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BF AUCTION: 1969 Corvette Stingray

Update 8/24/17 – We have decided to pull this auction pending updated photos of the new paint job. Stay tuned.

Update 8/18/17 – We just heard from Tim with a bit of an unexpected surprise. He felt bad about the condition of the paint on his Corvette, so it’s at the paint shop being prepped for a brand new coat of paint in the current color, that’s a $10k value! If you are a serious bidder and would prefer it in the correct LeMans Blue color code 976, let him know and he will tell the paint shop.

We wouldn’t complain one bit if this Corvette were parked in our garage! It isn’t a big block car or even the high output 350 V8. It’s just the base model 300 horsepower 350, but it’s a 4-speed equipped survivor that runs and drives great. As a matter of fact, when we asked Timothy about how it runs his response was, “it runs like a bat out of you know where. It’s very fast.” We like the sounds of that! He has decided it’s time to part ways with this Stringray though, so be sure to bid if you’d love to give it a good home.

Sure, going fast in a straight line can be fun, but there’s nothing quite like tearing up a curvy mountain road. Especially when you have a 4-speed, loads of torque, and the beautiful sounds of an American V8. Well, that’s if you can get through those turns without too much drama. This particular Corvette shouldn’t have an issue with that though. You see, Tim has already replaced the worn out suspension components and even installed heavy duty polyurethane bushings when he was in there.

That V8 might not be the highest performance option available at the time, but 300 horsepower isn’t too shabby. And this is a good old 350 after all, so getting more power out of it should be as simple as bolting on a new intake and carb. Of course, you could leave it as-is and still have an enjoyable classic to drive. Given that this is the numbers matching engine with numbers matching transmission, we would limit upgrades to simple bolt on items that could easily be removed if so desired. It will be up to the next owner to decide whether to leave it original, fully restore it, or upgrade it into an all out performance machine.

Clearly this car has been well cared for its entire life. The body looks clean, but we see a few scuffs and scratches in the paint. It looks like the paint on the tops of the headlights could use some work too, but those areas could probably be touched up without repainting the rest of the car.

The inside could use a good detailing, but Tim claims everything is original, from the seats to the carpet. We see some scratches and chips in some of the plastic trim pieces, but that isn’t uncommon for a 48 year old classic with 93k miles on it. Thankfully, Corvette parts are easy to come by, so it wouldn’t be too difficult or expensive to get the interior looking perfect!

If you have been looking for a classic that you can jump in and have a blast driving, this Corvette might just fit the bill. You could drive it as-is or you could work on making it like new and have something fun to drive to car shows. We would be inclined to focus on making and keeping it a fun driver that we can actually use without being too concerned about scratches and paint chips.

Thanks Tim for listing this Corvette with us! Best of luck to him and whoever wins the auction. Be sure to leave any questions you might have for Tim in the comments section below. If you have a fun classic that needs to be moved along, please consider auctioning it right here on Barn Finds!

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Mileage: 93,000
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 194379S731695

Bid On This Vehicle

High Bid: $9,000 (Reserve Not Met)
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Ended: Aug 24, 2017 9:33am MDT
Top Bidder: jeremy
Buyer Premium: 5%
    jeremy bid $9,000.00Aug 24, 2017 1:52pm
    Peter bid $8,777.00Aug 24, 2017 12:57am
    Chuck bid $8,100.00Aug 23, 2017 10:03pm
    RUSSELL bid $8,000.00Aug 23, 2017 9:24pm
    Peter bid $7,788.00Aug 22, 2017 3:06am
    George bid $7,500.00Aug 21, 2017 2:24pm
    Helen bid $7,000.00Aug 20, 2017 7:27pm
    Alan bid $6,700.00Aug 18, 2017 10:41pm
    James bid $5,450.00Aug 18, 2017 4:58pm
    Joseph bid $5,000.00Aug 18, 2017 3:57pm
    James bid $4,250.00Aug 18, 2017 3:55pm
    Joseph bid $3,800.00Aug 18, 2017 3:40pm
    Gene bid $3,600.00Aug 18, 2017 2:54pm
    Joseph bid $3,500.00Aug 18, 2017 2:27am
    Peter bid $2,777.00Aug 18, 2017 1:41am
    Alan bid $2,100.00Aug 18, 2017 12:27am
    Chandler bid $1,000.00Aug 17, 2017 11:32pm
    Brian bid $799.00Aug 17, 2017 11:28pm
    Chandler bid $699.00Aug 17, 2017 11:25pm
    Chandler bid $500.00Aug 17, 2017 11:24pm
  • Jamie Palmer  
    Jamie Palmer bid $350.00Aug 17, 2017 10:31pm


