Super Bee

1 of 1,268: 1970 Dodge Super Bee 6-Pack

The Super Bee was launched in 1968 to be Dodge’s companion to the Plymouth Road Runner in the mid-size muscle car market. Both were initially targeted to the lower price range in the performance field and – for whatever… more»

Final Year Survivor: 1971 Dodge Super Bee 440 6-Pack

By 1971, the writing was on the wall for the mighty American muscle car. The specter of tightening emission regulations and crippling insurance costs saw buyers begin to turn their backs on these classics, and sales results reflected this… more»

1 of 31: 1968 Dodge Super Bee Hemi

The Super Bee was Dodge’s equivalent of the popular Plymouth Road Runner. As a mid-size muscle car, it was only produced for four years. The rarest of the rare was the Super Bee built with Chrysler’s fire-breathing Hemi V8,… more»

Same Owner 30 Years: 1969 Dodge Super Bee

The Super Bee was Dodge’s response to the Plymouth Road Runner, which in turn was born to compete against Pontiac’s successful GTO muscle car. The Super Bee lived in the Road Runner’s shadow for its four model years, barely… more»

Second Banana? 1970 Dodge Super Bee

When it comes to listing Chrysler’s muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s, the Dodge Super Bee is sometimes overlooked. It was produced for only four years and was widely outsold by its corporate cousin, the Plymouth Road Runner…. more»

Regally Restored: 1969 Dodge Super Bee

I’m going to take a different tack with this 1969 Dodge Super Bee and ask, would you want this car? It was restored 30+ years ago but still looks great! It is being sold by the owner’s son to… more»

383 V8 4-speed: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

The Super Bee was to Dodge as the Road Runner was to Plymouth, a lower-priced muscle car with plenty of punch. It was overshadowed in terms of sales compared to its corporate companion and saw only four years of… more»

383 V8 4-Speed: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

Every U.S. auto manufacturer got into the muscle car scene at some point in the 1960s, and Dodge was certainly one of the leaders. Given the success that Plymouth was having with its budget-minded Road Runner, Dodge quickly followed… more»

Fresh 383: 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

Some project cars tick more of the right boxes than others, and finding the correct candidate to suit your needs can take time and patience. If you have been searching for a rock-solid classic American muscle car, this 1970… more»

N-96 Ramcharger: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

The Super Bee was to Dodge as the Road Runner was to Plymouth. The Super Bee followed the Road Runner into the no-frills segment of the mid-size muscle car market in 1968. It was never as popular, perhaps because… more»

Original 440/Six-Pack: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

Walking into a Dodge dealership in 1970 to order a shiny new Super Bee could have been a traumatic experience. The reality was that there wasn’t a bad motor in their range, with every version of the Super Bee… more»

No Reserve Driver: 1968 Dodge Super Bee

Dodge rolled out the Super Bee in 1968, its version of the Plymouth Road Runner, which became quite popular. Both automobiles were budget-minded muscle cars, but the Dodge version always sold in smaller numbers. This first-year Super Bee wears… more»

Plum Crazy 440+6/4-Speed! 1970 Dodge Super Bee

The Super Bee was one of the top dog offerings when it came to the Dodge Coronet, and even though production only ran from 1968-1971 they were some pretty heavy hitters when it came to B-Bodies.  The standard engine… more»

Original 440 Six-Pack/4-Speed: 1969 Dodge Super Bee

It would be very easy to give this 1969 Dodge Super Bee little more than a passing glance when you look at its general appearance. However, to do so would be selling this classic short. Below that faded and… more»

Scat Pack Spring Special: 1969 Dodge Super Bee

I don’t doubt that we will have plenty of readers who would find the idea of slipping behind the wheel of a classic car that can deliver a sub-15-second ¼ mile ET to be an attractive proposition. When the… more»

Hemi Orange? 1970 Dodge Super Bee

The Dodge Super Bee may have been one of Chrysler’s least popular muscle cars, being outsold by the Plymouth Road Runner and other Mopars of the era. But in 1970, out of 15,506 total Super Bee production, 1,268 copies… more»