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Whenever I look at cars like this 1963 Pontiac Bonneville, I find it amazing that a company that produced vehicles of this caliber could eventually succumb to financial rationalism. However, that was the marque’s fate, and the automotive world is poorer for losing a brand that produced some of the most iconic cars to roll off an American production line. The company’s demise means it is more vital than ever that enthusiasts strive to preserve these cars for future generations to appreciate. That opportunity awaits this classic’s winning bidder. It is solid and complete, meaning returning it to active service should not be complicated. The Pontiac needs a new home, so the owner has listed it exclusively at Barn Finds Auctions.

If I were the winning bidder of this auction, I would give this Bonneville a thorough wash the moment it got home. The supplied photos paint a positive picture that would prompt me to treat it to a wet sand and polish. The existing Cameo Ivory paint looks consistent across the vehicle, and any chips or marks look minor. However, what has caught my eye is the lack of apparent rust and other panel damage. The panels appear rock-solid, and following my strategy could produce a classic that presents well as a genuine survivor. The attraction is that this approach would cost the winning bidder time, but the financial outlay would be virtually nil. It is a similar story with the chrome and tinted glass, while the underside shots suggest there are no significant floor or frame issues. The crowning glory of this exterior for me is the eight-lug wheels. American car manufacturers produced some outstanding wheels during the 1960s, but the eight-lugs remain my favorite. With the panels shining and the wheels polished, this Pontiac could look stunning without spending a fortune.

Pontiac has long been acknowledged as the performance arm of the General Motors empire during the 1960s, with the GTO as its masterpiece. However, it was not the only weapon in the company’s armory. This Bonneville features a 389ci V8 that churned out 303hp and 430 ft/lbs of torque in its prime. The original owner added a three-speed automatic transmission and power assistance for the steering and brakes to emphasize the luxury leanings. The Bonneville tips the scales at 4,110 lbs, but the V8 could propel it through the ¼-mile in 17.1 seconds on its way to 129mph. It may not have been a muscle car, but the Bonneville was also no pushover against its natural competition. The vehicle requires revival, but the process shouldn’t be complex. The mechanical components are bulletproof, and parts are easy to find and relatively cheap. Returning this classic to its rightful place on our roads might not take much effort.

This Bonneville’s interior sends mixed signals, but it is very serviceable for a driver-grade vehicle. The front seat has some rips and splits, making a replacement cover seem the obvious choice. The tops of the door trims show some slight UV damage, but the remaining upholstered surfaces are excellent. The back seat is spotless, meaning a slipcover over the front seat could hide the worst damage while making the interior very presentable. The dash and pad are excellent, as is the beautiful wheel. Interiors from this era always appeal to me because manufacturers placed some effort into their design and construction. This car’s dash is a metal sculpture with stunning paint and bright trim highlights. Climb aboard a modern vehicle, and you are confronted by a slab of molded plastic that is usually Gray and uninspiring. This Pontiac features some nice factory options and remains unmolested. The factory AM radio occupies its rightful spot in the dash and features the optional rear speaker. The front seat is a six-way power unit, and the occupants are kept cool by air conditioning.

I will be fascinated to learn the plans the winning bidder in this auction will have because I think they have many options with this beauty. It would undoubtedly look stunning following a restoration, although it looks like the ideal candidate for preservation. It features some desirable options, increasing its appeal to Pontiac enthusiasts. If you count yourself among that group, maybe the time is right for you to preserve a classic from an iconic and extinct brand. The final result should justify the effort. What do you say?

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Mileage: 5,488 Shown, TMU
  • Engine: 389 cui V8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • VIN: 863S49962
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $5,950
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Ended: Apr 7, 2023 1:00pm MDT
Winner: Brett_S
  • Brett_S
    bid $5,950.00  2023-04-07 11:50:55
  • pontiacpat bid $5,600.00  2023-04-06 13:42:21
  • L. D. Lemons bid $5,500.00  2023-04-01 16:17:20
  • BOPdriver
    bid $4,900.00  2023-04-01 15:49:25
  • L. D. Lemons bid $4,500.00  2023-04-01 14:49:01
  • BOPdriver bid $3,900.00  2023-04-01 11:30:21
  • Jerry Bramlett
    bid $3,500.00  2023-03-31 20:41:46
  • newfieldscarnut bid $2,150.00  2023-03-31 16:53:33
  • Jerry Bramlett bid $2,000.00  2023-03-31 12:28:18
  • Fordonsimporten
    bid $1,000.00  2023-03-31 12:13:01
  • Pro Design bid $600.00  2023-03-31 11:38:25
  • Spills bid $500.00  2023-03-31 05:08:16
  • Bruce Bode
    bid $400.00  2023-03-30 19:32:06
  • Grumpivet bid $200.00  2023-03-30 14:39:41

