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Choosing an ideal candidate for a restoration project can be challenging. An enthusiast must consider the initial purchase price, the availability and cost of parts, and how complex the restoration itself is likely to be. That is why classic British sports cars can represent a hot prospect. They feature simple engineering, they are easy to dismantle if the new owner seeks a high-end result, and parts are readily available and affordable. That brings us to this 1970 Triumph GT6. It ticks all the right boxes, meaning someone could perform a stunning restoration in a home workshop. It needs a new home, with the seller listing it exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

Triumph introduced the GT6 in 1966, with the car remaining in production across three model variants until 1973. The car was based on the Spitfire, with styling performed by Giovanni Michelotti. It features a functioning hatchback for practicality, with the car’s styling sometimes compared to the legendary Jaguar E-Type. The owner purchased this 1970 model in 2006, treating it to a repaint in its original Code 54 shade of Saffron Yellow. The paint shines nicely if the winning bidder pursues the “survivor” look. However, another repaint would make it a stunning classic. The panels sport a few minor bumps and bruises, but these should not pose a challenge to the new owner. There are minor rust issues, and the owner has already reinforced the front floors on both sides. The trim is generally in good order, and unless the buyer seeks perfection, it should present well after applying a high-quality polish. The glass looks excellent, with the owner stating they replaced the seals on the windshield and back window. If the winning bidder sought perfection, entirely dismantling the car to achieve that standard would be straightforward and enormously rewarding.

The GT6 Mk I earned a reputation for wild handling, with Triumph introducing rear suspension upgrades for the GT6 MK II. These transformed the car into a more predictable beast, and many enthusiasts feel vehicles like this 1970 GT6 represent the pinnacle for the badge. The 1,998cc six-cylinder powerplant under the hood sends 104hp and 123 ft/lbs of torque to the road via a four-speed manual transmission. With a modest engine power on tap, the GT6 is not muscle car fast. However, with only 1,908 lbs to shift, it could comfortably romp through the ¼-mile in 17.4 seconds, with the sweet little six running out of breath at 112mph. The seller has only used this classic irregularly since 2006, although he hasn’t let the grass grow under his feet. He spent time and effort eliminating some electrical gremlins and replaced the rubber “Rotoflex” driveshaft couplings. He pulled the engine to replace the oil pump, various gaskets and fitted new tires. That leaves little for the winning bidder to do mechanically if they wish to hit the road for some summer motoring fun.

One of the greatest attractions of classic British sports cars is that their creators kept things simple. The interior is a perfect demonstration of that philosophy. It features everything required for comfort and a rewarding driving experience, with none of the unnecessary automotive “tinsel” seen in similar cars from other countries. This Triumph demonstrates that thinking, with supportive bucket seats, a timber veneer dash, and an assortment of easy-to-read gauges to monitor the car’s health. The switches are clearly marked, the wheel provides excellent grip, and the stubby shifter makes rowing through the ratios pleasurable. As with the rest of the car, this Triumph’s interior needs love to present at its best. The dash pad is cracked and beyond repair. The clearcoat is peeling from the dash, but careful sanding and applying a urethane varnish would make an enormous difference. The winning bidder needs to invest in a carpet set, and a few other parts, but the interior is complete and begging for love. It isn’t loaded with creature comforts, although the heater and rear defogger will be welcome if the new owner lives in a cold climate.

Classic British sports cars hold a special place in my heart. Although they don’t possess the raw performance of a pony or muscle car, they are engaging vehicles that reward a driver willing to put in some effort behind the wheel. However, they are equally comfortable cruising down a country lane on a sunny day. This 1970 Triumph GT6 looks like a gem, and returning it to its former glory should be straightforward. The puzzle pieces are there to create a vehicle that would receive favorable looks and comments wherever it goes. If you’re searching for a first or affordable project to hone your restoration skills, bidding on this British beauty could be an excellent starting point.

  • Location: Columbus, Georgia
  • Mileage: 89,000 Shown, TMU
  • Engine: 1,998cc 6-Cyliner
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
  • VIN: KC 81214
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $3,650
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Ended: May 30, 2023 10:00am MDT
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  • Frank Radio
    bid $3,000.00  2023-05-29 21:08:53
  • CosmicAdams bid $2,600.00  2023-05-28 21:06:35
  • JDCARS bid $2,500.00  2023-05-28 20:48:53
  • CosmicAdams
    bid $2,300.00  2023-05-27 13:37:10
  • Chas bid $2,100.00  2023-05-25 15:01:51
  • Lotusexige bid $2,000.00  2023-05-23 12:15:27
  • 2manyvettes
    bid $1,800.00  2023-05-23 11:02:30
  • Lotusexige bid $1,500.00  2023-05-23 10:47:47
  • CosmicAdams bid $1,400.00  2023-05-23 10:07:42
  • 2manyvettes
    bid $1,200.00  2023-05-22 13:46:02
  • CosmicAdams bid $600.00  2023-05-22 12:04:50
  • Owlseye bid $200.00  2023-05-22 10:43:25

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  1. Milton Megill jr

    How much would it cost to have it shipped to MI?

