BF Auction: 1968 Ford F-100

Sold for $15,000View Result

  • Seller: Robert C lippinger
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Mileage: 58,600 Shown
  • Chassis #: F10YRD44731
  • Title Status: Clean

UPDATE – The seller has added additional photos.

One of the challenges potential buyers face when searching for a classic Pickup is locating a genuine survivor ready to provide immediate enjoyment. Many require significant work, but that isn’t the case with this 1968 Ford F-100. It has clocked more than half a century of active service, and its structurally sound nature and mechanical good health means it could repeat the feat with a new owner behind the wheel. The current owner feels the time is right for this dry-climate survivor to find a new home, listing the F-100 with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

Ford introduced its Fifth Generation F-Series for the 1967 model year, with the range remaining on sale until 1972. While it shared its underpinnings with its predecessor, significant changes afforded potential buyers greater interior space and a more comprehensive selection of engines wrapped in a package that looked sharp and modern. This F-100 rolled off the line in 1968, and it is fair to say it has aged rather well. Its Pebble Beige paint has accumulated a selection of chips and scratches, but the consistent shine across the entire exterior means it wears its survivor badge proudly. Preservation is a valid option, allowing this Ford to continue commanding respect. However, the lack of anything beyond minor panel bumps or bruises means performing a cosmetic refresh would be straightforward. The owner confirms he recently replaced the floors due to a small line of rust under the mat, but that is the only issue of its type. The Pickup has spent its life in a dry climate, and when combined with a garage-kept existence, it is as solid as the day it rolled off the San Jose production line. The trim strip on the driver’s door has a slight ding, but the remaining pieces and the glass look good for their age. The vehicle rolls on a set of factory alloy wheels that add a classy finishing touch to the exterior.

Buyers could choose from six engines to power their new 1968 F-100, with this classic’s original owner selecting the 360ci V8. They teamed this with a three-speed automatic transmission, adding power assistance for the steering and brakes to provide an effortless driving experience. That V8 produces an impressive 215hp and 327 ft/lbs of torque, meaning it should easily haul almost anything that fills its bed. This Ford features a hitch, allowing it to operate as an excellent tow vehicle. The owner hasn’t gone out of his way to wear out this classic, with its journeys primarily confined to the occasional trip to Home Depot. It recently received a new radiator and is in excellent mechanical health. It runs and drives beautifully, cruising happily at freeway speed. Potential buyers can consider it a turnkey proposition where they could fly in and drive it home.

The “tidy survivor” theme continues when we examine this Pickup’s interior. It isn’t perfect, but its overall presentation is comfortably acceptable for a driver-grade classic. A visible split on the driver’s side of the seat could be concealed with a blanket or a slipcover. However, the overall condition of this gem would justify spending around $350 on a replacement cover in the correct color and material. It is a similar story with the mat. It shows wear and physical damage, but splashing an additional $160 would secure a replacement to lift the presentation to a higher level. Otherwise, it has no apparent needs. The painted surfaces are in good order, the pad hasn’t succumbed to UV exposure, and the wheel is crack-free. A radio/cassette player occupies the spot typically reserved for the factory unit, but that appears to be the only addition. The original owner ordered this F-100 with air conditioning, and while it blows cold, the owner admits it would benefit from a recharge.

Classic Pickups remain strong market performers, particularly rock-solid and original survivors. This 1968 Ford F-100 ticks those boxes and is ready to provide its new owner with an enjoyable and practical motoring experience. It has served faithfully for over fifty years, and I see no reason why it couldn’t continue to do so well into the future. Finding something that can be passed from one generation to the next as a family heirloom can be challenging, but that is the opportunity this Ford could provide. Submitting the winning bid could start that process, and that must make it worth serious consideration.

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Sold for: $15,000
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Ended: Feb 7, 2024 11:02am MDT
Winner: Beaugood (Offer Accepted)
  • Beaugood bid $11,326.00  2024-02-07 10:59:18
  • Hatrick-Patrick bid $10,826.00  2024-02-07 10:57:32
  • Beaugood
    bid $10,326.00  2024-02-07 10:21:45
  • Esker payne bid $9,825.60  2024-02-07 10:13:52
  • Beaugood bid $8,385.00  2024-02-06 16:46:03
  • Hatrick-Patrick
    bid $7,885.00  2024-02-06 06:23:10
  • Beaugood bid $7,385.00  2024-02-05 16:23:36
  • Esker payne bid $6,882.56  2024-02-05 07:16:39
  • Hatrick-Patrick
    bid $5,883.00  2024-02-04 19:19:48
  • Beaugood bid $5,383.00  2024-02-04 09:37:18
  • Esker payne bid $4,882.00  2024-02-03 04:45:15
  • george thorne
    bid $4,300.00  2024-02-02 13:03:25
  • opmmotorsports bid $3,800.00  2024-02-01 17:25:37
  • Deno bid $2,000.00  2024-02-01 09:14:10
  • Air-cooled
    bid $1,000.00  2024-01-31 21:29:08


  1. Herbaphx02


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  2. dan

    Wow, now I’m trying to decide between this Dentside and the Viper-powered Dodge mentioned earlier. The Mopar might be a blast and appreciate to 6 figures but this Ford will give me miles of fun without eliciting paranoia over nicks and scratches. Just restore the interior and I’ll be in blue oval heaven.

