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UPDATE – The reserve has been met! This one is going to a new home.

With classic Pickups continuing to enjoy a strong following, finding a candidate for restoration or preservation becomes challenging. Each potential buyer will have a unique vision, and most prefer commencing their classic journey with a solid vehicle. That is the opportunity offered by this 1971 Ford F-100. It has sat for a few years but shows plenty of promise. It is a blank canvas the winning bidder could transform into the Pickup of their dreams, and it is listed exclusively at Barn Finds Auctions.

The owner indicates that this F-100 ended its active service in 2008, and it ran when parked. Its existing Mojave Tan paint has aged, and there’s evidence that it may have started life wearing Candy Apple Red. It might look tired at first glance, but potential buyers shouldn’t let that initial impression dissuade them. This Pickup is incredibly solid, with most of its limited rust issues on the outside. It has impacted the lower door corners, but usually prone areas like the lower cab corners and cowl are solid. The underside shots reveal a couple of small holes, but these are patch candidates. There is surface corrosion on the floors and frame, on the exterior, and beneath the battery. However, none of those areas look set to develop into penetrating rust in the near future. The glass looks good, and most bright and plated trim pieces should respond positively to work with a high-quality polish.

The Pickup’s interior needs love, but the only missing item is the factory radio. The owner converted the transmission to a floor shift and added an under-dash oil pressure gauge. Otherwise, it is original and unmolested. Some people find interior restorations daunting, and I used to feel that way. However, after completing my first, I discovered they are easier than I imagined. The parts to whip this one into shape are easily found and relatively cheap. Dismantling everything to refresh the paint for a high-end finish is straightforward. I can confirm that stepping back to admire an interior restored under your hands is one of the most satisfying moments in any build.

Ford introduced its iconic 302ci V8 to the F-100 range in 1969, which is what we find under the hood of this Pickup. In its prime, it sent 205hp and 300 ft/lbs of torque to the back wheels via a three-speed manual transmission. The original owner ordered the F-100 with power steering to reduce the physical effort behind the wheel. Emission regulations hadn’t bitten into engine performance when this classic rolled off the line, meaning it could be an effective load carrier or tow vehicle. The owner purchased the Ford in 1973, driving it regularly until parking it in 2008. It ran well and had been freshly tuned at that time. He coaxed it into life occasionally to keep the fluids flowing. It would now require a thorough inspection and basic maintenance before being considered roadworthy. However, achieving that to indulge in some summer fun should be a realistic goal.

As a project candidate, this 1971 Ford F-100 Pickup has many positive points. It needs love, but its solid and complete nature makes it an ideal project candidate. What form the build takes will depend on the buyer’s vision because it could return to the road fully restored, as a survivor or as a ratrod. Imagination is the only limiting factor, but this is an opportunity for someone to let their imagination run wild. If you have visions racing through your head, submitting a bid might be the first step in turning those visions into a reality.

  • Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Mileage: 138,518 Shown
  • Engine: 302ci V8
  • Transmission: 3-speed Manual
  • VIN: F10GCJ86675
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $2,500
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Ended: Apr 14, 2023 11:00am MDT
Winner: FarmerFloyd
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    FarmerFloyd bid $2,500.00  2023-04-14 09:18:17
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    Seymour bid $2,351.00  2023-04-14 09:13:12
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    bid $2,300.00  2023-04-14 08:49:27
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    Ryanm1983 bid $2,250.00  2023-04-14 08:29:52
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    dudleybeyler bid $2,151.00  2023-04-13 15:21:35
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    bid $1,951.00  2023-04-13 06:57:54
  • Avatar photo
    dudleybeyler bid $1,850.00  2023-04-10 06:47:39
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    gt bid $1,600.00  2023-04-08 22:54:32
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    bid $1,400.00  2023-04-08 10:38:35
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    John Parsons bid $1,275.00  2023-04-08 02:04:36
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    Wareagle01 bid $875.00  2023-04-07 11:06:15
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    bid $750.00  2023-04-07 10:46:12
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    Wareagle01 bid $450.00  2023-04-07 09:41:24


  1. Avatar photo Cooter Member

    I have a friend with one just like this, a 69 and it is the same off-white color with fresh paint, new red interior, freshly rebuilt and cammed up 351 Windsor with 4 speed and .373 gears. He had it lowered a couple inches all around sitting level with a set of old school 17″ mustang magnum rally rims. This thing jumps outta the hole like a lizard on a hot rock and looks great! And he didn’t break the bank getting it there.

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  2. Avatar photo Kenneth Carney

    Mine was a 3/4 ton long box with the
    same drivetrain in it. Bought it off my
    Dad in ’81 for $500. It was at some point, a state or county vehicle in it’s
    past life and still had it’s original orange paint and black interior– both
    of which were in good shape for their
    age. It was a pretty basic affair with
    no power assist anywhere. Wound up
    trading it to an ex BIL for his ’73 LTD
    hardtop and traded that for a ’62 Rambler Classic Custom 2 door sedan. Sure wished I hadn’t traded it
    now,. I need it to move into our new
    house when it’s time. Just an honest
    old truck with nothing to hide.

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  3. Avatar photo M

    Ignore the gas mileage, these 5th generation trucks are the real deal. I bought a ’68 F250 in 1981 for $800, went up and down the east coast with no problems. Took it off the road in 1994, started restoring it in 2021, every dollar I put in it is a two dollar return

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  4. Avatar photo Ford fixer Member

    Bought a new 1969 1/2 ton, long bed, 2 wd , 360, 4 speed, sport custom for $3600. First teaching job. Put over 100 k running around the Arizona Navajo reservation for 18 months. Great truck, just went through a number of front shocks. ( warranty! ). Had airplane landing lights on bumper for wandering horses, gas was cheap, , traded for a chevelle SS, got married.good times truck.

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  5. Avatar photo Joshua Mortensen Staff

    The reserve is off!

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