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One of the more difficult and heart-wrenching aspects of dealing with the passing of a loved one is deciding how to part with their most prized possessions. That is the challenge facing the owner of this 1972 Chevrolet Nova. It was the owner’s husband’s pride and joy, but his passing in 2021 saw the vehicle remain largely dormant for the past few years. The owner feels the time is right for the Nova to find a new home and an enthusiast who will appreciate as much as her late husband. Therefore, she has listed this classic exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

The owner’s husband purchased the Nova in the 1990s. The car had 37,531 miles showing on its odometer, which was believed to be a genuine reading. He clocked a further 10,000 miles while it was in his care, and it has remained garage-kept during this period. That explains why its Antique White paint still presents nicely, and the contrasting Black graphics look crisp and bright. The panels are nice and straight, but the best news for potential buyers is the car’s solid nature. There is a small section of rust on the passenger side rear fender, but that seems to be the extent of the problem. The area could be patched without resorting to panel replacement, and anyone handy with a welder could complete the job in a home workshop. A few minor chips have developed mild surface corrosion, and addressing these would be wise to prevent deterioration. Otherwise, the rest of the exterior is clean, and the underside appears to be solid. The glass is in good order, with no significant scratches or defects. The trim is intact and in good order, although the winning bidder will need to reinstall the included headlamp surrounds and “350” badges on the front fenders. The car’s current condition is likely nice enough that it could be enjoyed with just minimal work, with the option of a complete restoration when, or if, the new owner chooses.

The theme of a tidy, survivor-grade classic continues when we examine this Nova’s interior. There is a slight seam separation on the driver’s side of the front seat that an upholsterer could address and a small hole in the headliner that could be blind-patched. Otherwise, it looks pretty nice. Light interior trim is prone to marks and yellowing, but this car has avoided those issues. The dash and pad are excellent, and the gauge cluster is clear and easily read. Aftermarket additions include a more comfortable wheel, a radio/cassette player, and a gauge set mounted under the dash.

Powering the Nova is the L65 version of Chevrolet’s legendary 350ci V8. This small block produces 165hp and 280 ft/lbs of torque, and while those figures don’t sound startling, it is worth noting that manufacturers had recently transitioned from quoting power in net rather than gross terms. The car remains an accomplished performer, but unleashing extra ponies would be as simple as replacing the original 2-barrel carburetor and intake with more efficient aftermarket units. Shifting duties fall to a three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic transmission that should help provide a relaxed motoring experience. The seller says the engine is in good health but quits if the driver hits the gas hard with the transmission in reverse. She suspects a fuel pump or carburetor issue. If a diagnosis confirms a carburetor malfunction, that could be the perfect motivation for a change. The tires are mismatched from side-to-side, but replacing them all would not cost a fortune and help ensure the Nova has a firm grip on Terra Firma. The seller holds significant documentation dating back to the 1990s, and these confirm the odometer reading and provide proof of any servicing performed on this classic.

This 1972 Chevrolet Nova is a promising project that would suit a novice or a DIY enthusiast. Most of its needs are minor, not urgent, and could be tackled at the winning bidder’s leisure. With fresh tires and the carburetor fault addressed it would be ready to hit the road for some classic motoring enjoyment. If that idea sounds more inviting by the minute, submitting a bid could make that dream a reality.

  • Location: Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Mileage: 47,237 Miles
  • Engine: 350ci V8
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
  • VIN: 1X27H2L156832
  • Title Status: Clean

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Ended: Aug 18, 2023 10:00am MDT
Winner: Bill P.
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    TheAirCowboy bid $11,600.00  2023-08-17 15:23:02
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    bid $11,500.00  2023-08-17 12:38:10
  • TheAirCowboy
    TheAirCowboy bid $11,100.00  2023-08-17 12:31:35
  • Marcopolo60 bid $11,000.00  2023-08-17 10:47:03
  • TheAirCowboy
    bid $10,600.00  2023-08-15 13:52:52
  • Carlsclassics bid $10,500.00  2023-08-15 10:45:44
  • TheAirCowboy
    TheAirCowboy bid $10,100.00  2023-08-11 18:37:07
  • Iceman
    bid $7,500.00  2023-08-11 18:25:47
  • TheAirCowboy
    TheAirCowboy bid $5,600.00  2023-08-11 14:36:04
  • Alte bid $5,500.00  2023-08-11 12:30:59
  • Gee
    bid $5,200.00  2023-08-10 21:49:15
  • Dano bid $2,850.00  2023-08-10 20:39:21
  • 2manyvettes bid $2,750.00  2023-08-10 14:44:01
  • 72Nova
    bid $2,600.00  2023-08-10 13:06:44
  • 2manyvettes bid $2,500.00  2023-08-10 12:07:49
  • Dzaprev bid $1,900.00  2023-08-10 11:59:54
  • Monte
    bid $1,600.00  2023-08-10 11:44:00
  • 2manyvettes bid $1,500.00  2023-08-10 10:22:23

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  1. Little_Cars Little_Cars

    Luck to the seller. I’m not a big fan of the graphics or the mismatched wheels on each side of the car. But, this looks like a good honest survivor with low miles.

