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The Super Bee was to Dodge as the Road Runner was to Plymouth, a budget-minded mid-size muscle car added to the line-up in 1968. Originally based on the Coronet pillared coupe, a hardtop was added in 1969. Sales of the Super Bee fell below that of its corporate cousin, and it was discontinued after four years. Located in Massena, New York, this ’69 Super Bee has been sitting outside for an undetermined amount of time and will need a lot of work, but these hot rods can command big bucks in restored condition. And this Dodge is available exclusively here on Barn Finds Auctions.

Marketing of the Super Bee may not have been as glitzy as the Road Runner and the name wasn’t quite as clever, lifted from the B-body designation for Chrysler’s intermediates. While the automobile was offered across all of the first three years as was the Plymouth, it only stuck around through one cycle when the cars were redesigned in 1971. Production of the 1969 models produced the highest sales results at 27,800 copies split between the 383 cubic inch V8 (25,727 units), 440 6-Pack (1,907), and the 426 Hemi (just 166). There was no 440 4-barrel offered in the Super Bee (reserved for the Coronet R/T). The seller’s car had the base 383 which produced 335 hp, but the motor is no longer in the automobile.

According to the VIN, this Dodge was built at the company’s Los Angeles, California assembly plant and wore some form of baby blue paint when new. That color is long since gone, traded for red instead which has seen much better days. With flat tires, the car is sitting close to the ground, yet the body and frame are said to still be in good shape. However, there is one small hole in the area of the back seat and the rear window has been broken out. The famous Super Bee stripes and logo have long since succumbed to the elements.

Restoration will have to include the interior which is missing its front seat (s) and the back seat will need attention. The carpeting is MIA, and the dash pad is broken and cracked. This Super Bee was built with an automatic transmission, but we’re unsure of its current status at 76,000 miles. Once this Dodge is brought back to life, it would be a nice complement to the Road Runner in Mopar circles as the surviving population must be a lot smaller. As a side note, this Dodge may have spent some time in Florida as the partial inspection sticker from 1984 looks like one I had on my car back then. If you have any questions for the seller, please leave them in the comments section below, and don’t forget to bid!

  • Location: Massena, New York
  • Mileage: 76,000 miles shown
  • Engine: 383 V8 (missing)
  • Transmission: TorqueFlite Automatic
  • VIN: WM23H9E161059
  • Title Status: Clean

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High Bid: $2,000 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Sep 23, 2022 11:00am MDT
High Bidder: Sidewinder 1
  • Sidewinder 1 bid $2,000.00  2022-09-23 10:37:45
  • phillipfinnell bid $1,800.00  2022-09-23 08:27:58
  • Toughjeep
    bid $1,600.00  2022-09-23 08:21:51
  • Sidewinder 1 bid $1,500.00  2022-09-22 15:02:58
  • Crazy bid $1,400.00  2022-09-22 13:47:05
  • kevin4x4autumn
    bid $1,300.00  2022-09-22 13:15:59
  • Crazy bid $1,200.00  2022-09-21 13:24:41
  • Sidewinder 1 bid $1,100.00  2022-09-20 16:53:35
  • woody
    bid $1,000.00  2022-09-20 15:40:48
  • Sidewinder 1 bid $900.00  2022-09-19 18:16:22
  • Dirk D bid $800.00  2022-09-19 10:31:23
  • Ray
    bid $700.00  2022-09-18 18:12:45
  • Ssbee bid $600.00  2022-09-18 17:53:58
  • Ray bid $500.00  2022-09-18 14:38:11
  • Projects
    bid $205.00  2022-09-17 08:17:40
  • bigdaddy69 bid $101.00  2022-09-15 16:59:56

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  1. LandYacht

    I’ll never understand this, these cars have been collectible for at least the last 30 years, how the heck are they still left outside to deteriorate?

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  2. Dave, Australia

    Jesus bloody wept, I agree with Landyact.
    This old girl deserves reviving.

