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UPDATE – The seller just sent us a cold start video of the car and it fires right up! You can find that video below.

UPDATE – The seller has provided us with videos of this TR6 on the road! You can find those below.

If you’re like me, certain cars make an indelible first impression. Such is the case with me and the Triumph TR6. I was fourteen years old when I saw my first TR6, and I have never forgotten it. The aggressive styling accentuated by its steel wheels and deep trim rings caused me to fall head-over-heels in love with the British classic. This 1971 example presents nicely and runs and drives. The owner, a passionate British car enthusiast, has listed it exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

Triumph introduced the TR6 to an eager world in 1969, with the model remaining in showrooms until 1976. The company sold 94,619 vehicles during that period, demonstrating that potential buyers took a shine to the classic Brit. There is nothing but the good news with this TR6 because, although I wouldn’t classify it as showroom condition, it is in very good condition for a vehicle with more than five decades under its belt. Its Signal Red paint shines nicely, reflecting its surroundings with no matte areas or other problems. The positive vibes continue when we confront the topic of rust. There are no visible external problems, the underside appears to be clean and solid in the photos. The seller notes that this TR6 has new floors on both sides. Being a California blue-plated car, it has spent 50 years in California, so chances are it has not been subjected to rust-inducing elements like rain and snow. The Black soft-top fits tightly, has no signs of rips or splits, and the windows are clear. The chrome and trim shine nicely for a survivor-grade vehicle, but the wheels are one of my personal exterior highlights. The overall styling of the TR6 is more aggressive than its predecessors, and the standard wheels with their deep trim rings add to that impression. This car retains its original wheels and hardware, and the condition is excellent.

Powering the Triumph is a 2.5-liter six inhaling deeply through a pair of Zenith-Stromberg carburetors to produce 104hp and 152 ft/lbs of torque. Those ponies feed to the road via a four-speed manual transmission. Independent suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, and power front disc brakes ensure this car has the handling and braking to create a total driving package. Performance figures were more impressive than for many British sports cars from this era, with the TR6 romping through the ¼-mile in around 17 seconds. To place those figures into perspective, it is worth noting that the best an owner could expect from an iconic MGB was an ET of 18.6 seconds and a top speed of 101mph. This Triumph is in excellent mechanical health, with its engine producing plenty of power and the drivetrain featuring many new parts. The carburetors have been recently rebuilt at the cost of $850. The engine bay presentation is very clean and original showing a well-kept clean engine. This YouTube video shows it comfortably coping with city traffic, and this one reveals it cruising serenely on the freeway at 60mph. The video clearly shows the gauges and all the needles are hanging in the right places. The footage confirms the car runs and drives very well and the temperature gauge stays below the normal range with a new water pump, thermostat, hoses, and a newly flushed radiator.

One of the challenges of owning a classic Convertible is that there is nowhere to hide a substandard interior with the top down. Any shortcomings are there for the world to see, but that isn’t a consideration with this TR6. Its Black upholstered surfaces are free from wear and physical damage, with the same true of the carpet. The dash is new, and all the gauges function as they should. The dash is a highlight because I have always felt that all British sports cars deserve a timber fascia, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The chunky wheel should prove comfortable on long journeys, while the stubby shifter allows rapid cog swapping.

This 1971 Triumph TR6 is a gem and would suit an enthusiast seeking a classic British sports car they can enjoy immediately. I have consistently rated these as the best-looking of Triumph’s “TR” model range, and the striking good looks mean they attract more attention today than they did when new. It is worth noting that the values of classic British sports cars are generally climbing, and the TR6 is no exception. Therefore, buying one now could provide the dual benefits of motoring enjoyment and a sound long-term investment. I cannot think of two better reasons to bid on this excellent red California convertible.

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Mileage:  85,500 Shown
  • Engine: 2.5-Liter Straight-6
  • Transmission: Four-Speed Manual
  • VIN: CCL3494L
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $11,850
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Ended: Jun 22, 2023 12:00pm MDT
Winner: Yorkie
  • Yorkie
    bid $11,850.00  2023-06-22 10:28:33
  • GNCHAMBERS bid $11,750.00  2023-06-21 19:10:43
  • Yorkie bid $11,500.00  2023-06-18 17:43:04
  • Gabe
    bid $10,100.00  2023-06-16 12:14:57
  • Ernie bid $10,000.00  2023-06-16 10:15:36
  • Gabe bid $9,600.00  2023-06-15 19:59:29
  • Kevin
    bid $9,500.00  2023-06-15 18:57:06
  • Gabe bid $6,100.00  2023-06-15 18:08:52
  • Kevin bid $6,000.00  2023-06-15 16:07:00
  • Frank McCartney
    bid $5,500.00  2023-06-15 15:11:06
  • Stevec bid $4,600.00  2023-06-15 14:30:34
  • DA72 bid $4,460.00  2023-06-15 14:01:46
  • hubrick
    bid $4,350.00  2023-06-15 13:11:32
  • 2manyvettes bid $4,250.00  2023-06-15 12:08:58
  • timm10 bid $4,000.00  2023-06-15 09:55:29
  • 2manyvettes
    bid $3,650.00  2023-06-15 04:18:37
  • J4Co bid $3,400.00  2023-06-14 19:41:47
  • AUTOMANRUSS bid $3,300.00  2023-06-14 16:59:30
  • shksprthedj
    bid $3,000.00  2023-06-14 16:14:15
  • 2manyvettes bid $2,500.00  2023-06-14 14:06:28
  • special ed bid $1,600.00  2023-06-14 13:41:37
  • 2manyvettes
    bid $1,500.00  2023-06-14 13:17:14

