Super-Low-Miles? 1958 Triumph TR3

Vintage British tin has emerged as collectible classics that don’t have as much of a ridiculously high cost of entry, as compared to many other genres. This particular example is up for sale right now, here on craigslist in… more»

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British Bargain? $900 1973 Triumph Stag

This 1973 Triumph Stag is a seriously cheap opportunity to own a short-lived British grand tourer that featured a SOHC V8 that ultimately led to the company’s decision to end its short-lived residence on U.S. shores. Fortunately, if you’ve… more»

Black Plate 1960 Triumph TR3A

I hate the phrase “an excellent candidate for restoration.” What it basically means is that the car needs everything, and they’ll be glad to hand it over to you—at an inflated price because, well, it’s “an excellent candidate for… more»

SOLD: 1971 Triumph TR6 Was A Great Deal!

UPDATE 6/6/2020 – We just heard from the seller, this TR6 sold in just 5 days and is headed off to its new home with a Barn Finds Reader! Our congratulations to both the seller and buyer. Hopefully, the… more»

Practical Updates: 1966 Triumph Spitfire

There is nothing quite like motoring through the countryside on a warm and sunny day behind the wheel of a classic British sports car. That is the sort of experience that potentially awaits someone should they choose to purchase… more»

Bargain Brit? 1974 Triumph TR6

With 5 days left in the auction, this 1974 Triumph TR6 is only bid to $2,275 here on eBay. The TR6 is located in Guilford, Connecticut, and was acquired by the seller through a barter. The car is thought… more»

Little British Car: 1972 Triumph TR6

The seller of this 1972 Triumph TR6 refers to it as a “little British car”. Many shoppers in the market for a “little British car” want one that’s ready to drive and needing little to no work. That appears… more»

Hidden for 30 Years: 1969 Triumph GT6 MK2

The seller claims this 1969 Triumph GT6 hasn’t seen sunlight for 30 years, as it was just removed from long-term storage. The example shown here is the preferred “Plus” model, otherwise known as a MK2. This generation of the… more»

Stored Since 1991: 1976 Triumph TR6

  Bidding ends soon for this 1976 Triumph TR6 that the seller claims has been kept in climate-controlled storage since 1991. Despite residing in Massachusetts, the seller claims there is no serious rust or rot to be found. The… more»

Classified Find: 1961 Triumph TR3A Project

If you’re looking for the pure British sports car experience, Triumph’s TR series is always a good choice. While the later 6-cylinder cars offer more power, the earlier 4-cylinder cars are lighter and a bit more primitive, which might… more»

Rust-Free Brit: 1967 Triumph Spitfire Mk2

For potential owners, each generation of the Triumph Spitfire offered a combination of both advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another. The Mk1 and Mk2 versions featured the purest styling, while the early Mk3s offered the highest levels… more»

Parked For 30 Years: 1976 Triumph TR6

If you want a British Sports car that you can comfortably daily drive, the Triumph TR-6 is a great choice. It has decent legroom, the inline-six provides enough power to keep up with modern traffic, the 4-speed with overdrive… more»

Stored Since 1989! 1956 Triumph TR3

Among other things, the Triumph TR3 has the distinction of being the first “lower cost” British sports car to come with standard front disc brakes (as of 1957). But that’s not the only reason to ‘stop’ and take a… more»

Bargain Brit? 1958 Triumph TR3

Simplicity in all things mechanical is an asset. Look under the hood of a modern car and you can assume there is an engine in there, providing it’s not all-electric, but as to what you are looking out and… more»

Best On eBay? 1971 Triumph TR6

The best of anything is a bold claim, but the seller of this very tidy 1971 Triumph TR6 claims his is the best example on eBay at the moment. The TR6 is a very pretty survivor that’s offered at… more»

Brand New 1977 Triumph Bonneville 750!

This really nice looking 1977 Triumph Bonneville hasn’t been restored. In fact, it is brand new and is a Silver Jubilee edition 750 with only two miles on the odometer (which the seller describes as “push miles”). It spent… more»