108806
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $42,000
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Ended: Mar 8, 2023 10:03am MDT
Winner: Joeclever1
  • Joeclever1
    bid $42,000.00  2023-03-08 10:00:00
  • Dirt pounder bid $40,000.00  2023-03-08 09:44:28
  • TheAirCowboy
    TheAirCowboy bid $39,000.00  2023-03-08 08:35:47
  • Dirt pounder
    bid $38,750.00  2023-03-08 08:24:29
  • TheAirCowboy
    TheAirCowboy bid $38,500.00  2023-03-08 07:09:51
  • Dirt pounder bid $38,000.00  2023-03-08 06:51:37
  • TheAirCowboy
    bid $37,000.00  2023-03-07 15:52:39
  • Josh22600 bid $36,000.00  2023-03-07 15:19:58
  • TheAirCowboy
    TheAirCowboy bid $35,000.00  2023-03-06 16:41:16
  • Joeclever1
    bid $34,250.00  2023-03-06 16:20:43
  • TheAirCowboy
    P.J. Shaw bid $34,000.00  2023-03-06 12:40:35
  • 2manyvettes bid $33,750.00  2023-03-03 05:13:50
  • stilloldschool
    bid $33,600.00  2023-03-02 21:43:16
  • 2manyvettes bid $33,500.00  2023-03-01 15:29:35
  • heather bid $32,000.00  2023-03-01 15:12:10
  • 2manyvettes
    bid $28,250.00  2023-02-28 19:19:24
  • Joeclever1
    Joeclever1 bid $28,000.00  2023-02-28 19:01:27
  • heather bid $27,500.00  2023-02-28 17:50:06
  • 2manyvettes
    bid $23,000.00  2023-02-28 15:21:28
  • hhaleblian bid $20,000.00  2023-02-28 14:06:19
  • RockMoto bid $15,000.00  2023-02-28 14:01:21
  • Kevin813
    bid $12,500.00  2023-02-28 13:37:58
  • Vince bid $10,500.00  2023-02-28 12:48:36
  • Pippo bid $10,000.00  2023-02-28 11:25:00
  • RockMoto
    bid $9,000.00  2023-02-28 10:26:36
  • Pro Design bid $2,000.00  2023-02-28 10:18:29
  • Paterson guy bid $1,100.00  2023-02-28 10:14:11
  • judge
    bid $1,000.00  2023-02-28 10:06:46

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  1. Harvey HarveyMember

    I beat Howard to it! No air filter:-)

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    • Dave


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  2. Rbig18

    I like this car, good candidate for restoration. My father restored a 62 in the early 90’s but black on red with the 300HP 327. Interesting the title was issued 4 days ago so I suspect a flip. Would be good to know if the engine is locked or not.

    Like 3
    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      The title is a duplicate. The seller has owned the car since the ’90s. Unfortunately, the original title and the keys were misplaced after being in storage for so long. They didn’t have much luck locating the title, but they did find the keys!

      They also just sent me a PDF of the appraisal they had done, which I’ve added to the photo gallery.

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  3. Michael Hutt

    Title says duplicate. Probably misplaced original and had to get a duplicate.

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  4. Dan

    The exterior and interior look decent to me for a vette of this age and mileage. If I were to bid on this car I would start at at least 15,000

    Like 1
  5. Troy

    Engine pad photos? No claim of original engine…this would dramatically affect the value.

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  6. Lathebiosas

    Is it possible to contact the seller to see the car? I don’t see any contact info…

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  7. CharlesMember

    If my home of 27 years were to close before March 8th, I’d be a bidder for this jewel. Good luck.

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  8. Yblocker

    Beware, it’s got a Blue Streak coil on it. Lol

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  9. Rix86

    I think it would make a nice donor for the drivetrain corvettes do absolutely nothing for me

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  10. 64 Bonneville

    Almost call it a #4 not running, no verification on engine, but otherwise, looks fairly decent to start with for survivor status or sympathetic restoration. That being said, $38,000 tops in my book.

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  11. Jim

    Where is the vehicle located? Engine and VIN# please.

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      All the details are in the box above the bidding area, but just to make it easy. It’s located in Fruitport, Michigan. The engine is a 327, but the seller isn’t sure if it’s the original 340 hp or a replacement. And the VIN is 20867S108806.

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  12. Joshua MortensenStaff

    The reserve is off!

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