BF Auction: 1970 Mercedes-Benz 250C

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  • Seller: Bert D ijkhuizen
  • Location: Blaine, Washington
  • Mileage: 36,000 Shown
  • Chassis #: 114.023-10-000405
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Engine: 6-Cylinder Overhead Cam Twin Carb
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Manual

Mercedes-Benz enjoys a well-earned reputation for luxury and bulletproof reliability. That is why its models are popular in harsh environments like those in Africa. They are notoriously long-lived, and owners tend to hold onto these classics for many years. Such is the case with this 1970 Mercedes 250 C. It is a solid and clean survivor in excellent mechanical health. It has no pressing needs and could be enjoyed by the winning bidder immediately. After providing the owner with a decade of classic motoring pleasure, he feels it deserves to head to a new home. Therefore, he has listed this survivor exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

The 250 C joined the Mercedes model range in 1969, with our feature car rolling off the line during the second production year. It presents impressively in Papyrus White, with the paint retaining a warm and consistent shine. There are no visible flaws or defects and no patchiness. This is a significant achievement because the Mercedes spent most of its days in Arizona. The condition suggests it has been protected from harsh UV rays. The owner rates the body as a 9/10, and the lack of bumps and bruises supports that assessment. The dry-climate existence means there is no rust to cause concern. He discovered a small spot in the trunk pan, which was thought to be caused by a leaking trunk seal. However, it is so insignificant he feels it doesn’t warrant repair. The glass is crystal clear, and the trim is exceptional for its age. This 250 C sits on a set of original “Bundt” wheels wrapped in new tires. The spoked wheels and new Toyo tires seen in some shots can be included in this sale for an additional $500.

The owner describes this classic’s Dark Blue interior as serviceable. It has withstood exposure to UV rays remarkably well. The dashpad hasn’t cracked, and there is no evidence of sun rot on the rear seat back. There are a couple of slight vinyl imperfections, but none demand immediate attention. The winning bidder could splash the cash on replacement seatcovers, but a set of slipcovers would hide the flaws and prevent further deterioration. The remaining upholstered surfaces are free from damage, and the dash is excellent. One item destined for the shopping list is a carpet set. These are readily available, and fitting one in a home workshop typically takes a day. The result is worth the effort, and that would lift the presentation significantly. These classics are renowned for effortlessly covering enormous distances, and the buyer can enjoy the tunes from the radio/cassette player as the miles roll under its tires.

Powering this Mercedes is a 2,496cc six-cylinder engine that produced 146hp and 161 ft/lbs of torque when it was shiny and new. Shifting duties fall to the desirable four-speed manual transmission, allowing the driver to extract the maximum from that sweet and smooth six. I mentioned the power and torque, and something extra may be available for the winning bidder. The owner swapped the original Zenith carburetors for Weber units, improving the engine’s breathing. He retained the factory components and will include them in the sale. Potential buyers face plenty of positive news because this 250 C is in excellent mechanical health. The owner thoroughly sorted this beauty during the decade in his care, stating he would confidently drive it anywhere.

This 1970 Mercedes-Benz 250 C presents impressively and has no immediate needs. The winning bidder could enjoy it untouched during the remaining summer months, tackling its minor shortcomings as a rewarding winter project. It could also be an affordable proposition for enthusiasts seeking a rock-solid German classic. If such a car has always been on your Wish List, submitting a bid could be the first step towards years of classic motoring fun.