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  1. 4spdBernie 4spdBernie

    Nothing better than the wide-open throttle sound of a well-tuned ’63 Pontiac!

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  2. Maggy

    When you say the original owner added a 3 speed auto trans and ps and pb do you mean on the order sheet when they ordered it or sometime later down the road? The original was a slim Jim 4 speed hydramatic that sucked. When GM they went to the turbo 400 for a HD 3 speed in 65 and the bugs worked out by 66 that was bulletproof.The pontiac V8 was a very good engine.The window sticker looks like a repop which is fine.Back in the day we had an adapter for our Coats 20-20 for those 8 lug wheels. The seller should have at least cleaned out all the debris under the hood especially on the right wheelhouse.Sheesh cmon.Car looks like it’s been sitting awhile in dampness.Not good .Look under the door handles and the rust stains.Take the ship out of the trunk too and take some real pics not ones over and over of the same area.These are notorious frame rotters so definetly double check the frame .Under car pics would be nice too…sheesh.My buddy’s 80 year old father has a 63 gp with a 4 speed he’s owned since 68 and 64 gp with a …slime jime 4 speed Hydramatic as we called em as teens. Glwts.

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    • MotorWinderMember

      You two seem to like old Ponchos … My old 6 lug Parisienne droptop.taken last November.

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    • GHRobins (Seller)Member

      The car was purchased in Tucson in 1993. Was bone stock then. Only thing added are the 8 lug wheels. Arizona Street Rods did the paint, new carpet and reconditioned the wheels. Has a replacement dash pad and steering wheel. Was garaged or under cover in Phoenix until about about 4 years ago. Then stored outside still in Phoenix. The adapter for the 8 lugs is in the trunk. All the chrome is original and in excellent condition. New tires, carb rebuild, and tune up it is a drive anywhere car. GHR

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      • Jerry Bramlett

        Just to be clear… it starts and drives properly right now and can be driven away? How old are the tires?

        Thanks for clearing this up. The initial description doesn’t really say anything about its mechanical condition.

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      • GHR (Seller)Member

        Jerry Bramlett – It has not been started in 4 years. It was driven to its current location then. The mice had been at the ignition wires back then and it obviously ran rough. Sorry, I don’t know the age of the tires. I wouldn’t drive it far without replacing them. The location in Phoenix is a seasonal home. For many years, when in Phoenix, I used it as my daily driver. Would take it to the Pavilions car show once in a while. I was a member of the local Pontiac club. I believe if you spent some time checking all the fluids, pumped up the tires, new battery, fresh gas and a new set of plugs and wires you could drive it out of there.

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  3. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    This guy really likes ’63 Bonnevilles. 7 and 1 GP. Even a suito limousine.
    Nice ’54 Caddy in the background.

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  4. GHR (Seller)Member

    In it’s glory days. 2020 Image Cam Hutchins

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      Photo Collage

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      Pavillions Car Show, Phoenix, Arizona 2004

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  5. Wagon master

    Gentlemen, when and where can these Pontiacs be seen before bidding? I have purchased several Pontiacs featured on Barn Finds.
    Thanks in advance.

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    • GHR (Seller)Member

      They are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  6. Wagon master

    Understood, as stated in the listing. Please provide a physical location to inspect them in the phoenix area.

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  7. GHRMember
  8. Robert

    I am looking for a 63 pontiac Bonneville convertible parts car or just parts? Anyone know of one?

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    • GHRMember

      Robert. I have 2, 1 is a driver. I am not certain when Barnfinds is going to set up the auction.

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      • Robert

        I would love to see what you have. Any chance you could send me pictures or let me know when they are coming on? I am trying to fix my father’s 63

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      • GHRMember

        Robert. I don’t know when BF Auctions is going to post them. If you give me contact information, I can send you more information.

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