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      Hi Milton, you can give the shipping broker we use a call and he can get you a quote. Just make sure to give him our promo code: barnfinds22

      Dakota’s Phone Number: (971) 246-6601

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  2. Bruce Ironmonger

    These are such wonderfully simple cars to work on. Heaps of parts still available. Open the hood and seats are available to sit on while working on the engine. I had one while living in the USA. A nice GT6 here in Australia is worth $40-60k.

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    I bought a new one in 1970.I do remember the factory clutch went out at about 10000 miles.The dealer told me that was normal and replacement clutch was much better.I paid about $3200.00 for it brand new.It was a fun car to drive.

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    • Ross

      They are fun cars.
      I had a ‘69 canary yellow, in about 1977 bought from a Marine friend who was shipping out; I think he bought it from another Marine in S. California.
      Made lots of trips up Hwy 1 while working in the woods(timber not pot ) ;)
      Climbing a mountain once out of Ukiah it had an unrecognized diff leak and due to heat of summer climbing and exhaust noise didn’t catch the lack of lube til gliding down the back side into Willits.
      Towed it home, eventually got a used replacement diff, but thereafter had vibration issues in rear end which took the luster off for me. eventually sold it; still miss it.
      Up into the early ‘80’s there were still sheep roaming freely aside and across the coast highway in Mendocino county, which were especially hard to see under(often) foggy conditions!
      Some close calls there but no mutton dinners for me ;)
      I was 6’4” innthose days, and the door handle was about at knee level, but plenny leg room once they were inside the crumple zone ;)

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  4. Lester Smith

    I miss the 1970 I had for almost a decade. Transmissions are a real weak point on these i knew the first three owners of mine and the transmission went out 5 times and the rear differential twice in 120k miles.

    Was fun to drive though.

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    • William

      I had a1969 ‘GT6+’ when I was in high school, late ’70s. What an amazing car. Spirited romps down country roads, some real excitement available road racing. I blew out 3 transmissions and 2 differentials, scoured every import graveyard within 150 miles until I put it together one last time and sold it. It deserves to be highly sought after prize it is. I’ll bet this gets close to 20k.

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      • Ross

        William, what area and what color was yours?

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  5. Rico

    I sat in one of these once back when I was skinny. I’m not really claustrophobic but the only car I ever had experience with that was this, ummmmm, close was a Pontiac Fiero.
    I would imagine that a coffin has more room than either one of those.

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    • Nathaniel Lippitt

      That’s not even a nice thing to say about my car.😒

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  6. Fred Ebrahimi

    I had a TR4, a great car of 60s and early 70s. When it would not start, I would push it myself, get it going, jump in, pump the clutch and go, no jump needed. Also on snow and ice, up the hill, pushed it while in gear and jumped in. Great little car, cornered like it was on rail.

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  7. tompdx

    Had a ’67. This is much better … and mine was awesome! Drove it all over California in the early 80s: weekly hour-plus drives to my girlfriend’s place at UC Berkeley for the weekends, long 8-hour road trips to LA for the next girlfriend. What a great, cheap, dependable ride for me back in the day. Now I’m certain I couldn’t survive without A/C, but dang when you’re 20 something, what a ride!

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    There is one running around in Australia with an Injected 2.5 PI motor with five speed Toyota Celica gearbox and Datsun IRS rear end. Goes like the clappers.

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  9. chrlsful

    this, the lill MGB GT, the wolwo 1800ES, mmmm, er… , ah… , seemed to B more that that at the time, 240Z I guess… senior moment, gotta B more’n 4 ~

    Werent most of the usa GT6s this color?
    How bout the buick bent8 powered ‘spitfires’ (I can remember the ‘big’ things) of which 2750 were made (750 still around?).

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    • Ross

      My ‘69 GT6+ was Canary Yellow, not the saffron

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  10. luckless pedestrian

    This looks like a great next project for Elin Yakov of “Rusty Beauties” fame… I’ve got a ’72 GT6 out in the barn that is also an “irregular” driver… These are really fun in that traditional British kind of way… Cozy and can be a bit of a warm ride on a hot summer day… fragile. Have always loved the noises that the Triumph straight sixes make.

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  11. Memphis

    Had the last new spitfire 1979. After that alfa spiders. There is absolutely nothing like driving a classic British sports car. If you love to drive. I mean really drive a car. You can’t miss with one of these. But you have to drive it hard. The car is so raw you feel everything . Damn I want one.

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  12. Pito

    I had a 1974 spitfire. Transmission and differential problems with few junkyard parts available will make your car a pain to own.

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  13. John Kleist

    The owner allowed the auction to expire $200 bucks short of a reserve, & now they want an offer?


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