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As we all know, plans change. This 1969 (first year!) Triumph TR6 was originally slated to be restored by the seller, but they have decided to pass it on to someone else. Honestly, this is more of a parts car, but I’ve seen far worse restored, so let’s look a little closer. The TR6 is located in Shelburne, NH and you can bid on it below. The seller tells us they are interested in the car going to someone that can make use of the car or parts, so they are starting the auction without a reserve!

And this is where things start to get interesting. The “O” at the end of the commission number identifies this as an overdrive-equipped car, at least when it left the factory in Coventry. Unfortunately, there are no pictures included of the transmission, and the tell-tale overdrive switch is not present on the left of the steering column, but I’d sure take a close look. Overdrive transmissions are very desirable for TRs, and can easily be retrofitted to another TR with a little work.

This car is a bit of a world traveler, as it spent some time in the Philippines. Peter’s Father-In-Law had the car shipped to Clark Air Base while stationed there. After returning to the States, the car was shipped back to Texas. At some point after returning Stateside, the car was involved in a fender bender. The task of fixing was started, but his Father-In-Law, unfortunately, passed away and the car just sat. It was eventually moved to a relatives barn in Vermont before Peter made a deal to trade a running car for this project. He trailered it to their home in New Hampshire with plans of restoring it, but an existing project kept him from getting around to this one. They are now moving and rather than transport it again and pay to store it, it just makes more sense to move it along.

I’m guessing this is a replacement nose panel, and it’s in pretty decent shape overall. The front of what’s on the car appears to have suffered the worst of the damage from the accident. To give you an idea of what this panel is worth, a reproduction one sells for $960!

I’m hoping the steering wheel can be straightened out as it is a 1969-only item. While TR6s were produced from 1969 to 1976 and there were relatively few changes throughout that lifetime, the 1969 model has some distinctive features such as the wheel and seats that are hard to come by. The car does come with what appears to be a complete engine, which Peter can confirm turns over by hand, as well as a top frame and other useful parts. I’m not suggesting that it would be an economical restoration, but as a source of parts to restore another TR6 this might be just what you are looking for! You can contact the via the comments section below if you want more information, and thanks for checking out this Barn Finds auction!

Asking Price: $1,000
Location: Shelburne NH
Mileage: 2222
Title Status: Missing

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Sold for: $750
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Ended: Jun 28, 2022 1:09pm MDT
Winner: M.K. Lewis
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    M.K. Lewis bid $750.00  2022-06-28 13:03:02
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    Bstijne bid $650.00  2022-06-28 13:02:28
  • Avatar photo
    M.K. Lewis
    bid $550.00  2022-06-28 12:59:34
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    Bstijne bid $450.00  2022-06-28 12:57:44
  • Avatar photo
    M.K. Lewis bid $300.00  2022-06-28 12:55:35
  • Avatar photo
    bid $200.00  2022-06-28 06:51:44
  • Avatar photo
    M.K. Lewis bid $100.00  2022-06-27 12:23:07


  1. Avatar photo AF

    nothing to see here

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  2. Avatar photo mike

    Restore what??? I don’t think even the British would attempt this.All you would need is a good donor car.

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  3. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Rust week commences!

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  4. Avatar photo Andrew S Mace Member

    I do see the OD column switch in the one photo. In the other photos, I see a hopelessly filthy car that, at the least, could yield many good bits and just might be restorable; hard to pass judgment without seeing it in person. I suspect it’s worth the gamble at the right price!

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  5. Avatar photo Michael Clegg

    The description reads Title Status: Missing, so there is no title for this car? I would like to ascertain that, but there appears to be no way to contact the owner with questions..

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Palmer Staff

      My understanding is that there is no title.

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  6. Avatar photo RMac

    The wire wheels OT transmission and front nose are probably worth the grand current ask if someone needed those parts but does not look like much else is salvageable too bad love TR6

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    • Avatar photo Joshua Mortensen Staff

      The starting bid is $100 and it’s being offered without a reserve!

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  7. Avatar photo R Fitz

    Recovery and towing costs exceed value?

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  8. Avatar photo Terrry

    Send it back to the Phillipines. Those folks can restore anything.

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  9. Avatar photo Jamie Palmer Staff

    Folks…a friend of mine just sold an OD transmission for $1200…this is a bargain!!!

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  10. Avatar photo Jamie Palmer Staff

    Well bought, M.K.!!!!

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  11. Avatar photo D. Mendenhall

    I had a BRG/OD 69 and this made me sick to my stomach.

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