Stored 14 Years: 1967 Ford F-100 Ranger

Ford introduced the F-Series of trucks in 1948 and they have yet to leave the scene. In fact, in most years since the F-Series has been the industry’s best-selling pickup. This F-100 from 1967 was found in a barn… more»

Never Paint Over Rust: 1956 Ford F-100

According to the internet, an arch nemesis is the constant foil who is always out to thwart our hero.  Batman had the Joker.  Superman had Lex Luthor.  He-Man had Skeletor.  For us car enthusiasts, our arch nemesis is rust. … more»

From the Farm: 1955 Ford F-100 Panel Truck

I am going to write this whole article without mentioning the “P” word, though that descriptor is certainly applicable in this case. Listed here on eBay is a 1955 Ford F-100 panel truck, looking for a starting bid of… more»

Restomod Truck Project: 1964 Ford F-100

Ford introduced its F-Series of trucks after World War II and has dominated the pickup market ever since. The fourth generation arrived in 1961 and would add to the trucks’ popularity. The seller has owned this 1964 edition of… more»

BF Auction: 1968 Ford F-100

UPDATE – The seller has added additional photos. One of the challenges potential buyers face when searching for a classic Pickup is locating a genuine survivor ready to provide immediate enjoyment. Many require significant work, but that isn’t the… more»

Hard Earned Patina: 1972 Ford F-100 4WD

One of the more pleasing trends in this hobby has been the increased interest in fifth and sixth-generation F-series Ford trucks.  Sometimes overshadowed by the handsome Chevrolet and GMC offerings of that era, these handsome trucks are purposefully styled,… more»

Simply Red: No Reserve 1979 Ford F-100 Custom Pickup

My late father-in-law was a diehard N.C. State Wolfpack graduate and fan and had a lot of red clothing in his closet. He also owned his own construction company and always drove a red Ford F100 pickup truck to… more»

1k Miles Since Restoration: 1956 Ford F-100

Ford has dominated the truck business for the last 75 years, beginning with the Ford F-1 (later renamed F-100) which debuted in 1948. The second generation was built from 1953 to 1956, so the seller’s beauty (an older restoration)… more»

Same Family 33 Years! 1966 Ford F100 Pickup

To find a pickup that’s been in the same family for the last 33 years is a good start if you’re on the quest for a vintage truck, but when it’s pushing 60 years old and still looks as… more»

Slammed Shop Truck: 1966 Ford F-100

Sometimes what you’re getting isn’t exactly what you think you see at first, as would be the case with this 1966 Ford F-100 Pickup here on eBay.  This one’s got a great story, plus a cool patina that had… more»

One-Owner Half-Ton: 1966 Ford F-100

From its inception after World War II, the Ford F-Series of pickups would eventually become the best-selling truck on the market. And even outsold many popular brands of automobiles. The seller’s 1966 edition of the beginner F-100 (aka F100)… more»

BF Auction: 1971 Ford F-100 Pickup

UPDATE – The reserve has been met! This one is going to a new home. With classic Pickups continuing to enjoy a strong following, finding a candidate for restoration or preservation becomes challenging. Each potential buyer will have a… more»

Factory V8 Short Box: 1976 Ford F-100

Factory short-box pickups from the 1970s are fairly rare and in high demand. In turn, trucks like this 1976 Ford F-100 command a premium price. This one can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid… more»

8,653 Original Miles: 1964 Ford F-100 4×4 Shortbed

The fourth generation of Ford’s popular F-Series of trucks is probably my favorites in regards to styling and closing the comfort gap between a truck and a car. Dramatically restyled for 1961, Ford’s 4th-gen F-Series of trucks were noticeably… more»

Cool Patina and No Reserve: 1969 Ford F100

One thing I’ve noticed repeatedly at my local Cars And Coffee centers around the line of trucks that always seems to congregate near the center of the lot, and that’s how much attention the pickups with a patina like… more»

Classified Find: 1954 Ford F-100 Pickup

Older Pickups were once considered nothing but workhorses, with many ending their lives discarded in a field or farmyard when their useful days were done. Now, they are one of the most desirable vehicles in the classic world, with… more»

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