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    • Greg in Texas

      Not a V8 fan, but if not for those odd graphics (anyone remember vinyl and corduroy jacket ‘styles’ of the era?), it’s a car with good proportions. Probably just a few vacuum hoses, fluid flushing and carb rebuild to see what needs doing on suspension and brakes. But overall, pretty good driver project car. I don’t hate it. The graphics are like those wide lapel vinyl ‘leatherette’ jackets trying to replace traditional business suits: Took those ugly jackets to appreciate those simple business suits perhaps.

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      • Matthew Henick

        $14,499 is well worth it for this car. I do body work and I weld. I would repair every rust spot on this car, detail it and fix or update brakes or whatever else it needed. Very clean car. Best of luck to the seller. If you don’t get what you are asking don’t sell right away. You will get asking easily.

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  2. Maggy

    Rally’s, 3:73 gear w/ Yukon Dura grip posi , Edelbrock 2-0 with a built and tuned qjet ,mild shift kit , dual exhaust and go thru it to make sure it’s safe to cruise.Maybe a mild cam and new t chain too since you got the intake off already.Stripes actually look cool imo.Glwts.Nice car.

    Like 9
    • Grape Ape

      Saw nowhere the OP advocated for a loud vehicle.
      Just noticed your annoying assumptions in your rant. Ever see the Bad News Bears, and the lesson for the children concerning assumptions? Perhaps lead by example.

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  3. Zen

    I’d get original Chevy rally wheels or steel rims and original hub caps, an original steering wheel, and enjoy it for what it is. A 350 Nova with factory A/C would be fun to go around in. Most didn’t have A/C, or even a V8, most rotted away, were run into the ground as cheap commuters, or turned into ridiculous hotrods.

    Like 14
    • edward kasica

      My metallic brown 72 with a 307was more than enough to get in trouble with. 😁

      Like 8
      • Mark Dolan

        I had a 1973, 307, 27,000 original, one previous owner with original title. Bought for a daughter to attend college.
        The fit & trim was horrible on the trunk. There was a gap that ran from 1/16” to half inch. The back window, passenger side had a slide problem with the track.
        I bought it for $3k in 1998 and drove it 900 miles at 75 mph to bring it home.
        No rust except the vinyl roof showed a few “bumps.” Had the best brakes of any car I ever owned (30+) and steering was perfect.
        Kept it for a dozen years and sold it. The new owner could not believe his luck. Not as lucky as me…..

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    • Greg in Texas

      Agreed. I bet just making what’s there reliable and fresh is quite a good kick with the 350 in that understated not too heavy ride. The column automatic selector is so iconic of an era. I actually like it. Cleans up the center console. Especially if you have a bench front seat. Probably feels like a special car behind the wheel when what’s there is all freshened up.

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  4. Al camino

    Look what jasper learned in art school today!

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  5. Rickirick

    Ah yes…remember it well. One of the teachers at my hs had bought a brand new one in kelly/mint green. Parked well away w/Mom’s brand new 72 Impala, so I thought. Came outta the school after the prom w/my date to leave & crunch! Had my mind on other things for the rest of the nite. It was the 70’s after all. But, of course, nothing positive happened for Rickirick. Mom’s car & her reaction was a typical Mothers. Pops, on the other hand, WHEW…forget about it.

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  6. Shawn P

    First thing I’d do is get a D/A sander to prep that car for a few coats of primer. That way, would look decent enough to drive around while I’m fixing her up.

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  7. MGM

    All depends on where the heart is, no, not the heartbeat. If you’re a Chevy person you may pay the price and invest a fortune. I’d put this one original. One thing bugs me on this one. How come he didn’t put in a few pics. I need to see a little more. Just kidding, don’t get riled. Really though, this one doesn’t have the appeal to me, it’s borderline not worth the money.

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  8. Reid Hall

    Looks like someone tried to build a copo clone, and or replica of some sort 🤔, Hmmmm, they didn’t get it 🤔, right,decal is wrong 🤔, and or tires, and wheels,hmmmm,Monza,and or Vega,steering wheel 🤔, looks like 🤔 a later model motor, hmmmm, three driveshafts,why,l think l would 🤔, stay away from this one besides 10-20k is alot of money.

    Like 3
    • edward kas

      It’s more of a yanko than a Yenko.

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  9. Trenton Wuchter

    Very nice car. I’m not a nova fan. I absolutely loved the deuce. Don’t know why the name change or the body change. I understand everything changes but their was no reason to change the entire car. Still the car is in remarkable condition. Every street corner of my hometown had a nova sitting there. Every one had 50s in the back and yellow traction bars. Wish the new owner luck and don’t make the mistakes made in the 70s. The car is WAY too nice for that.

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  10. Rocky Rigsby

    Is this nova a 72 or 73

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    • edward kas

      That is a 72 and older frontend

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  11. Richard

    I hope that the new owner will preserve it, it’s too nice to be rodded.
    My family had a ’71 Malibu with this drive train, that I learned to drive on. In the lighter Nova body, it would make for a fast car.
    It doesn’t look like it needs much, and it would be good value for the price.

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