  1. Brian

    Does it have Air con and if so does it work ? Apart from that is there any other areas that don’t work ?

    • mrscarbuyer

      Its a non air conditioner car an only thing that doesn’t work is wipers an the driver seat has a lil tare

    • mrscarbuyer

      Hi Brian this is Tim its a non air car the wipers don’t work quick an easy fix one seat the drive has a lil tare an the front nose has the rivets showing throw but it is in the paint shop as a write you for a complete brand new paint job same color to fix the rivets an fresh in the paint so the lucky buyer really will love this beautiful baby even more

      • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

        …….. ” in the paint shop ” … the car is being REPAINTED now ????.

        please say no …

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    Nice looking Vette. The luggage rack is a bonus IMO, you don’t know the experience till you’ve tried to take a trip without some extra storage space. Shampoo the carpets, touch-up where needed and drive it.

    • mrscarbuyer

      yes sir just clean her up an play an enjoy the ride

  3. Joe Howell

    I like it, keep it as is and enjoy it.

  4. Troy

    Great looking ‘vette. Yea,keep it a driver and have some fun with it.

  5. PB

    Great looking 1969 Corvette!!!

    Lafayette Louisiana

    • mrscarbuyer

      PB thanks an she drives great an is fast

  6. RoughDiamond Member

    Chrome bumpers all the way. Sweet Vette for sure!

    • mrscarbuyer

      Rough diamond can’t beat the chrome bumpers she’s a beauty

  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    And it looks like the bumpers have a good shine to them still. I agree with 86 Vette on the racks. This one looks a little funky for some reason. Best of luck with the auction Tim. Say, Josh. I still do not receive new comments via email when I subscribe to a post. I know Dave was having the same problem. Any advice? Thanks, Mike.

    • mrscarbuyer

      thanks leiniedude for ur comment

  8. Superdessucke

    10/69 build with blue sticker but still a 1969. That’s interesting in and of itself. Back then, the model change over usually happened in August and the blue GM door jamb sticker first appeared for the 1970 model year. I wonder what the story is.

    • mrscarbuyer

      Superdessucke I would disagree with you on that on the engine pad v0925 meaning 09 sept 25 the day an HY meaning 350/300 so that fits in with the door jamb sticker thanks for your opinion an comment

    • mrscarbuyer

      Also the engine cast date is I 23 9 meaning late 1969 I is sept 23 the day an 9 the year like on all the other items of this number matching car

    • mrscarbuyer

      also on the tranny P9R01A P=Muncie 9=1969 R=October 01=day an A=m20 corrosponse with the door jam date 10 69 late 1969 corvette

      • Superdessucke

        This was the year that they sold the 1969 Camaro into calendar year 1970, so i wonder if that has anything to do with it? Never saw a model year built this late before.

  9. gbvette62

    It’s all correct and easy to explain. Introduction of the 70 Corvette (and Camaro) was delayed until January 1970. As such, the 69 Corvette production started in September 68, and ended in December 69.

    Labor strikes were quite common back then, and 69 was a particularly bad year. A strike shut down Corvette production in May 69, but it was not the reason introduction of the 70 was delayed. As I remember it, there was a white collar strike in 69, involving GM engineering and/or design employees. Apparently, once the strike was settled, GM concentrated on getting their bread and butter cars to market, the Impala, Nova & Chevelle, and delayed introduction of the Corvette and Camaro.

