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Well, here’s one that I know a little bit about, having owned a similar car for many years, it’s a 1968 Chevrolet Impala convertible, built in the days when full-sized cars ruled and top-downing it was still popular. The seller claims that it’s one of 24,000 produced and that number jibes with my count. While not as popular as a Chevelle or a Camaro, these big B-body cars still stir up some interest so let’s look this one over and see what it has to offer. Stored for the last eleven years and located in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, this bright red drop-top is available here as a Barn Finds Auction!

Back to that matter of volume, full-size Chevy convertible volumes were trending downwards in ’68 and continued to do so until full-size ragtops were dropped at the end of the ’75 model year. As to how many exist today, who knows? Rust has always been the enemy of these B-body cars, convertibles in particular, especially in the trunk floor, under the rear seat pan, rear floor pan, and lower quarters. There is a drain mechanism to channel water that leaks in between the bottom edge of the top and the Dutchman panel. The drains (there are two) get clogged and then the trouble starts. The seller mentions rust repair is necessary and the top needs to be replaced. One of our Professional Photographers took these photos and made sure to capture lots of pictures of the problem areas, so be sure to take a close look at the gallery below. Of note, there should be a stainless steel spear running lengthwise along both rocker panels and wheel opening moldings attached in all four positions – both items are not difficult to find.

The engine is the new for 1968, 200 gross HP, 307 CI V8 – it replaced “old reliable” which was the 283. The seller states, “It has been serviced recently by my mechanic to bring the car to a sound mechanical condition, with a new battery, complete tune-up (wires, spark plugs, distributor rotor, cap, condenser, air filter, kit), fuel system cleaned and filters, new brakes… starts with the first turn of the key and the car runs and drives good, motor sounds good and trans shifts smooths“. The mileage reading is 89K (not authenticated) which isn’t a significant amount assuming that proper maintenance has been performed. And while it’s not stated specifically, the transmission is likely a Powerglide two-speed automatic unit (the Turbo-Hydramatic 400 three-speed automatic was available with this engine/body style combination but it’s a very rare combination – I’ve only encountered a single example since the late ’90s).

The interior is where the most effort will likely be needed. The seller states, “It does need a new interior (carpet, dash pad, seat cushions, and covers) to bring this car to a fine restored condition“. This is a non-Super Sport model so it has a bench seat but I believe that upholstery/seat covers are available and the dash pad and carpet are sourceable.

These are not complicated cars; repairs and maintenance are generally straightforward, and parts, even today, can be sourced from any variety of auto parts businesses thanks to the 1.2M full-size (B-body) ’68 production stat. If you like this vintage Chevrolet and are angling for a convertible, this is a great alternative to an overvalued Chevelle or Camaro – something to consider, right?

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Ended: Nov 29, 2023 10:04am MDT
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  • Dennis
    bid $3,000.00  2023-11-29 08:07:19
  • GMR bid $2,500.00  2023-11-29 07:46:09
  • Paul bid $2,000.00  2023-11-28 09:37:08
  • Wareagle01
    bid $1,500.00  2023-11-22 12:34:37


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    In 70-73, the folks had a ’68 Impala sedan with the 307. In this case, the engine isn’t as important for slow cruising.

    I remember you could stomp the gas pedal on Tuesday, and if it didn’t stumble or stall, it would pick up speed on Thursday.

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    • Faroutfreak

      First thing rip out the front bench seat and put in Buckets, reupholster the rest of the Interior, then a New 550+ hp 396 Crate motor, with a Muncie Rock Crusher 4 speed with a 12 bolt rear end, new top. And enjoy !

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      • Robert Atkinson, Jr.

        Just make sure that the frame can stand up to strain before you stomp on the pedal. Given the amount of rust I saw in the pictures, a 396 might snap the frame in half as it tries to twist it into a pretzel, LOL! Oh, and BTW, Rob’s rule applies here. Before you add more Go, you need more Whoa! Bigger brakes would be on my personal list with a swap to a 396.

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    • Felice Indelicato

      In the 80s,my dad went to a dealer and looked at one of these on the lot,the salesman left dad and I alone to look at the car. Dad was smoking a cigar and he sat in the car thinking he was Captain Kangaroo he was so into this car. He reached for the glovebox and his cigar dropped on the front seat. He said before he could even say uh oh, the cigar burrowed right thru the seat, huge gaping smoldering hole left. The interior was black,so my dad takes off one of his black socks and stuffs it in the hole. The salesman came back and never noticed my dad’s handiwork hahaha, we left and never went back hahahahahaha.

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  2. 8banger 8banger Member

    Ahh, good ‘ol Resale Red!

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    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      I was going to say the same thing. Pretty over-the-top red when you consider the condition of the rest of the car and companion vehicles in some of the photos. It just looks too shiny and not razor sharp.

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      • 8banger 8banger Member

        Ya, looks a little Bondo-licious…

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  3. Connecticut mark

    Valve covers look like 396 size wider and flatter compared to a 307/350. But I know nothing

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    • 8banger 8banger Member

      Naw, thats definitely a small block.

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      • Robert Atkinson, Jr.

        Without even a “rattle can rebuild”, LOL!

