Parked Since the 80s: 1967 Triumph TR4A

This seller on eBay has a history of digging out some incredible garage finds of classic vehicles and motorcycles that haven’t turned a wheel in many years. The assortment focuses on attainable classics, so most of what he posts… more»

Long Term Owner: 1980 Triumph TR8

Ah, the Triumph TR8: one of the most under-the-radar muscle cars ever built. The combination of classic British styling with a burly V8 never gets old, and the TR8 is definitely one to buy if you love the idea… more»

30th Anniversary Edition: 1980 Triumph TR7

The TR7 was a new sports car offered by Triumph out of the UK from 1975 to 1982. It may be one of the most identifiable cars on the road due to its wedge-like shape (like a slice of… more»

BF Auction: 1970 Triumph GT6

Choosing an ideal candidate for a restoration project can be challenging. An enthusiast must consider the initial purchase price, the availability and cost of parts, and how complex the restoration itself is likely to be. That is why classic… more»

BF Auction: 1967 Triumph Herald Convertible

UPDATE – Photos of the car with the convertible top on have been added to the gallery below. A walk-around and driving video has also been added and can be found below. Of all the wonderful classic British cars,… more»

Solid Sports Car: 1966 Triumph TR4A

The Triumph TR4A was an evolution of the TR4. The “4A” was built between 1965 and 1967 while the “4” was produced during the four years prior. The primary difference was the use of an independent rear suspension (IRS),… more»

Unrestored Californian: 1970 Triumph GT6+

Want to own a race-bred LeMans winner? That’s how Triumph steered customers to the GT6. In 1963, Giovanni Michelotti duly designed a fastback based on the Spitfire but its weight was a hindrance when paired with that car’s little… more»

Barn Find: 1966 Triumph Spitfire Mk II

Sometimes cars are actually found in real barns. Here’s one on eBay, a 1966 Triumph Spitfire Mk II project car, purchased from an estate after sitting in a dry barn for over twenty years. This car is bid to… more»

Parts Car or Project: 1973 Triumph Stag

I have a tendency to give cars a chance at living that many others have given up on; it’s one of my many admirable qualities. One of the more popular reasons I see for cars and trucks being given… more»

1969 Triumph T100C Trophy 500 Scrambler

When you ride a motorcycle, are you more of a highway or freeway rider, or are you an off-road rider? Or, maybe you have two or more bikes so you can switch back and forth?  How about one that… more»

20 Classic Cars – Variety of Makes and Models

Here’s another of those situations where a seller has a variety of cars to sell, in this case, the oldest one is from 1927, and the newest is 2000. You pick the make and there’s a chance it’s in… more»

Huge Stash of Rare Dorettis and Triumphs Found!

In the annals of orphan British cars, Tom Householder stands out as a champion for one of the more obscure makes, the Swallow Doretti. Householder was involved in the founding of the Triumph Register and still owns a large… more»

Moving Sale: 1971 Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6 was produced by Triumph Motor Company from 1968 to 1976. It was the best–selling Triumph of the 1960s, and it remains one of the most popular classic cars today. This one is located in Wilton, Connecticut… more»

Funky Roadster: 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500

The Triumph Spitfire was a small British sports car manufactured by the Leyland Motors Ltd. from 1962 until 1980. The 1979 model was the last year of production for the Spitfire and the last of the original design. However,… more»

Awaiting TLC: 1976 Triumph TR7 Victory Edition

Opinions about the Triumph TR7 have undergone a reformation. When it arrived on roads in 1974, it was often reviled. The Speke factory in Liverpool, where the car was first manufactured, was renowned for difficulties – often blamed on… more»

Nicest Barn Find Ever: 1970 Triumph TR6

Captain Obvious could tell you that with a website named Barn Finds, we see a lot of barn finds around here.  Some are the genuine real deal with decades of authentic dust and debris, and others are sprinkled with… more»