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  1. Bruce Ironmonger

    It’s only half a TR6 with Carbies rather than fuel injection.

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      Maybe a little clarification for the English speaking minions?

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      • Little_Cars Little_Cars

        Carburetors instead of fuel injection. Carbureted ones were made for the entire run through1976. The last FI one was produced in 1975.

        Like 2
      • MikeG.

        “Carnies ?”

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      But which half is it? Right or left or front and back?

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  2. Larry Zloczewski

    Is the diamond plate on the center of the frame below the drive shaft normal?

    Like 3
    • Peter Starkey

      No its not , i suspect its a cover up job over a renowned weak point that these chassis suffer from where the rear swinging arm mounts . Probably needs a body off Reno to fix properly.

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  3. TheOldRanger

    Nice looking car, very sporty, yet looks comfy. This would be fun to drive the hills and curves here in the Village, and definitely would invite conversations any time you were sitting somewhere. My 96 Honda hatchback gets a lot of nice comments, so I can’t imagine how many nice comments with this vehicle.

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  4. Chris

    The first injected cars had 150hp. Fuel pump motor was from a Lucas window wiper and easily overwhelmed. Tragic that the Brits didn’t perfect the injection and then move later to the V8 engine.

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  5. matt

    No, that diamond plate is something somebody added; and I would add that an in person inspection would be a good idea on the frame, and inner and outer rockers (sills).
    I had a ’69’ TR6 and my frame was good, but I added the stiffener plates and new pins and bushings for the IRS. Actually, I rebushed all the suspension points with new “stock” rubber.

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  6. jim l nashwinter

    frame is toast;had one just like it;cut rear frame off and built new one;you can see the broken welds;twisting and breaking;not a good sign?

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    • CL

      The TR6 was not a well made car back in the 1970’s.
      I had one in 1982 and it was rusty and frame damaged back then.
      Any TR6 that is over 50 years old and still registered and driving in 2023 is remarkable.

      You can buy a new frame and every nut and bolt on line from Moss Motors in California if you want too.

      I looked at a 72 TR6 recently that the frame was changed completely and had new paint, but the price was $28,000 for that TR6 and it was an ugly light green color.
      The fact that this seller showed these frame photos, shows there honesty and is not trying to hide anything to a buyer!
      They could quite easily have not shown these photos.


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    It looks to me as if the doors don’t fit very well.

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  8. CL

    The TR6 was not a well-made car back in the 1970s.
    I had one in 1982 and it was rusty and frame damaged back then.
    Any TR6 that is over 50 years old and still registered and driving in 2023 is remarkable.
    You can buy a new frame and every nut and bolt online from Moss Motors in California if you want to.

    I looked at a 72 TR6 recently and the frame was changed completely and had new paint, but the price was $28,000 for that TR6 and it was an ugly light green color.

    The fact that this seller showed these frame photos, shows their honesty and is not trying to hide anything from a buyer!
    They could quite easily have not shown these photos.

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  9. Jeremy Donaldson

    Recently took ownership of an ex Californian 71 tr6 in NZ..ground up restoration however a new chassis was required from Revington UK at considerable cost as original didn’t pass compliance.
    I was very surprised..nonetheless am delighted with it.
    Converted to RH drive and J Type overdrive gear box which is a must on a TR 6.

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  10. Rick

    All U Yankees are nuts .I had a new one back in the day & it was a terrific car! High top end & a real torque monster.It pulled trailers with sleds & boats .Starts in 20 below F winter temps.The handing was awesome. This one is a beaut.

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  11. Dar

    Seems cobbled together. Decal by the taillights is incorrect, as is the British Leyland medallion placement on the front fenders. Boot light is missing. I’d examine closely before purchase.

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  12. Rick t

    I had a 71 when I lived in Ohio. Bought it after I sold my 68 gt6. I kept it for about 5 years and miss it to this day. Ran it through 1 winter and the heater kept me warm. This one looks reasonably good. Wrong decal at the rear, no big deal. Maybe I’ll bid on this one. Great cars

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