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  4. Zen

    The 307 in my Aunt’s 71 Nova was peppy, but this is a heavier car. The 307 is reliable, though, and lasted many badly neglected years in that Nova. As for this Impala, someone will need to look it over and under very carefully, the pictures aren’t very clear and a lot of metal underneath could be very crunchy. The quarters and fenders could be full of bondo. If it’s solid, I hope it finds a good home.

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  5. Jon Rukavina

    My Dad bought a 4-door ’68 new. Finished in Sequoia Green, a one year only color I’m told. Same motor. Nice car until my brother fell asleep and went up and over a cable guard rail and the underside damage finished the car at 19,959 miles. Still makes me a little mad!
    To this one, whoever painted the pcv hose forgot to sand and prime the rubber! Lol! Enough slop right there to make question, as someone else did, what’s under that garnet red paint? And the underside tells me this car went through a few winters in the salt belt. No thanks.
    To t

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  6. Davey Boy

    My 2nd car was a 68 fastback. High horsepower 327 with a 2 speed powerglide. Baby moons with wide 60’s on back, skinnier 60’s on front. Baby blue With “SIDEPIPES”. Raced that car every night for 2 months straight and only got beat twice. First loss was by inches but the second was a massacre by the ugliest 74 Gremlin I’ve ever seen. Found out later it was a school project with a built 401. Talk about fast. Those were the days.

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    • Jon Rukavina

      Sounds like fun times Davey Boy!
      Instead of the light countdown to take off, did you count the 3 rather audible clicks when you shifted that Powerglide from park, through reverse, through neutral into drive? You knew it was a Powerglide a block away!

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  7. Maggy

    The trunks rotted out because GM used water based spatter paint and crappy rear window sealer along with hardly any metal protection throughout the whole car but all mfg’s were the same in that respect.Within a few years the water under the trunk mat would stay damp all the time and rust.I wouldn’t say the 400 trans was rare in these b bodies from 68 but usually glides and the first year for the th350 are more common.Powerglides always had that humm at a stop light at idle.Not a bad car from what I can see.I’d throw a few bucks at it if it was closer.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      I didn’t say the Turbo-Hydramtic 400 was rare in a ’68 Impala, I said it was rare connected to a 307 CI V8 engine.


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      • maggy

        If it is a th 400 car it will have a 4 link rear end.10 or 12 bolt.

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      • Eric

        This looks like a cool car when new or restored. I see in the photos D and L as only forward gear selections so 2 speed automatic would make it a power glide as the author suggests. 😊

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  8. Badwdp

    Your right you don’t have a clue

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  9. maggy

    Yeah I agree didn’t see too many behind 307″s but I’ve seen a couple working on cars and in scrapyards in the early 80’s and into the early 90’s usually wagons. I wouldn’t go as far to say rare though imho.

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  10. Hank kaczmarek

    If you’ve got about 75K you might want to try, but better have another 25K in reserve. The Front Suspension crossmenber is questionable, substantial rot for a CVT. Door Hinge Mounting pillars look REAL bad, so does the top of the Trans/driveshaft tunnel.

    WAY more body work than I think it’s worth.

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  11. Bj

    Bob one of these 7-8 years ago , found out it was a mouse condo when I got it home. I ended up totally redoing it (floors, trunk, interior, half quarters,top, wheels). It turned out really nice, wish I hadn’t sold it.

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  12. Steve

    Had a red with deluxe black interior ’68 red fastback with steel wheels and dog dish, tinted glass, 327/275 and Turbo 400, dual exhaust in ’70. No ps or pb made it a brute to turn slow or stop fast. Had radio. It was ordered new by drag racer as his street car and never raced. Immaculate. I wish I still had that car.

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  13. MGM

    My sis had a 68 ,2 Dr ht. 327, 250 hp. Her’s had the th trans. It was a battleship, but would fly. VG cond. Leather buckets. Started having too many kids. She sold it for a grand. 2 drs wasn’t enough .

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  14. Faroutfreak

    I picked up a 69 from my dad’s neighbor s estate in 1988, 2 Dr 327 hard top. Damn car flew,

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  15. Walter t Scott

    Valve covers would twice as wide as this for Rat motor series . Also more than likely chrome too . Nice riding cars tho . But in my day , we considered them “Lead sleds” that made great run aroun’ an beat the snot out of ’em cars . That you could go any where’s an park it an not worry about it even if it got stolen !

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  16. TinCanSailor

    I had one of these and it was a beauty. Butternut yellow with a white top and a black interior. Bench seat, column shift, with a mildly warmed up 327, a TH400 trans and a 12 bolt posi with 3.73 gears. It was so easy to work on, fun to drive, and sounded great when opened up. The car had a dealer-added under-dash A/C unit and a GM tissue dispenser.

    The car was stolen a few weeks after I moved to my new home. I had hoped to see it pop up somewhere for sale, but that was 20 years ago. I’d love to get another, but this one has some red flags that I don’t want to deal with.

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  17. Rex

    Would gain more interest in it’s natural state without the farm implement red paint. It’s not a super sport, but you could get a SS with a bench seat. My dad had a brand new SS 427 fastback, bench seat, column shift 400 auto.

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