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  3. Anonymous

    $101 bid placed by bigdaddy69

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  4. Bryan Tessier

    I wish I had the time ,but I don’t , have other projects. The car was my father in laws , and he sold it to me when he was paralyzed in an atv accident. I never got to fix it up and give him a ride. It might seem sappy and corny as shit but I hope some one can get it going again.

    Like 6
  5. gaspumpchas

    Yes I agree with you guys, shame to see this in such condition. Massena NY heart of the rust belt plus huge snow in the winter. I’d bet the underbelly is crackers. Good luck and happy motoring.

    Like 4
  6. Rw

    Carpet is MIA,no it’s not it’s turn to earth again , it’s green.

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    • Bryan Tessier

      No it hasn’t I’ll post more shots later today.

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  7. Grant

    Back when this was a 200 buck car if you towed it out of the back 40, you could actually tinker with it yourself. You’d have some fun, kids could learn how to wrench on something of their own. Everyone won. Now this is ten grand on a good day (prob more) in this sorry condition. Someone is going to have dollar signs floating in their eyes, it will cloud their vision to see that you are going to be so upside down on this your head will fill fill blood and it will explode. Please tell why the money men got into this once happy little hobby?

    Like 12
    • Nick P

      They didn’t. The men from the happy little hobby simply grew up, paid off their mortgages, have a good pension if they weren’t total screw ups in life and became what you call money men. And they want what they want.

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  8. CCFisher

    Some, including Wikipedia, say that the name “Super Bee” comes from the Chrysler “B” body used by the car. Others say that it comes from the high-performance version of the Chrysler “B” series V8 under the hood. I’m in the latter group, since the Coronet R/T and Charger R/T, with standard 440s, are both “B” bodies and are far more “Super” than a base 383 Super Bee.

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    • bone

      Well they couldn’t call it Mediocre Bee !

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    • Duwane McKnight

      I’m a Super bee historian lol but have enjoyed learning all there is to know about Mopar muscle since my father bought our first I mean his not first either 70 super bee restored in primer for 3200 now it wasn’t rotisserie restored as wasn’t needed as of then in 81 I remember my uncle razzing him that he paid to much for a bee with only a 383 I can’t imagine the price it would be now but to the point if this reply

      When dodge got word of their cousins road runner budget minded hot rod which came out the new model years in Sept 67 they were behind the ball already so the chiefs are dodge offerd thier designers a bonus for who came up with the catchiest name and logo they decided on the cornett as the b body charger sales were great and didn’t want to the b body corrnett rt sales weren’t great as it was costly and thier we’re lower model trim packages if the cornett that would be good for work with the budget muscle idea I promise I’m not a troll saying your not right I’m just sharing what I have learned as others have shared with me thier saying it’s a super bee body the b motor your referring to was not a performance motor the 383and 440 were b motors but when it became 383 magnum and 440 magnum commando for Plymouth same thing those motirs were rb as they were drop cast blocks motors not just cast which made them stronger somehow and different heads and cam a d such

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      • Your English Teacher


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  9. keith clarkMember

    So maybe someone can explain, I ran the vin in a decoder and it says its a charger/coronet. Will the vin not indicate superbee?

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      Hi Keith,

      Here’s the breakdown on the VIN:
      W = Coronet
      M = Super Bee
      23 = 2 Door Hardtop
      H = Hi-Per 383 V8
      9 = Produced for 1969
      E = Built at the Los Angles, CA plant
      161059 = Production number

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  10. DeBorah & George Mattar

    What Landyacht said. I have been going to Carlisle since 1976. By 1982 or so, these cars were starting to bring money and parts were being reproduced. There is no excuse to let something get to this point. Send it to Mark Worman. Not a real high dollar Bee here anyway with 335 hp 383.

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    • Bryan tessier

      Sold. It’s in better condition than you think and sold locally easily. Never using this site again, very negative comments even when I explained the situation. So have a good one, and happy judging u snobs.

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  11. stoney

    May it rest in peace…

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  12. keith clarkMember


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  13. Justin woodward

    I’ve been chasing this car for 8 years. it used to sit on the reservation. Ive left a note at this house a few months back

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  14. Bryan tessier


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