BF AUCTION: 1974 Mercedes Benz 280S

From Mason H. – Single family-owned Mercedes Benz 280S with sun roof. Stored in attached enclosed garage for 11 years, but fully functional prior to storage. Great project car! The car has dark blue original paint with original tan leather interior, manufactured in Germany and shipped to the US as far as I can tell. It has relatively low mileage and was driven in Newport Beach California for the majority of the mileage and shipped to Texas on my grandmother’s death in 2003. I can include the original bill of sale to my grandmother who flew to the factory delivery point and took ownership, then drove it across the US.

We used it as a weekend car for several years and the ride was great. We replaced the radio system and AC unit. We kept the CA plates on and put the TX plates in the glove box. We stopped using it when we had kids, but this would make a fun weekend project. There is some damage to the side panels from dings in the paint and a dent in the bumper where my grandmother dropped her golf clubs. The leather upholstery has some tears, but has been sealed in the car for some years now.

Location: Houston, TX
Mileage: 117,967
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 116 020 – 12 039120

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Sold for: $901
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Ended: Sep 26, 2017 8:00am MDT
Winner: Ryan
  • Ryan bid $901.00  2017-09-26 10:24:24
  • CADY77
    bid $801.00  2017-09-25 20:42:09
  • Darryl bid $601.00  2017-09-25 10:57:56
  • Geno1129 bid $501.00  2017-09-24 06:58:33
  • Don
    bid $401.00  2017-09-21 15:58:24
  • Gerald bid $301.00  2017-09-21 12:09:10
  • Billy bid $201.00  2017-09-20 20:51:25
  • MyMachV
    bid $101.00  2017-09-20 18:55:14

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  1. Luki

    12/74 manufacture date equals 1975 model year not 1974.

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  2. Joe

    I don’t understand the selective photography and very few photographs here. Also the lack of information. What works and what doesn’t work on a the car? Granny drove cross-country just to meet her car at the docks? Why was the car parked for 11 years? Has it been started regularly or not at all? Does it run and drive? Does the engine turn? Does the gas tank hold gas? Was it drained? Looks like a heck of a lot (!!!) of back seat wear for a Granny’s MB with 117k miles. Maybe your seller can be more forthcoming and provide better pictures?

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    • Horse Radish

      I read enough information out of the description to get a real good impression what the car is all about.
      In your case I assume you plan on flipping the car and want everything spoon fed.
      They are selling a 43 YEAR OLD car and not anything else.
      They seem to be private sellers and are not offering the car for what a dealer probably would want to milk out of it. My impression is they just want it to go into good hands.
      I prefer these sellers over these dime a dozen flippers that are all over the place nowadays, and who I can smell from a mile away.
      Good luck to them for the sale.
      As for you:
      Being rude about asking for more (unimportant) information would disqualify you as a potential buyer in my eyes NO MATTER WHAT.

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      • Spridget

        With all due respect, I don’t think “Does the car run?” is “unimportant information.”

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  3. Horse Radish

    Looks good from 30 feet away .
    Do you still have the original radio ?
    And does it have a Texas title or CA ?

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    • Kathy Hart

      It does not look like the radio is original to me. It has TX title, but I like the CA plates, so I have the TX plates in the glove box. The cops never stopped an antique car for me.

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      • Horse Radish

        Thank you for the quick reply.
        I read that the stereo was replaced. So my question was , if the original (working or not) radio was maybe in the trunk ?

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      • Kathy Hart

        I will check to see if the old radio is there somewhere in the car tonight!

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  4. Pete in PA

    Man did US dealers hate those gray market cars. So much so that they got laws changed to make it cost prohibitive to import one.

    I’m a 124 guy and once drove 5 hours to look at a gray market 1988 230E.. The original purchaser did a lot of business travel to Europe and saw how much cheaper the non-USA versions were. Why be forced to buy all kinds of equipment that you don’t want?

    He ordered a 4 cylinder, manual transmission, steel wheel, cloth interior, non-SRS, non-ABS, non-climate control sedan. It did have power windows, central locking, manual a/c, and a sunroof. Delivered in Frankfurt and soon shipped to New York.

    Boy did a bunch of stuff get brutalized when the car was Federalized.

    The car was broken into and the radio stolen just months after he started driving the car in the USA. No Benz dealer would replace the broken driver’s side window or even order the part for him.

    I really wanted that car but it had a cooked/badly repaired main wiring harness and damaged door trim panels. Where would you get a replacement harness or cloth-trimmed door panels for a 25 YO car?

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  5. Don

    Can we get a picture under the hood please? I’m the high bidder and I live in Dallas…

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  6. Joe

    I had some important questions for the seller (above) regarding whether the car starts, runs and drives. Also whether the car was started at all or the gas tank drained over the 11 years of storage. I don’t care whether the old non-working radio is in the trunk (pleeeeze). Can the seller add some pictures, describe any defects and whether the MB runs? Or at least can you guys at BF tell us this? We shouldn’t even have to ask !!!! (Twice)

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      We posted all the photos and information provided. Hopefully the seller will provide more. Thanks.

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      • Joe

        Thanks, Jesse! Hope so too.

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  7. Joe

    Oh, Also. Seller or BF: Was this car in any way affected your recent Hurricane in Houston? Over 1/2 million cars were affected. Buyer’s “Need To Know”.

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  8. Joe

    Car is in Houston. Did Hurricane cause damage? I wish I could get some answers to my questions. Or call the owners? Is this possible, Jesse?

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  9. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I have to admit, while trying to cut the seller some slack, there are a lot of unanswered *important* questions here.

    I always liked the big Benz’s and wouldn’t mind taking this project on but with no follow-up from the seller and no way to contact them I think I’ll just make some popcorn and watch this one implode. explode or who knows what…

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