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  3. Midway

    Definately not much to get it decent, carpet floor, door seals, seat cover, clean up under the hood, maybe $1,000.depends on final price,

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  4. Lucien

    This is sick

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  5. Mike v

    Those aren’t “factory alloy wheels,” they’re hubcaps from a later model truck.

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    • Darren

      I’m thinking maybe a later model Econoline van….. I’ve seen those wheels as part of a line of trim.

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      • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

        Seen them on Ford passenger cars….Malaise era Thunderbird, Cougar, Mustang and Capri. Upscale trim on the fancy Econolines and F-100s.

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    • Yblocker

      Those are 80s Ford pickup wheel covers

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  6. Richard

    One of my uncles had one just like it. It looks great considering its 56 years old. These F Series trucks are one of the most durable vehicles around.
    I don’t see how the buyer could go wrong. If one wanted to take it to the next level, it shouldn’t cost too much.

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  7. Joe Haska

    Mid way and Richard what world do you live in? I just bought a 73 F-100 that is near the condition of this one ,but maybe better depending on your point of view. Mine is a shot box, 2-wheel drive, 302 V-8 and factory air. It was in storage a very long time and extremely low mileage. I am just wrapping up an extensive cosmetic restoration It included undercarriage cleanup, under the hood detailed painted original almost all the small items replaced to new if questionable. This process has taken me almost 2 months. It actually looks new and like you would expect a one owner truck to look. As for midway and Richard , this truck was exceptional when I got it but it needed all the things you think would cost 1000 dollars. I paid 20 K for the truck which you might think was too much, all I can say to that is find one. There was a line behind me waiting if I didn’t take It. I did all the work myself and ,I probably went to some extremes that others would not! All parts, I will have another $7500 spent, granted you could do less , maybe save 2500 dollars , but even a cosmetic restoration is not cheap on a nice vehicle. What’s it worth now, I don’t know or really care, but looking at what people are paying ,I would say 30 K.

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  8. David A Sanford

    The grille and hood side emblems look like a 67, yet the box shows side reflectors like a 68. Something might have been transplanted. This does look like a nice rig, thō. Back when trucks were trucks.

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    • Robert Gunn

      67 had shorter pieces on the side of the hood and the reflector started in 68.

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    • Terrry

      That 360 is a thirsty lump however, so if you daily-drive it, keep your wallet handy. That engine was only used in trucks because of its torque.

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      • Yblocker

        Keep yer foot outta the firewall, the 360 was no thirstier than any other big block “lump” truck motor

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  9. Matthew Dyer

    I’m with you Joe Haska,
    Things cost more when you actually do them.
    Doing the work is part of the experience. If you are doing it for a profit, you are mistaken.

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  10. Bob C.

    I thought of Mr Majestyk the moment I saw this. I believe his was a 68 also. The chrome moldings in the windshield gasket were a chore. You had to assemble it all together on a rack and rope it in all at once and pray the chromes didn’t come out.

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  11. bobclippinger

    Super clean truck, it runs like heck and drives very well.

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  12. Joe

    Did I miss it’s location?

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    • James S

      Yes, yes you did.

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    • Joshua Mortensen Staff

      It’s in Los Angeles, California.

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  13. Bill W

    The tuck has had at least a partial re-paint, or maybe the tail gate was traded from another truck and the gate was painted. The “FORD” lettering should be done in a contrasting colour from the main body colour.

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  14. Jamie

    No one that has driven a 1960 to 70s FORD PICK UP TRUCK KNOWS WHAT A LIFER VEHICLE MEANS until you drive a SOLID FORD PICK UP , had a 1977 straight 6, 3 on the tree heavy duty everything 8 bolt or ? Not sure it did 60mph 70 on straights but twas the MOST SOLID vehicle ever built the metal was 4 times the stregth & thickness of todays BEAUTIFUL TRUCK probably the most RELIABLE vehicle you will ever own

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  15. Randy Mass

    Which transmission does it have? C6 or FMX? thanks.

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    • Yblocker

      Should be a C6

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  16. Terrry

    I had one, same year, only red. Had the 360 V8 and a canopy (this was around 1980 so of course it was in excellent shape). I remember Ford’s advertising too for those trucks. “Works like a truck, rides like a car”, because they were touting the twin i-beam construction, which Ford would go on to use for years. And they did ride well, the only trade-off was you had to pay a little more attention to the steering as in a straight line they tended to wander a little, I had two vans later with the same suspension, same handling.

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  17. Yblocker

    6 engine choices in 68? Got me on that one. Nice truck, somebody’s gonna get a good one

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  18. skbid

    to bid it would be necessary to see close up pics of the A pillars and B pillars as well as the bed floor up by the cab. I have owned 5 and those are always the places to look first

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    • Joshua Mortensen Staff

      The seller just added the photos you requested! They are in the photo gallery.

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