Owned Since the ’70s: 1956 Triumph TR3

The seller of this 1956 Triumph TR3 mentions he’s owned the car since the 70s, but doesn’t elaborate as to whether he’s driven it much in recent years. The need for some bodywork is noted and that several spares… more»

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Charitable Donation: 1973 Triumph TR6

You have to take your hat off to some people, and just admire their generosity. The former owner of this nice looking Triumph TR6 has donated it to charity, and that organization is now auctioning the car off as… more»

Factory Custom: 1973 Triumph Hurricane X75

This 1973 Triumph Hurricane X75 was discovered as part of a collection of vintage motorcycles, and is a rare find today in such nicely preserved condition. Though not a huge seller when new, the Hurricane is claimed by many… more»

Parked In 2008: 1973 Triumph GT6

This 1973 Triumph GT6 is an older restoration that was parked in a garage back in 2008. Just prior to being taken out of service, the owner had a significant amount of mechanical work performed on the car, so… more»

Cheap 2-For-1: 1969 Triumph Spitfire

Okay, hands up those of you who love a 2-for-1 deal. If you have your hand up, then perhaps this 1969 Triumph Spitfire is the project car for you. Not only do you get the red car that you… more»

Plenty Of Interest: 1960 Triumph TR3

It seems that there are plenty of people who can see the potential that is locked away in this 1960 Triumph TR3 because at the time of writing, there are 154 people who are watching its listing here on… more»

Going Cheap? No Reserve 1976 Triumph TR6

At the moment, this 1976 Triumph Tr6 is going very cheaply via an auction with very little information and listed at no reserve. The TR6 is said to have last run three years ago, which is practically yesterday in… more»

Surprise Packet: 1972 Triumph TR6

In my own humble opinion, the Triumph TR6 is the most attractive of the “TR” series of sports cars. It has a tougher stance than its predecessors and of the subsequent TR7 and TR8. This one is a vehicle… more»

Homemade Widebody: 1968 Triumph GT6

This 1968 Triumph GT6 has been stuck in project car limbo, with the current seller letting it go after discovering another, more compelling undertaking. Therefore, this GT6 is up for grabs, which has until recently been kept in climate… more»

Ultra Cheap: 1978 Triumph TR7

We’ve seen some pretty inexpensive project cars over the years here at Barn Finds, but this 1978 Triumph TR7 has to rate amongst the cheapest. If you have always had a desire to take on one of these as… more»

One of the Last Made: 1966 Triumph TR4

This 1966 Triumph TR4 is a fresh Texas barn find, and it’s surprisingly solid underneath and, well, everywhere, especially for a vintage British drop-top that’s been sitting. The seller notes that the TR4’s body number may indicate it was… more»

Grand Touring British Style: 1973 Triumph GT6

Back in the day when British sports cars roamed the roads of America, there were a variety of models to choose from.  One of the most beautiful was Triumph’s diminutive Spitfire.  These dashing little roadsters were sort of sized… more»

British Grand Tourer: 1971 Triumph Stag

When it rolled off the production line, the Triumph Stag promised so much. That it was plagued with reliability issues, all of which can now be addressed, meant that it was a sales disaster. This was a shame because… more»

Garage-Kept Since ’70: 1956 Triumph TR3

It’s not often that we see old, original British steel in decent shape anymore, but in this case, it piqued our curiosity. It’s listed for sale here on eBay out of Mooresville, North Carolina. Let’s sit down with a… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Ready To Drive 1976 Triumph TR6

UPDATE 9/5/2019 – George has decided to lower his asking price to $10,500 for this ready to go TR6! It really is a sweet machine and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy this fall, so be sure to… more»

Chevy 327 V8-Powered: 1973 Triumph Stag

Update 8/27/19 – After close to a year, this Stag has resurfaced here on eBay. This time it’s listed with a lower starting bid and a reserve. It has also moved to Archer, Florida so we can only assume… more»