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Sold for: $7,800
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Ended: Jul 11, 2024 10:30am MDT
Winner: island guy
  • island guy bid $7,800.00  2024-07-11 10:26:38
  • gino bid $6,610.00  2024-07-11 10:25:51
  • island guy
    bid $6,600.00  2024-07-11 10:23:30
  • gino bid $6,500.00  2024-07-11 10:21:30
  • island guy bid $6,400.00  2024-07-11 10:19:58
  • gino
    bid $6,220.00  2024-07-11 10:18:30
  • island guy bid $6,200.00  2024-07-11 10:17:19
  • gino bid $6,020.00  2024-07-11 10:16:48
  • island guy
    bid $6,000.00  2024-07-11 10:14:04
  • gino bid $5,800.00  2024-07-11 10:12:39
  • island guy bid $5,700.00  2024-07-11 10:10:14
  • gino
    bid $5,555.00  2024-07-11 10:09:45
  • island guy bid $5,500.00  2024-07-11 10:07:38
  • gino bid $5,300.00  2024-07-11 10:07:18
  • island guy
    bid $5,200.00  2024-07-11 10:04:17
  • gino bid $5,050.00  2024-07-11 10:03:03
  • island guy bid $5,000.00  2024-07-11 10:02:06
  • gino
    bid $4,850.00  2024-07-11 10:00:57
  • island guy bid $4,800.00  2024-07-11 09:59:53
  • gino bid $4,650.00  2024-07-11 09:59:28
  • island guy
    bid $4,600.00  2024-07-11 09:56:56
  • gino bid $4,500.00  2024-07-11 09:49:32
  • island guy bid $4,400.00  2024-07-11 09:47:51
  • Russell Guy Smith
    bid $4,250.00  2024-07-11 09:22:17
  • gino bid $4,150.00  2024-07-10 19:13:17
  • island guy bid $4,050.00  2024-07-10 17:54:59
  • Ray
    bid $3,950.00  2024-07-10 11:18:29
  • OnTheBrink bid $3,450.00  2024-07-10 10:23:12
  • NextExit bid $3,200.00  2024-07-07 22:07:23
  • driveorangescout
    bid $2,950.00  2024-07-07 14:25:36
  • Ken B bid $2,700.00  2024-07-07 09:36:08
  • NextExit bid $2,400.00  2024-07-06 20:24:25
  • jesriz
    bid $2,100.00  2024-07-05 15:47:05
  • NextExit bid $1,800.00  2024-07-05 12:45:46
  • TEDIS bid $1,500.00  2024-07-05 12:02:12
  • Volvoman9
    bid $1,000.00  2024-07-05 10:53:00
  • Ken B bid $750.00  2024-07-05 09:36:03
  • Volvoman9 bid $500.00  2024-07-04 11:39:52

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  1. Concinnity

    He’s charging extra for those wrong wheels when the Bundts are there all along? He’s got it the wrong way round.

    Like 6
  2. alphasudMember

    Beautiful car! I had a 73 280 and I can say after owning one with the twin cam engine you are better off buying an earlier 250 model that isn’t strangled by emissions and a horrible Solex 4a1 carburetor. Aftermarket supports these cars but it’s always best if possible to buy the OEM parts. Rubber and interior parts are very expensive so your best plan is to buy one that doesn’t need them. This car looks to have those boxes checked. If I were to own I would be in search of a white steering wheel of the period and a set of European headlights. As far as wheels I would probably choose a set of reproduction Bundt wheels in 16” diameter or find a way to modify the stock hubcaps to fit a 15” steel wheel. A 5-spoke Ronal wheel would be another way to go.

    I guess you can tell this car is really pulling at my heart strings. If you have never driven a W115 or w114 chassis car you owe it to yourself to do so. This coupe is a timeless classic.

    Like 5
    • Rod Cherokee

      Yes, the stock hubcaps do look much nicer.

      Like 3
  3. Mike F.

    Beautiful car….stately, well proportioned, elegant. Would love to drive it. This from someone whose old car interests run towards old pickup trucks lol.

    Like 4
  4. Greg G

    This has to be one of the nicest Mercedes 250C’s I’ve ever seen recently. Such stately elegance. Definitely belongs in someone’s collection. I like to see what this rare gem in truly remarkable condition sells for. This is a true Barn Find. I’ve always been attracted to this particular Mercedes coup. What a rare gem.

    Like 3
  5. Elroythekid

    Love old Mercedes. Long drive for me to bring this home. Doesn’t say if it has ac?.

    Like 2
  6. bill greenMember

    can you tell me what the spray can is in the engine compartment photo?
    do you have more photos showing close ups of the rockers, glass seals, under body close ups?
    are there any areas of concern either corrosion, safety, driving, or?

    Like 1
  7. Eric_13cars Eric_13carsMember

    I had a 70 250 4 door automatic with the 2 Zenith 4 barrels. It was a lovely driving car. The turning radius for such a large car was truly amazing. I bought it from someone in Richmond, VA for $1500. It looked great, until I started chasing some rust bubbles….voila, a bondo baby around the left front headlight and quarter panels. Had to replace the tranny, but found one for $150 and it was fine after that. I also had to replace the heater/AC fan. GM fans were $35 and a 10 minute swap. The MB fan was $225 and I had to remove the entire dashboard to get to the fan under the center of the windshield. If there’s no such thing as a cheap Ferrari, that goes for MBs as well.

    That said, the instance car, a coupe, is a really great design.

    Like 1
  8. 2002tii

    Absolutely beautiful classic design and proportions! If I squint it almost looks like a super-sized 2002.

    Like 2
  9. Sean Carnage

    Does this car have air conditioning? If so, does it work?

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  10. Joshua MortensenStaff

    We are almost to the reserve, so we’ve lowered the bid increment!

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