    Effective August 69, all GM cars got the blue Federal certification label, including the Corvette, even though it was still a 69 model. There were other changes made to the Corvette around August 69, such as switching from a top post to side post battery. These changes were minor, and likely were done for cost effectiveness. It made no sense for GM to stock top post batteries for Corvettes, when every other car they built, was getting side post batteries.

    • mrscarbuyer

      thanks gbvette62 all he has to do is decode all the numbers from the engine pad to engine casting number to the door jam an he would know it all correct

      • Superdessucke

        I never said it was not a legitimate numbers matching car. I only found the odd build date curious. I can see from the VIN number it’s a ’69, and it looks like a delay with the 1970 model caused the anomaly.

  10. mrscarbuyer

    Dave at Oldschool restoration the car does not have the original Lemans blue on it as you can see it in the pics its A Baham blue an in lots of areas like lights, hood, rivets showing size of a quarters wiper door an more was in need of repaint so that’s why I’m doing it

  11. mrscarbuyer

    hi all bidders this color on this car of mines is not the original 976 lemans blue color code paint its a Bahama blue but if any of the bidders would prefer this new 10,000 fresh paint job its getting now I can make it lemans blue the painter has like fours days before he start painting it the same color thanks

  12. EnvytheClassics

    Why painting now?

    • mrscarbuyer

      The rivets on the nose has quarter size showing three the paint An chip on lights An on the wiper doors bubbling An some scratches rather sell a it with no body work are scratches are chips that’s all Envytheclassics

  13. Wayne Thorpe

    Is it a T top car and does it have a tilt stearing column? Nice car. I would go with the original color since it is a numbers matching car. IMHO. Wayne in CT.

    • mrscarbuyer

      Wayne Thorpe its a T top car no tilt stearing an if your a serious bidder an bid a solid 20k I will tell my painter to paint it tomorrow lemans blue

    • mrscarbuyer

      thanks for the comment Wayne Thorpe it also have the pop out back window what does IMHO mean sir

      • z28th1s

        IMHO = In my honest opinion

  14. mrscarbuyer

    okay thanks z28th1s for that explanation an answer

  15. mrscarbuyer

    hi all bidders the car will be getting its original color on it 976 Lemans blue I have decided an told my painter to paint her Lemans blue so bid with great confidence on this fast girl

  16. Joe Cat

    Would the seller be willing to leave the luggage rack off (fill holes) and let new owner decide as to whether they want it remounted?

    • mrscarbuyer

      Yes Joe Cat if you place a 25,000 bid right now I would tell him to leave it off this Tim the seller

      • Joe Cat

        Thanks Tim for the reply. Will the car go to the highest bidder?

  17. mrscarbuyer

    If the bidders get to my reserve are even realistically close this is a matching numbers car you know thanks for the questions Joe Cat

  18. mrscarbuyer

    Plus it getting a fresh 10k paint job 976 original lemans blue on it as we speak

    • Joe Cat

      Thank you Tim.

      • mrscarbuyer

        Ur very welcome Joe Cat

  19. James

    Is this a reserve auction? There’s no designation of such on the site? If a reserve, is there an indication that the reserve price has been met?

  20. mrscarbuyer

    lol this is not even close to a buy price that’s for sure

  21. mrscarbuyer

    James trust me I did set a reserve an these bids honestly are far off as a buy it price my new paint job is costing me 10Gs

  22. Brian

    Might have been better to have not had it repainted

  23. mrscarbuyer

    Brian is was not the original Lemans blue on the car but now it will sport it’s original 976 Lemans blue thanks for ur opinion

  24. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    We have decided to cancel this auction until the respray is done and Tim can provide us with new photos. We apologize to all those who bid. There were a few problem areas so hopefully the new paint turns out good. Thanks guys!

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